This video should give you some basic information on the pine phone to help you get going, let’s begin when you first take the pine phone out of the box. The first thing you’re going to want to do is open up the back of the pine phone using a fingernail or pry tool now take out the battery and remove this little piece of tape from the connector. While the battery is out of the pine phone, we recommend putting in a sim card to the sim slot. If you want to be able to make phone calls, send sms text messages or access cell data to do this just insert either a micro sim card or a nano sim using the included nano sim to micro, sim adapter. You can also insert a micro sd card to use either as a bootable device or just to have a little bit more storage space on your pine phone next up power on the phone by holding the power button and wait a little bit for it to boot. Eventually, you should be presented to a screen that looks like this. This is manjaro plasma’s. Welcome, screen, select your time zone i’m in america, los angeles time zone connect to wi fi, create an account for your phone and done after that. You will be presented to plasma mobile’s, lock, screen development on the pine phone is moving very quickly, so we recommend updating your pine phone as soon as you get it to do.

This open up. The discover app, which is plasma, mobile’s app store, then go to the sidebar, go to updates and just click the circle button on the bottom right to start an update. Alternatively, you can update your system using a terminal by running sudo, pacman syu once updated. We recommend to restart the device and bam your pine phone is now up to date. Your pine phone is having an issue here. Are some possible steps to fix it if lte wi, fi, bluetooth, the microphone, the headphone jack or your cameras, aren’t working then take the back off the pine phone and double check that all the kill switches are facing upwards? Another thing that can cause lte and wi fi and bluetooth to not work is if the phone isn’t charged enough or if the battery isn’t inserted all the way, because the cellular, modem and wi fi and bluetooth chip both depend on the battery to be well charged. For them to work, if, for whatever reason, you do not like manjaro plasma or you’re just curious, and you want to try other os’s on your pine phone, the wiki has a page with all of the available known os’s you might want to try. Most of them are as easy to install as plugging a micro sd card into your pc flashing, an os the sd card, using something like etcher or dd. In the same way, you put an os on a single board computer, then putting the sd card back into your pine phone and booting it up.

If you would like to flash a os to the phone’s internal storage, then you can flash the jump. Drive image to an sd card plug the sd card into your print phone. Then plug your pine phone into your pc, which will give your pc access to the pine phone’s internal storage, and let you flash an os to it. If you want to learn more about the pine phone and all of its available os’s, there are a ton of good resources to check out for official resources. The pine 64 wiki has a lot of good info and the pine 64 forum and the pine 64 chat rooms are very good places to go if you need help there’s. Also, several good third party websites focusing on mobile linux, such as tux phones and linux, smartphones, is also a good site. They have a weekly article showing off a bunch of other articles and videos about mobile linux, so it’s a nice place to have all of your mobile linux news in one place, if you prefer consuming video content shameless plug there’s. My channel pizza, loving nerd, where i focus on a lot of linux hardware and the software it runs there’s, also linwob’s youtube channel where he shows off a ton of different pine phone os’s, as well as martin bram’s youtube channel, where he shows off some of the Developments post market os is making because he’s a postmarket os developer and privacy and tech tips.

Who does a lot of things kind of hard to describe this channel, but definitely a good channel to learn more about the pine phone and that’s it.