I thought I would make this whole video to uh just share my initial experience with uh an app called Piano, Maestro uh. I was looking Im kind of evaluating this app for a student of mine. It just started with me today, so I went ahead and downloaded this and its uh its showing me the uh. The initial screen here Im going to go ahead and turn the camera. So you can see so Ive Ive just downloaded. It Ive never used this app before uh and Im just getting into it right now, all right. So I just went ahead and said, signed back in here as a guest and Im going to do start, a lesson with any student Im going to say explore, see if I have yeah here we go great, so um lets try the journey, see what we do. Okay, theres a tutorial theres all this stuff here, okay right hand, middle C, okay, how about uh lets jump right into Rocky? What is that? Okay cool, so its uh, its a song? Okay, finding yeah, okay, so enable acoustic piano play The Green Key Music here, the metronome all right here we go lets. Try that again whoops I didnt do so good lets do restart Laughter. Thank you all right, Music, foreign Music Applause which finger should you use Music? I guess one: okay, Music Applause, Applause, Music, Applause, okay, thats, pretty cool Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, foreign Applause.

So you can also play these on the Music place. So I dont know if you can change the tempo okay, well, um theres a little tutorial that talks about the different notes, theres um, a bunch of different pieces. You can do um so far. I havent figured out how to man that music is annoying. So far. I havent figured out how to slow down the pieces at all. Maybe theres a way lets: try Vivaldi, how to sit so theres yeah theres little lessons, thats nice, its pretty cool I mean um – could be a good supplement to uh acoustic Canon, okay, Music. I guess you could hear the click Music, okay, yeah, so thats kind of neat, um yeah, oh Tempo. Ah, here we go the speed of the song. Awesome lets slow it down. Oh and you get a you get a uh penalty. If you so uh theres an assist fee for going slower, oh and hold on, what does that do? Will it wait? Oh it waits till you get it right, thats, pretty cool, and this this also tells you the note names. So that could be useful if youre just getting started right uh, if you you know to get those assists, lets see what that does, and maybe this plays The Click for you, Music. I, like it: Music, okay, thats, not thats nice anyway thats. My initial my initial review, my initial Impressions, uh and uh yeah a couple of counter intuitive things, but its its a neat fun little app, um, not sure how much it would cost to so far its free.

I think theres, some inline in in app purchases. You can do but uh looks like its free, so thats cool as well, and I think you can network with your teacher and kind of share your progress too, which is which is nice so overall thumbs up so far.