The new imac m1 chip and i’m super excited about this. This is a purchase that it was an impulsive purchase, but i also wanted to make this purchase as a graduation present and if you guys are new to my channel, i am graduating in june. So this is an early graduation present to myself and i’m super excited. I got it in the color pink, so i’m excited to unbox. This and yeah let’s just go ahead and start with this unboxing i mean i guess this is the box, if you guys, are interested in seeing what it looks like it’s, a pretty heavy box. So i can’t physically, like i mean i can try to carry it, but you guys get the details um. It is red in the back, which i personally do not like pink. Is my favorite color so that’s? Why i got it in the shade pink, but i just think the red in the back kind of ruins, the aesthetic it will be facing the back of the wall. So i mean the red really wouldn’t be showing it does come with this so it’s easier to open. I don’t know if that was satisfying. It also comes with this pink strap, so you can easily carry it if you were to buy it in the apple store. It’S, like an arm workout let’s just go ahead and open it i’ve, never unboxed an imac before i’ve unboxed, um, a macbook, an iphone and just the smaller technology or tech stuff, but i’ve never unboxed an imac.

So i kind of don’t know what comes in the box. I’Ve had an imac before, but i’ve never unboxed it. It has these cute little like rose gold, um arrows pointing towards the direction. So it could like be easier to open Music. Okay, so here is the imac it’s, so cute and i haven’t even fully unboxed it um and then here are the keyboards, the keyboard and the plug. I love how the wire and the power adapter is pink. I love how everything is pink, except for the back. Um let’s just unwrap this, it looks like minnie mouse ears. I don’t like how this is red, the tip the end but, like i said, it’s not going to be the center of attention and then we have the keyboard and again it’s, also pink. It has the apple logo in the back i’m, not sure if you guys can see that, but this is what the keyboard looks like, and it also comes with this wire. In case your bluetooth keyboard dies. You can use this to plug in your keyboard to your computer in case you don’t want to use bluetooth or your bluetooth um. I think that’s recharging, the mouse. Is it no it’s? I mean you do have to charge your mouse, but you also charge the keyboard and then here is the mouse. I love that it’s pink. I love everything pink, so it did come with apple stickers, there’s, a pink one and a red one, i’m, not sure.

If there’s anything else that comes in the box i’m trying to check all of the all of the um like hidden boxes, because there’s like a lot, but i don’t think there’s anything inside of here but yeah i’m, just gon na go ahead and turn on my Computer, Music, Music Applause, the red on the back is beautiful, but i prefer pink and it does come with two usbc hubs. You can’t really do much. I mean you can, but i just bought this dongo usbc um type, and you can just pretty much plug in all of your um, like chips like the usb3, usb c3 sd card and all of that i’m going to go ahead and turn it on so i’m. Going to plug this, they mention that this is magnetic. I don’t know how i feel about that, because what, if it just accidentally knocks off, you know what i’m saying i don’t know. If the magnetic is like, i mean it’s, not secure, actually, i’m kind of scared for that, but hopefully everything goes good here’s, just the power button. I’M gon na use my boyfriend’s mouse pack because i have not ordered one but definitely going to order one to match the aesthetic. So i have my imacs set up. First thing: i’m going to do is download google chrome, because google chrome is an essential for me. Siri is a little behind or siri um safari. Now that i have google chrome downloaded i’m going to go ahead and go to canva, i use both safari and google chrome, google chrome – i usually just use for my youtube and school safari.

I kind of just do whenever i want to do some like designs and stuff on canva and i’m, going to create a wallpaper for my new macbook Music. Hey guys. So i am going to film the outro and i decided to film it in my new imac. Just to test out the quality, um i’m definitely going to be playing around with this imac and doing some customizations. I am going to focus more on tech on my youtube, but obviously not necessarily get rid of the girly vlogs. So if you guys love, you know my vlogs and also love apple tech stuff, then definitely subscribe and i’m going to be doing a lot more. Like customizations to my imac, i do have a macbook pro with the m1 chip. So if you guys are interested in watching i’m, not looking at the camera, but if you guys are interested in watching the unboxing of the m1 chip, i do have it. I have an entire playlist, as i mentioned earlier, but i’m, so excited of this imac it’s. So it’s about time that apple came out with an imac with different colors different pastel colors. So if you guys don’t know, it comes in a bunch of different colors, lavender, green, yellow, pink and other colors that i can’t think of the top of my head. But yeah i’m excited to be playing around with my new imac and just like looking at you know the background and stuff i’m currently working on a macbook pro customization, so keep a lookout for that and yeah.

I really hope that you guys enjoy my tech, unboxings and stuff, but yeah. I really hope you guys enjoyed this unboxing. Let me know what else you guys want me to film with a imac, iphone or macbook or ipad it’s crazy, but yeah um. Thank you guys.