Thatll be hard because I dont know how to figure out the height Ill have to guess, try things, but you can see this Boeing, its really bad. So then Applause, first one, the dimensions are wrong: its like passes the little rib that it straddles. Second, one still off like the red, I got ta scoot it this way a little bit next print thats in progress now is, in Applause, L shaped design, Applause, so theres like a piece that goes this way and itll support this area here. Applause whats funny is when its upright, the right middle was where it sags but thats over here. I dont know what to do about that, because the batteries here, Applause and Im, mostly going off of uh the shape of the laptop its like a flat and curved its hard to like estimate that without the original laptops Dimensions or a really accurate, 3D scanner. Oh man, this fit is so snug theres the support, though it goes over here to this metal plate Peg. Then uh. This one is kind of just there. I wasnt sure how thick that plate is, but theres a rust here too. Rest rest. This yeah its not hugging the mouse pad, but it definitely will have something to push against theres a little bit of a gap there. You can see Im gon na, put it together and see the difference foreign to go or to continue using this post market OS install.

The only thing that I dont really like is that theres no vs code, but other than that everythings there. It has I3 out of the box, so Ill work on this Im not used to working with a single screen, as you always have like a code on the left thing on right kind of setup, with I3 Ill, just get used to toggling between the two screens. But Im gon na use this computer to build things because I got a reason I got ta use it. You know because I bought it. I know I like it um its a nice little thing. I did try three uh, it didnt work, somethings broken pretty much like froze air in the bottom right. Something is missing. I forgot to switch out of it, but yeah there. It is. This is my current setup, with Kate post Market OS Im in the process of uh. Moving away from this once I Im currently trying this Debian image Builder thing and then um Ill be back on apt with uh package manager with uh vs code and then I3. So Ill just switch tabs When developing versus split screen and also be able to get Atari running.