How has adobe not sued this person into oblivion, Music, hello? My name is brad. I review tech for creative professionals. Today we are looking at this app photo p, which is a complete recreation of photoshop done in a web browser it’s also completely free. Now this is not like medibang or fire alpaca, that’s, very similar to photoshop, but recreated. No, this is feature for feature. A recreation of photoshop now not every feature, is there, but enough is there to make you really think wow. This is. This was a lot of work, so this is what it looks like you go to the website you scroll down, it’s free to use. There are ads along the side. Very nice makes this person a little bit of money for all their hard work. As you can see now there is a lovely adobe ad on the screen. That’S kind of funny this was created by someone named ivan cutsker ivan. Did a q a on hacker news a while back and this project’s been around for almost two years now i just became aware of it and when he did this q a he had said over the previous 12 months before then that he had made over a Million dollars with the ads in this app so good for him now this has been around for a while i’m a little surprised that adobe is letting him keep it up. I’M, actually very surprised, since it is a feature for feature copy.

The interface is identical. We’Re going to be running through it because if you do need to use photoshop, but you don’t want to pay that monthly fee just to edit an image or open a file that somebody sent you. This might be the resource that you’re looking for i’m. Also curious. Can this be used as a drawing tool we’re going to get to that too? So? The first thing i have here is: is a new file and you’ll see along the left. We have all the tools that you’re used to. I just have a brush tool open here. We have our selection tool, so it works identically to photoshop. I can grab my move tool. I can move my selection around i’ve got all of that fun stuff over. On the right hand, side we have our history and our layers and some of our our type panels, and things like that now, this doesn’t have some of the slick ui that you might be used to on the desktop. For example, i can’t, like double click on the history panel, to collapse it or anything like that i’m going to go up to file and i’m going to go ahead and open a document. I have a psd saved on my desktop it’s, a fairly large file. So this is going to take a couple seconds to open because it’s got to upload it, but once it’s in here i can export this back to my desktop or i can work on it.

So let’s take a look. This is the image that i drew in procreate saved as a psd and and then i used it as a thumbnail for my latest brad’s art school video, which is all about color theory. Now, with my animations, i tend to do a lot of my illustrations in procreate and then port them over to animate them and adobe animate and so you’re going to see in this file. I’Ve got layer, folders that are turned off that have a bunch of stuff. In them that are images that were used in that last cartoon. I am going to scroll down to this folder, which is my active folder and what’s. Interesting here is. I can use all of my shortcuts if i hold down the shift key and then select my layers it’s going to allow me to select all my layers. Let me see do if i press m or what is the move tool v hold on. Let me try this, i think if i press v yep it switches to my move tool and lets me move that around it’s. Surprisingly, not that laggy either i can hold shift and it’s going to actually align. So this is the way i go about making my thumbnails so let’s check out the text, tool, i’m, going to say type tool and i’m, just going to click here and i’m going to say, color and then i’m going to let’s see, grab the move tool and If i hold down option, can i copy it look at that, so this works identically to the way photoshop works on the desktop.

If i double click on the layer, is it going to it selects the text i can type in theory and hope. I spell it right so let’s take a look at the text tools and see how many of these text tools are here. First of all, i think this is going to capitalize it yep that’s, what i’m looking for? We have our fonts. Now it looks to me like this is pulling from some kind of free font resource, and i don’t see my desktop fonts on here. This is just going to pull from the web. So if i had a font that i wanted to use in this, i would be able to load it. You can do that with brushes too we’re going to talk about that in a minute. So let me go up to here and go to edit free, transform and then let’s see. If i resize it, i hold the shift key yep it resizes the right size. I can move it around yeah, pretty impressive, so the other thing i want to look at is i’m going to go over here to adobe, illustrator and i’m, going to grab some graphics and i’m going to hit command c, which is going to let me copy. So if i hit command v, it’s going to paste those things that i just grabbed here now, if i go into photoshop and i hit command v, it’s going to give me some options to paste that in there.

So i can paste them into pixels or smart object. It works fine. I work like this all the time when i need some vector assets to throw into a design file, but one thing i have noticed is that when i paste it into here, it’s, not remembering you know what’s on that clipboard, which is something that’s super useful for For my workflow here on the desktop, you can still copy and paste, but it’s copying and pasting things from within this app. Let me go to a website really quick: i’ll go to brad dot site, slash, learn where i keep all the discounts to my courses. Then we’ll go back here and now. Let me grab that text tool and i was able to copy that text. There we go, and so, when i copy and paste from the web, some things will copy and paste over. It seems to just not realize, like things that are coming from other art applications which that’s some pretty advanced stuff. But what about the brushes? What about drawing? Okay, let’s dive into that, but before i do that, i do want to shout out today’s sponsor squarespace. Having a website is great. Having your own domain makes that website even better, but what really makes squarespace the all in one platform for your online presence are all the marketing tools and analytics baked in grown. Engage your audience with squarespace’s email campaigns create powerful email content that matches your website.

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So, as i apply more pressure, i’m going to get a thicker line, so, as you can see, this is i’ve been moving pretty fast, but i’m still getting. You know some wave and there’s some blobs at the end of my brushes. This is not what i would consider a good drawing experience. You know it’s, probably because it’s in the browser um the lines don’t, look that good, oh yeah, i’m, getting a lot of like jagginess to those lines. I would not recommend this for drawing an art. I think there are better options out there. Medibang fire alpaca are both free. In fact, i made an entire video talking about free apps that are out there that you could use if you’re just learning art you don’t want to invest a lot of money in your tools. Yet what about other devices? Obviously, this is in the browser, so anything that can run a web browser can run this application right. Well so far. Well i mean i, i only tested it on two devices, but so far yeah that’s pretty much the case. I tested it first on the ipad. All of the functionality was there and, if i’m being honest, i found this to be more useful than the actual photoshop app in terms of doing graphic design type things just because i know where everything is and how to use it. Now i am very keyboard shortcut oriented, so if your ipad doesn’t have a keyboard, this isn’t going to help you out as much, but but if you do have a keyboard for your ipad, this could be extremely useful.

What about using the apple pencil on it? Well, that was a different story. Uh, the apple pencil doesn’t seem to have any kind of pressure, sensitivity or it’s, not detecting, that the apple pencil is there you’re, also getting the same caliber of lines like i said with the the sense pen that i was using a little bit earlier. The same thing is happening with the apple pencil, the lines just don’t don’t. Look that great so again ipad. This is not for drawing just more for design layout photo editing stuff. I also tried this on the galaxy tab. S7 plus, i had a little bit more luck there. I thought that was pretty good. It has an option where you can turn it to full screen mode, which is really nice. In fact, in some ways it looks like it was designed specifically for something like an android tablet. When i used the wacom power pen on the android tablet, i found that it worked much much better than the apple pencil did. So i found that using this on android was just as functional as using it on the desktop. The one thing it did better than the desktop was how well the pen performed. I was genuinely surprised, it’s, not great it’s, not as good as using you know an app on android. However, if you want to draw in photoshop on android, this is the way to go, so this is pretty crazy. Obviously i was only able to go over many of the surface features here.

I i didn’t deep dive into anything. I think, if you’re looking for things like smart objects and and some of the more advanced features that adobe has done, you’re not going to find it here. But those core features the basics that you expect from photoshop they’re all here and if you’re used to the same keyboard, shortcuts and workflow that sort of thing again that’s all here, i was really surprised, as i was working to find that my workflow was just i. I took to it really quickly. There was no learning curve because i know photoshop so well. So what do you think have you ever checked this out? Will you check this out? It is free. Why not, if you don’t mind having a couple ads on the side of your screen might be worth a shot. Let me know what you think down below in the comments.