This is the asus. Br1100F contains modeling product names. Okay, since the br 1100 f is priced at 19, 995 pesos, so ac pin union guys it’s even more affordable than some mid range smartphones, so it’s really not bad let’s dive in so first things. First, since this is made for students asus made sure namate by shah and can survive every day, you so hunting website. They say that this has passed military grade standards for durability, which is great because, no matter how careful you are with your gadgets accidents happen and if you haven’t noticed rounded lahatan, cornerstone, notebook and merudin rubber bumpers to protect it from well bumps and again yuma accidental Drops, of course, they use plastic as the main material palace chassis to make it lightweight and textured in shot to give kids a better grip. Now asus also included a laptop sleeve out of the box, so just in case school starts up again or but in time travel at least there’s an added layer of protection. Now, for those of you who are wondering about the port situation of this notebook, i think it has everything a student will need on the right side. You have the ethernet port, a usb, a port 3.5 millimeter audio jack, which is super important in case. You have multiple kids who have classes at the same time, and then you also have the power button and a volume rocker. Now moving over to the left side, you have a kensington lock, the port for plugging in this laptop, a usbc port, another usb a port.

A full sized hdmi and the stylus since yes, touchscreen new display network, take note that you can also use the usbc port for charging. This laptop. You just have to make sure that it’s at least 45 watts. I use the skull encode charger. You might my switch charger for this. It works. I still recommend using the one that comes inside the box since okay, so on to the screen so it’s an 11.6 inch lcd display at 1366 by 768 resolution and i’ll be completely honest, it’s, not the very best display experience pedal. I don’t think it’s that bad, but if you have any suggestions for a laptop that’s below 20 000 pesos, that has a much better display leave it in the comment section down below i’m. Very curious about that now. The important part to know here is that it will get the job done for schoolwork, so if your kids need to type out something for their homework or again for attending their classes via zoom, this will definitely do, as i mentioned, touch screen in display and with The included stylus, you can do some creative work on this laptop by the way i don’t think i’ve mentioned this, but this is also a 2n1, so you can use this in your standard. Laptop mode stand mode, temp mode and as a tablet i’m sure you noticed this pero yuma bezel screen laptop far from what we know from the more premium laptops from asus pero since less than twenty thousand pesos.

I am not going to complain. You do have a webcam on top of the screen, and something that i really like here is that meronshang physical privacy shutter so in case you’re very cautious about people possibly peering in through the webcam. This is something that’s really important by the way. There’S. Also, a camera on top of the keyboard, which i guess they can use while it’s in tablet mode, but i don’t really understand the use case for this. Maybe i just can’t think of one but it’s there. If you want it, okay, so speaking of zoom calls the speakers on this aren’t bad at all, weddings here’s, a quick sample from our podcast. So you know what it sounds like in your smartphone, of course, actually not just in smartphone any kind of spec mechanic, camera, yeah, yeah, basically smartphone case um, okay, so let’s move on to the keyboard, so it’s a chiclet style keyboard, and this was obviously made for People with smaller hands since for me, sobrang cramped, experience to be honest, yumaganda’s keyboard nato is that it’s spill resistant, so in case matapulo, china, too big. It can survive, of course, better parent. If we do everything that we can to prevent that, but at least my most safeguard, like everything else decent for the price, but remember you do have a touchscreen and the stylus. So in case you need to do a bit more precise work. You can use those two options: okay, so now let’s talk about performance and one thing that i can tell you up front.

This is definitely made for school work, so talagang hindisha for heavy use. You can multitask on this just a little bit. Pero, indeed, was the tabs of browser no or even a program – seguro 3 at the very most – and i think, that’s still stretching it now. The storage on this should be enough for online work. Again, 64 gigabytes done shot, but in case we’ll beat the ko. You can install an nvme ssd on this up to one terabyte now the ram is also upgradable up to 16 gigabytes according to the website. As for the battery life, we got about six hours with our video loop test, which is decent it’ll, take about two hours to fully charge the laptop with the including charging brake as well. Now one thing i like – and i haven’t mentioned yet – is that asus made sure that most of the internals of this laptop are modular. So that means, if any of the components fail for any reason they are easily replaceable. So there you go guys. This is the asus br 1100f. If there’s one thing, i really want to change about this laptop it’s, really the name but again, if you’re looking for a laptop for your kids for their home schooling option again, it’s not going to be a massive powerhouse. That is not the point of this notebook. It’S really meant for online schooling. This is something that you could consider, especially for major titan budget nathan.

If i had a kid, i would probably look at this notebook. You have the benefits of having that durability. Again. Military standards, you have the modularity of the components plus safeguards like the spill proof keyboard and that privacy shutter for the webcam and that’s it. For me, if you like this video, give us a thumbs up sub to the channel and make sure you hit that notification bell. If you have any questions, leave them down below and i’ll try my best to get to them as soon as i can for all the latest in tech head to plus. Follow us on facebook. Instagram, listen to our podcast on spotify, follow us on tick tock. As well, my name is tito james peace.