The w1 Pro it’s called now it’s powered both at revised Terry trail chipset, so that’s the atom x5z 8350. It has 4 gigabytes of RAM on it. Now the RAM is clocked up to the fastest maximum supported speed. So 1600, megahertz often as of late I’ve, seen manufacturers opting to lower that to 1066 megahertz, which affects the performance are good to see that people haven’t actually done that here. So this tablet comes with the keyboard dock and it also comes with an active stylus which is really good. We don’t often see that only manufacturers, they sell the keyboard and the stylus or the accessories come separate and you need to pay extra for those and the keyboard dock is made out of mostly plastic there’s, a couple of status LEDs there for caps, lock and also The the touch pad you can disable that, and it will illuminate that either side we have USB 2.0 ports and on the bottom it does have an alloy but it’s actually very light. This keyboard and that’s, probably because they haven’t really used much metal in it. At all, so the docking mechanism mechanism, which is normally made out of metal here’s a chewy keyboard, see along here. Those stays are plastic in this case here now, hopefully that’s going to hold up in the future, but it seems durable enough that what it does offer is some weight savings. So if I just quickly measure this here, you’ll see what I mean.

So that way is 440 grams and then the middle one 546 grams, so there’s a big difference there, so we’re saving around 100 grams, however, being made of mostly plastic, does give it a cheaper feeling now typing on it. Okay, it’s 10.1 inches the screen. So we have a limited size here: it’s a little cramped, doesn’t feel so good, but the actual feel of the keys themselves. They have a nice feedback to them, which isn’t bad. I found that typing on. This is ok, no problems, but what’s missing is one important key that I didn’t pick up on the unboxing and I should have, and that is the Delete key. Is this lock key where it would normally be so you have to use function to then use delete, which I found a little bit annoying, because I often sometimes do that at least we do have function, print screen and the trackpad. The touchpad is very small, as you can see and I’d say, it’s usable it does the job but it’s not particularly good. It does support double tap gestures and it does have left and right mouse buttons in there, but I resort to using a mouse which you can see right here. I have a Logitech receiver in there for my USB mouse, so the tablet feels quite light. It’S. Only five hundred and forty grams and that’s, probably due to the fact that it has only a six thousand million hour battery in here, so not the largest battery life you’re.

Looking around four to four and a half hours which isn’t particularly good that’s, one of the shortest. Actually I have seen so not great for battery life. I wouldn’t be buying it for the battery you’d, buy it more, for maybe the price of it, because it includes the active stylus and the keyboard and the fact it is quite lightweight all together. So the screen is one that people have used quite a few times. Now it’s 1920 by 1200, so that is 16 by 10 aspect, ratio which I prefer over 16 by 9. Rather large bezels use you can another CC, but then that mate does make it a bit more comfortable holding it that you don’t risk accidentally touching the screen. Now the screen glass digitizer on the top and then the IPS panel below there is a rather large gap that you can probably make out there it’s approximately one and a half to two millimeters, so it’s, not the smallest, and that does make a bit of a Difference when it comes to reflections and things it’s more susceptible to that now does have a pre applied screen protector. As you can see, I haven’t even taken off the first layer because I don’t want the stylus to scratch the screen protectors why I have left that for now. So on the bottom, we have the five poker port pens to connect up what that dock. I just showed you before and on the left hand, side here are our ports, so we have a slot here for the micro SD card, which I don’t, particularly like those slots I’m, someone that likes to swap my SD cards in and out all the time, and This I find has a bit of a hassle, but if you’re someone that just puts in 128 gigabyte SD card in there and leaves it then fine, that’s good for you.

We have a microphone 3.5 millimeter, headphone, jack micro, HDMI out status LED which is blue and then a type C port. Now this is USB 3 type C, it does support data. Will power external hard drives and charging via this is rather slow. It takes about four and a half hours to fully charge the tablet when off. If you try charging, it went on then it’s going to take around seven to eight hours, so very slow to charge, and here this tiny little grill that is actually a speaker grill, believe it or not, very small one. And then we have plastic power and volume up and down buttons, which give the tablet a little bit of a cheap feel, but they are sturdy and they do the job well. So, on the front there is a 2 megapixel camera right here. 720P 30 frames per second tested it out. I think the quality is actually all right, not too bad as long as you’re in a well lit environment when you’re speaking to someone on skype or whatever. I did notice that the microphone here is a little on the low side. So you probably want to use a headset, and that way you just plug in a 3 into the tree, 0.5 millimeter headphone socket there and you can use hit set with microphone and on the rear. Here we do have a 2 fari, a 5 megapixel autofocus camera that takes a very average photo, so the back here that is made out of an alloy and along the top here is plastic for the wireless and Bluetooth antenna reception on the right hand, side all.

We have is another one of those little grills. Therefore, these speakers, which I’ll demonstrate shortly so the screens maximum brightness, is good. I measured four hundred lumens, not bad at all, so it’s, a very bright screen now to get four hundred lumens. You need to disable the intel, the power saving technology display technology option. They have enabled once you get rid of that you gain about fifteen lakhs or so out of that now the blacks on here you can see IPS panel. It looks good to me not a bad panel at all, actually considering the price. Now these are over saturated colors from the photos and it’s representing them quite well, because it was taken with Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which tends to do that photo why’s, it always over saturates, the colors. Now you notice that when I do touch the screen there’s a bit of wobble it’s, not that sturdy, one actually it’s not docked right down properly, but even so it does have a little bit of wobble to it. When you touch the screen, which can be a little bit annoying there now, the touch accuracy seems perfectly fine to me no issues with selecting things on the screen going to close boxes or even just minimizing everything down onto the desktop there, no problem, so the screen Ad rate is one of the best features of this tablet, so it has a 64 gigabyte emmc on there and you get a proximate liek 42 gigabytes free space, and it is running Windows 10 home, which is fully activated so windows activates.

Without any problems. When you connect up – and you can also hopefully see there – that four gigabytes of RAM – we have that full four gigabytes allocated to Windows, nothing’s being dedicated to the internal GPU integrated GPU, so just point out a couple of things here with the wireless we have a Real tick so as Riddle tick wireless in show you the speeds of those in just a second and the drive that it has full storage as a sandusky. Now I haven’t seen 10 discs until just recently and it’s. The DF 4064 model with reasonably good speeds. I’Ll show you those so just finished, running Geekbench 4 and show you the score there. So a single core score of 916 is actually very good for this chipset for an atom x5 z, 8350 multi core score, not bad as well. So the wireless speeds that you get out of that adapter don’t just end Lodge this out of my Wireless in connection, not bad as well, actually saw them get up to 45 money. Didn’T save that test result, but around 40 to 45 is really all I could get out of it, which is perfectly fine. Now any edge performance is very good. Very smooth scrolling, just like any other atom tablets. Edge performs really well Chrome, doesn’t, fire foxes, okay and other minor tasks. So if you want to edit documents a bit of light to Excel work, Word all perfectly fine on the atom platform – and here are the internal emmc speeds, so it’s this benchmarking.

At the moment you can see the read speed there. 143 writes 64 let’s, wait and see what the full case get alright, so that just finished up you can see very good speeds there for any emmc driver course. That’S got nothing on a setter 3 or a PCIe SSD drive, but this is just a tablet and the speaker drive they use. That is very good, as you saw in the beginning, there has two left and right firing. Speakers let’s have a listen to how they sound so as you could hear from that that those speakers are very quiet that maximum volume that was 100 believe it or not, just isn’t loud enough, so very disappointing speakers. I wish they were louder now. You can use some hacks there. Well, not hacks. There are programs you can install to tweak the volume levels up like DX audio, I think, is one of them that can help improve things, but really those speakers should be so much more louder than that. Now the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, located right here at least, puts out much louder audio. The quality of it is okay. I did notice there is. The faint is tiny little bit of static at lower volumes coming through the jack, which is a little disappointing, but it’s actually very common to hear that so audio isn’t one of the strengths here of the pipo w1 Pro. So the Box does include the active stylus which you can see right here.

So, according to people, it has 120 levels of pressure sensitivity. It takes a quater, a battery two buttons there, so the first button that’s to select in one note, for example right here – I am – you – can use that as the Select tool and in the second button that is, for the erase function. I just get rid of my previous little doodles that I did here, so it works up to the edges of the screen, but not right on the left and right edges as I’ll show you right now so to work up to I’m. Still, hang on work right up to about two or three millimeters away from the screen there and, as you notice that at times see that there it doesn’t want to work and then other times it seems to work quite fine. It does have pressure sensitivity and it does have palm rejection, but I find that that this stylus performance, as you can see now, it is really not that good. I find that you have to press quite hard in order for it to work and now again there. It doesn’t want to work now. Okay, now it’s going to draw a line very random at times. Sometimes it works well other times it doesn’t seem to work that well for me, so it wouldn’t be buying this tablet here for the stylus, so first game up here, I’m going to test, is astral extreme and because it’s running at the desktop resolution so 1920 by 1200.

I’M. Not really too sure this is going to give us playable framerate I’m, already seeing some stutter well, that framerate is dropping down it’s a little slow, so you might want to lower the desktop resolution down to something a little bit more manageable, something like 1280 x 800. I think would run a lot better than the need of screen resolution here. So here in legal agents, I’m playing a game against bots, like I always do summoners rift map again like I always do, and you see here around 53 frames per second it’s in the top right hand corner there now. What I did forget to do was actually add a bot on my own team, so there’s one bot less. This could account to slightly better friends per second slightly more frames but that’s not doing too bad 720p lowest settings by the way. So look at Counter Strike global Offensive here and it’s at that framerate around 29 frames per second down to 1315 that’s hopeless. This is not playable at all and, of course, I’m going to die every two seconds. A heads that’s normal for me. So let’s have a look at those temperatures. Okay, so here we go temperatures it’s, gotten up to 83 degrees we can see – and that is in 33 minutes of gaming and it hasn’t gone past that no zoom or throttling that is quite hot, but that’s. Actually, okay for this chipset because they do get quite warm, they do get into lower 80s as long as it doesn’t thermal throttle.

That is perfectly fine, okay, guys so that’s my review there of the people w1 pro so just to cover the positives of the tablet. It’S got a nice screen, the price isn’t too bad, considering it’s concluding the keyboard and the stylus. The RAM runs at 1600 megahertz. The type c port also works at full, USB 3 speeds, and it will power external hard drives. Adjust like the two ports on the dock. Other positives include the camera. It is running 720p, 30 frames per second quality seems alright on the front. The rear camera is not that good at all either, but for Skype video chat, the camera is fine. Now another one of the pros, I would say the keyboard to type on is actually okay, but the touchpad isn’t that good, the biggest kind of all, has to be the battery only around four and a half hours to five hours of runtime and then that stylus, The stylus either wants to work or doesn’t want to work, as you saw on my quick demonstration, it just sometimes doesn’t register at all, which is really disappointing, even if they include this stylus, it should still work well now I don’t believe it’s, because I’ve got the Screen protector on still that is in the issue, because I’ve left it on with other tablets and it still works well, I just think could be my unit not too sure, but not really that good. So, thank you so much for watching this review here of the pipo w1 Pro and I hope to catch you back in the channel.