For you know for that month and so let’s check it out whether i made any progress so Music, so Music there’s, two there’s two answers to this question because it all depends on your goal. If your goal is to be able to pick up a piece of classical music, this complicated, you know piece with all the you know: 10 pages of sheet music. This course is not for you, it’s not going to help. You reach your goals, but if your goal is to instead be able to hear a song that you like and play the chords – and you know, play the song and accompany someone else accompany yourself as you sing or just even play through the song. This course has been a fantastic resource and, in my personal opinion this course is completely worth the money it’s. Actually, i feel like it’s a bargain for how much content there is in it, and so you know definitely check it out if that’s one of your goals, also, if you have a goal to be a songwriter or to compose music it’s fantastic, because you learn all The different chords and how those you can make chord, progressions and put those chords together and as you’re playing you’ll you’ll you’ll, play a chord progression, and then you might get a little creative and make your own song just from the same chord from another chord progression. From another song, so absolutely a great resource if it matches with your goals, that’s that’s a key point there so what’s in the course well there’s a lot going on um from the very beginning.

He robin does a great job of explaining how to start, and he does an interesting teaching method. Instead of giving you different drills, he immediately jumps into songs, and so you, you start playing songs with some basic chord shapes and what i think is really cool is that he teaches you the rhythms for different rhythms to play different songs really really soon. In the curriculum, so, for example, this rhythm is so common in a lot of music that we listen to so that’s kind of his method, starting out, is to teach you all the different chords, all the different chords of the piano and different rhythms that you can Use for different songs and as the chorus progresses, the chords get more difficult and more complex and the rhythms get more difficult and complex. And then the rhythm gets even more complex for the left hand and, as the right man hand, plays the chords and vice versa. The and so it just it adds on adds some complexity as, of course proceeds. So in a month i was only able to get through lesson three there’s, like 18 lessons. So there is a lot of content here and what robin doesn’t do the instructor of the course he doesn’t give you a daily regimen of things to practice, so you can practice as much or as little as you want, and he gives you tons of songs to Practice, and if you want you can perfect them right, you can practice them them over and over and over again until you get it perfect or you could not it’s really up to you but you’re going to progress faster.

If you put more serious practice in and and try hard to make your song sound as good as possible um, but it’s it’s up to you kind of the pace. But from my pace where i tried to i didn’t get things perfect. I tried to perfect some songs. I was able to get to the point that i showed you earlier so absolutely great course. I recommend it to anyone who’s wanting to learn how to play piano in a way, that’s, more approachable, it’s kind of intimidating to get to the piano and have to learn all the nuances of sheet music as out the gate. Um – and this will teach you some aspects of sheet music but again, if you are more interested in being able to play a song note for note exactly how it you know, you hear it in a classical piece, then you know you might look elsewhere if you’re Trying to play music that you enjoy that’s, you know popular music and be able to play along and and write music, really a great resource i’m going to be taking other courses for other instruments.