We will unboxing and reviewing a mixer grinder. As you see, i have a box Inside this box is a mixer grinder from Philips In today’s. Video we will unboxing and reviewing it and using it Check it out and see how this mixer grinder is, but before that, If you haven’t subscribed to our channel yet So subscribe to it, So that you can get our latest videos, notifications, first.. So let’s start the video first let’s open it. This is a Philips 750 w mixer grinder. Its model number is hl7756. This mixer grinder comes in a packaging like this. Here is the Philips branding 750w New Turbo motor, Powerful turbo motor is given inside. You can run it continuously for 25 minutes. We get 2 years warranty on this mixer grinder, While its motor gets a 5 year warranty. Its image is shown here. Three jars come with this mixer grinder. All its details are given on the top of the box.. Its model number is hl7756, Its MRP is Rs 4675, But on Amazon and Flipkart it is priced. Only at RS 3500 Buy link is in the description of the video. If you want, you can buy it by clicking on that link. open it now, Music. First, we get a user manual, Cum warranty card. Inside the user manual. You will be able to see how you can use this mixer grinder. All the details are found inside the user manual. It has a warranty card on the back side.

After filling this detail, you have to send it to Philips. It has a 5 year warranty on its motor And 2 years. Warranty is on the whole product. Three jars come with this mixer grinder. All three of its jars are made of stainless steel.. Its first jar is 1.5 liter wet grinding Jar. It is made of high grade stainless steel. The quality is excellent. Its blade is also made of stainless steel. The grip of handle of this is very nice. Its handle is made of very strong plastic. Its bottom is made of plastic, Its gearCoupler is made of sturdy plastic Made of strong plastic coupler Chances of it getting damaged are very less, And this is its lid. It is made of transparent, non breakable. Polycarbonate. Gasket is also given here. The gasket seals it completely. There is no leakage and it is leak proof., And this is a 1 liter dry grinding jar. It is also made of stainless steel. Its quality is also like the previous jar. The quality of the handle is also the same. Its lid is a bit different. This lid is made of plastic. Quality is good, It does not have a gaskat because we have to do dry grinding in it., So this is its dry grinding jar, And this is its chutney jar. It is also made of stainless steel. Its capacity is 300ml. All three jars have different design blades.. The lid of this jar is also made of plastic, And the Gasket is also given here when you are making chutney inside it, And if you put its lid properly, Then it becomes leak, proof Leakage, chance is 0 And this is its main unit.

Its top side is given its gear and motor soft. jars get attached here. Its design is made in such a way that it occupies less space in the kitchen.. Also, it is very easy to clean Its design is such that you can clean it very easily.. The Philips branding is shown here. It has been given three speed: control, knob. 0. 1. 2. 3. In this we have also been given the option of pulse.. Its build quality is very good. It has a very nice plastic body. Apart from this, powerful turbo motor of 750w has been given.. You can run this mixer grinder continuously for 25. Minutes. Vacuum cups are given on all three legs in its lower side.. Because of this, when we keep it on the kitchen slab, it cannot move., And here is a reset button Overload. Protection is also provided. If it is overloaded or overheated it automatically shuts off, Then you can reset it with the reset button and you will be able to use it. Again. Its motor is very powerful. A very good arrangement has been made to keep its motor cool. Here. Are the air vents Apart from this? The air vents are also provided on the top side., Which makes the motor cool down does not heat up very quickly, and this is its power. Cable. Its quality is also great, But its length is too short. It should have been a bit longer, I have connected it to power and we have taken whole coriander.

We’Ll grind it. So i take dry grinding jar In this jar. We will try to grind coriander. You can also grind hard spices in this mixer grinder.. You can also grind turmeric inside it. Black lentils of urad are also considered very hard. You can also grind it in it. close the lid properly. Its lid is closed. Now, let’s fix this jar on top of the mixer grinder. And rotate the clock wise to lock. It so now this jar is fixed. Now all we have to do is turn it on. We will turn it on with its control knob., And there is also the option of a pulse here. We can also use it When you use it for the first time. So you can feel some kind of smelled in it, But you don’t need to panic Once you use this mixer grinder, this smel will disappear on its own. Because there is varnish on the new motor. We feel its smell. So now let’s see how our coriander is. Grinded Now open it and see, You can see that our coriander was completely grind, So it has made coriander powder Very well. It has grinded it In this mixer grinder. We can also grind hard spices. such as turmeric. We can also grind turmeric in it, Because its motor is very powerful. 750 watt motor is given inside it Because of this we can run it continuously for 25 minutes. I found two flaws in it.

Its first drawback is that there is no power indicator inside it., Due to which we are not able to know whether the power is on or off. And its other drawback is the length of its power. Chord is quite short.. The length of the chord should have been a bit longer. Apart from these two. I do not feel anything less inside it Best quality, mixer grinder. If you want to buy it too, The link to buy it is given in the description from there, you can buy it. That’s. All in today’s video See you again in the next video JAI HIND, … …, …