We call quarantine by making beautiful fine art photographs right here in my own home and if you haven’t watched the first two episodes in this series, what’s wrong with you no i’m, just joking the link’s in the description below. So what are we doing today? Well, today, we’re going to be talking all about photomicrography photomicrography, photomicrographic micrograph photo bath micro, photo micro, roughly cool, not to be confused with micro, photography and microgravity. You may be asking yourself right about now: what’s a photomicrograph. Well, i’ll tell you what it is. A photomicrograph is a photograph or a digital image taken through a microscope to show a magnified image of an object. I first stumbled across the science of photography when mindlessly scrolling through instagram, like we all do now that we’re stuck inside forever and the world is on fire. What i mean i came across this photograph of what looked like a galaxy far far away taken by a super high powered telescope and thought to myself, whoa that’s pretty thick. I realized soon after that. These were images of mexican opals, captured by focus stacking photographs taken by mounting a canon, 5dsr body to a wild herb microscope, and the man behind that microscope was the one and only danny j sanchez aka minor alien as written on his website. Initially, inspired by the photo atlas of inclusions and gemstones by eduard gubilin and john koivula, dany’s images are thoughtfully created, leveraging his gemological knowledge through meticulously tuned photography tools.

Now, when i looked at danny’s images, the first thing that came to mind was the josh and benny safty film uncut gems, with adam sandler, which features some pretty incredible: shots of the interior landscape of a rare opal they’re, quite beautiful from the outside. But when you get down to the microscopic level, they’re insanely breathtakingly beautiful to the point that i felt compelled to try this process out for myself. So i hopped on amazon and grabbed one of these suckers a july moda 7 inch lcd, digital usb microscope and some cool stuff to look at. While i waited for those things to arrive, i decided to do a little research of my own into how we got to this point in history, where anyone fortunate enough to own a computer with an amazon prime account can access the micro cosmos with just a few Clicks of a mouse, the earliest known microscope was the water microscope, which was invented by the ancient chinese and dates back to around 2000 bce, while it’s unclear who exactly invented the microscope, some historians claim it was hans. Lipperche other evidence suggests it was hans and zacharias johnson, a father son team of dutch spectacle makers. The early yansen microscopes were compound microscopes, which use at least two lenses news of the microscope spread quickly across europe, with improvements made by galileo galilei in 1609 and robert hook, who recorded notable and detailed observations of the structure of snowflakes, fleas, lice and plants in his Book micrographia these early compound microscopes provided more magnification than single lens microscopes.

However, they also distorted the image more enter dutch scientist, antoine van leeuwenhoek in his design for a high powered single lens microscope. With this, he was able to observe yeast red blood cells bacteria from his own mouth, along with other bodily fluids, at a magnitude of up to 270 times larger than actual size. At the beginning of the 20th century, the microscope encountered a theoretical barrier in the sense that a traditional optical light microscope would not resolve objects smaller than the wavelength of visible light, that is, until german scientists, ernst ruska and max knowl overcame this hurdle with the invention Of the electron microscope, cusca’s principles still form the basis of modern electron microscopes and can achieve magnification levels of up to 2 million times these days. With the advent of scanning tunneling microscopes, an atomic force, microscopes it’s, now possible to view life at the atomic level ushering in various fields of nano research and after the microscope finishes scanning the sample. We end up with images like this. China has become a major supplier of microscopes, supplying optical components to some of the major microscope brands, a trend which is enabled to spread in microscopes beyond the realm of the research scientists to everyday commercial and individual use like the digital microscope, i’ll be using today. Now, as far as photo shoots go, this is probably the most scientific that i’ve ever done and what i mean by that is, i didn’t use a camera in the traditional sense of like a dslr or a film camera, but rather i use my computer to take The photographs and it’s surprisingly easier than you think, to set up your own little photomicrography station at home using a digital microscope like this.

All you have to do is connect the first of two usb charging cables provided from your computer to the top of the microscope’s digital display. Next connect, the second usb cable from the top of the microscope to the bottom. This powers, the bracket led light source which you can control via the adjustment wheel, located at the right hand, side base of the microscope. After that, you can turn on the display by long pressing the power button begin. Your observation tour you’re, then presented with three different options in order to view the image captured by the microscope on your computer screen, you’re going to want to choose pc camera mode. After that, you can launch one of the most underrated pieces of photography. Software on the planet, uh photo booth yeah, so the teenage effects are really great. Like i’m gon na pick bulge here, Applause once photobooth is open. All you need to do is select usb 2.0 as the camera source from your camera menu and you’ll be able to tell if the camera is connected by simply waving your hand under the lens. Although this microscope does come with two different slides, the wing of a honeybee and a tiny piece of onion skin, the objects i wanted to observe were a bit bigger, which is why i chose to use the low grade nd filter as a viewing platform. This microscope also comes with two different lens options: lens one and lens two lens one can magnify up to five hundred times, while lens two can magnify up to two thousand times to attach the lens twist.

It clockwise until you feel it snap into place to detach the lens twist it counterclockwise until you feel it release. While this microscope does have the ability to take up to 12 megapixel still images and hd video, i found that after actually testing these features out for myself, i can safely say that it’s nearly impossible to get a clear image without the use of an external remote Trigger now, despite the solid and sturdy platform, i thought my desk was before this video. I found it pretty difficult to focus the lens due to vibration, but once i got the hang of it, i couldn’t help but be mesmerized by what i saw Music. A crystal quartz stone like this labradorite is pretty beautiful to look at without a microscope, but up close, it looked like a vast illuminated neon landscape torn from a lifetime of erosion and tectonic disruption by shining my iphone flashlight around this landscape. I was able to reveal a fiery golden glow with each new rock gemstone or specimen. I examined i felt like i was some sort of cross between bill nye and neil armstrong, traversing alien landscapes from the safety of my scientific space pod. I began to really understand what robert hook was talking about when he said in the works of nature. The deepest discoveries show us the greatest excellencies, at least that’s. What i imagine he sounded like going through this process. I actually managed to get some pretty cool photos and from the entire batch of subjects.

These were my favorites Music. After performing this little photographic experiment, i found myself not only respecting the hell out of danny j and his own photographic process, but also feeling quite well. Small, when you look at rocks that were formed millions or even billions of years ago, under a microscope, it really does feel like you’re staring into the prehistoric formation of life and the universe, as we know it. During my time, researching microscopes for this video, i came across another quote that struck a chord with me. It was khalil gibran who said the eye of a human being is a microscope which makes the world seem bigger than it really is this reminded me of just how easy it can be, especially now being stuck inside staring at our screens all day to magnify whatever Problems or insecurities that we’re facing to the point where they take up way too much space in our heads than they deserve. Sometimes a shift in perspective can really help. You appreciate the magic that exists all around us cool making. This video allowed me to shift my own perspective away from the endless news. Feed of negativity towards an entirely different world filled with beauty, thanks for watching make sure to like subscribe and share this video. If you enjoyed it or learn something new and just as a friendly reminder, the select number of images from the series will be available for purchase through my instagram. Make sure to follow me at re, underscore lacks underscore fit.

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