Now the n6000 of the jasper lakes is one of the more high end models. I typically review the n5105 that one has a maximum turbo of 2.8 gigahertz, whereas this more high end model is 3.3 gigahertz. The intel, uhd graphics has 32 executional units and the configuration of this lever, z3 mini pc, is eight gigabytes of dual channel ram. It does have a 128 gigabytes of storage, which is emmc 5.1 spec. It can run two displays at 4k 60 and there is an option to add a pci 3.0 ssd to this. If you wanted to increase upon the storage or simply have faster storage than emc 5.1 spec in the box of the mini pc, youll find a quick start guide. We have our power supply now. This is rated to 65 watts. There is a visa mount bracket, some screws for that and a power supply cable. This mini pc has a great compact size, so its only four centimeters tall 13 by 13 are the dimensions. Weve got hdmi 2.0 displayport 1.4 gigabit lan 2 usb 2 ports up the front. There are then three usb type, as this is usb 3.0 spec and then a type c, usb 3 audio jack microphones and our power button with status led on the left side. Theres. Just a vent right here and on the right another vent, but we do have a kensington lock slot on the underside. We have four rubber feet with the screws there.

So if you remove those, you can then pop off this and take a look at the internals which ill get onto shortly, and then we have these two mounting points there for that visa bracket. The top of this mini pc is made out of plastic. We have their branding right here and it is a smooth glossy finish so its prone to picking up smudges and fingerprints, its not really an issue, so the build quality is mostly plastic. The frame around the outside its just the underside, where we have the metal gaining access to the internals, was not difficult at all, so its just those four screws on the bottom and then that plate lifts right off weve got access to our wireless card. So this is just a wi fi five card and it has bluetooth four. You can upgrade this to a wi fi six, one with bluetooth five quite easily, and we do have an nvme drive here, which is great, that m.2 slot is 22 by 80 in size and then two sodium slots here. So you can upgrade that ram. Now this configuration that i have from them has two four gigabyte sticks in there, so eight gigabytes in total, with this ddr4 ram, so you could easily increase that to 16 gigabytes. If you bought yourself and installed. Of course, two eight gigabytes sticks there. Youll notice right here that theres this chip so thats our b1 chip, thats, in fact emmc, storage and thats, where windows is located.

That is the boot drive, but you could easily swap that over and upgrade and put an mvme drive in this. If you wanted more speed, the bias of this mini pc is uh reasonably locked down to us, because we dont have a lot of configuration options. For example, there is nothing in here for the power limit. Okay, you can adjust, for example, a few things to do with the graphics, dedicate more memory to that integrated, uhd, graphics, theres, a tweak setting here, but really theres, not a lot that we can change or that i would bother changing under advanced settings here. Just a few other options, but really nothing we can do okay with this, that would be of any interest. Power limits would have been good to increase it from six watts to ten and on first boot into windows. We do have the following: pre installed: language packs, weve got english, spanish, french korean and chinese. This tiny little mini pc is running that passively called pentium silver in 6000. So the maximum turbo of this jasper lake is 3.3 gigahertz, so its a lot faster than the other models that im reviewing, but it still is just a six watt part there with its power limit one and power element: two can the short boost go up to 20 watts, so that turbo does help it being 500 megahertz more so a little bit more performance than those other models. I review but were still kind of being capped really with that six watts there with the performance it cant hold those turbos for very long because its going to use too much wattage there, so it ends up powering down a little bit now, just to point out The memory – yes, it is definitely in dual channel and were running a slower speed here, because 2 66 megahertz is not actually the fastest.

The jesper lake can run, which is 2933, so were missing out on a little bit. There of ram bam with the performance could be a bit better, but if you upgraded, the ram certainly go for the faster ram. If you wanted to – and i would put 16 gigabytes in this – which would aid the performance, the key bottleneck really with this system. So far is this: the internal storage is an emmc 5.1 flash nad flash there and you can see that thats lower than sata three speeds out of a s83 ssd, which these typically would come configured with. But the good thing about it is, as i pointed out when we took a look at the internals, that it does have a pci 3.0 slot. So you can get really fast speeds out of that maximum pci 3.0 speeds much quicker than this and thats. What i would probably do for my boot operating system, i would run it not off the embedded storage here but pci3 to get over these speeds here and get past that bottleneck now. Our wi fi chip in this is very common here, so its intels wi fi ac 3165 bluetooth 4.. I would upgrade this personally. If i was going to be keeping this unit, i would put in a bluetooth, um five card combo card with wi fi. Six, something like the intel ax200 would be perfect in this. You get much quicker speeds, as it is my throughput through.

This is about 320 megabits per second, which is not amazing, but we do have real tech gigabit land there. This pc does come with windows 10 pro installed and you can upgrade to windows 11.. It has the tpm module 2.0 thats, fine, so youre able to upgrade it. If you wanted to and synthetic benchmarks, i wont focus a lot on these. So just this geekbench 5 score here. The single core scores over 400 points, multi core scores over a thousand; and yes that is faster than the jasper lake in 5105, which i have reviewed a few mini pcs and some other tech with that one so that turbo performance being 500 megahertz faster than that Particular model single core, especially there it does show the com it can pull slightly higher scores here now. If we had the slightly faster ram, it could do even better there with the score. Now i do have the latest drivers here and you can see that i have installed windows. 11. ive tested it out that, yes, it can be upgraded and it will run windows 11, not a problem and the display can be run at 4k 60, which is what im currently doing now youll see here the display resolution thats 4k and the refresh rate. That is there. We go 60 hertz, so that is possible, but how does it handle 4k demanding files? So the jellyfish file here is my test file that i always test out.

This is 4k and it is a 10 bit file and a few starters in the beginning, which i commonly see with this bitrate, but once its going, you can see now that that is fluid, so its not dropping any frames anymore, but minimizing it there. That can be a little bit. Laggy ive seen this throughout the ui throughout windows here that it sometimes has just a few little stutters. So what about 4k 60 now this is where things get quite demanding its initially slow to load, and i can see that that is not 60 frames per second. That is looking a little bit laggy there. So the intel uhd graphics is struggling to the point where it just froze completely and its still dropping frames, although its looking a little better ill just seek ahead. That was slow and no thats still dropping frames, so 4k 30 it can handle, but not 4k 60.. Its just too demanding for the spec of mini pc documents and spreadsheets. However, so this is a spreadsheet thats got 700 records here its fast. You can do your edits and it doesnt really log out at all there, its not bogging itself down so for just general kind of office. Work for browsing the internet documents spreadsheets stuff like that, is really all this spec is good at it. Wouldnt do anything too demanding on this, then chrome tabs. You can have about 10 open ill. Do a very quick test.

This is my little search for cats that i do on this. Lower spec tech and ive got the performance monitor up here with windows. Just so, we can keep an eye on that ram use and how demanding this is really actually going to be on it. It will max out youll see that the cpu was going to max out at 100 under this kind of workload, even just something as simple as chrome here so well open up a few tabs and some of those tabs will have embedded videos in them and thats. What i want, i want to see how it is going to perform so still hasnt actually peaked there thats interesting at 100, the cpu the ram is still looking okay, so i think ive got enough tabs open at the moment here that ill swap between them and Well see how this is going to load in so its a little slow. This performance is not a core i5, a core i7, i even say a 10th gen, 11th gen or 8th gen – would be a lot quicker than this, but its not too bad. You see, as i swap over these pages thats still loading in so part of the slowness could actually be my internet connection, which is uh not exactly the best and im starting to see. Now that when i scroll through these pages, there is a little bit of choppiness, you can see when the images come in and it feels a little slow there, but its its doing.

Okay, not too bad. All right, thats still loading. So this is where its getting a bit slow is loading in these embedded videos here, so thats youtube, just a trailer there for cats and thats, another video so thats, where its bogging down a little. So you can have ideally around eight ten tabs open and you still got plenty of ram to play with, and this performance all right, just a little choppy so have a look now at some youtube. 4K now, through chrome here streaming youtube at 4k 30. You can see that it is steady, it is fine. Now it did originally drop 22 frames, just loading it up. Opening up the window. There were a few stutters. A few little lags once it gets going like the video clips. The footage here is steady, but occasionally it is dropping a frame here and there. So to me this is still watchable. Now, if you try 4k 60, it isnt all right. It turns into a bit of a choppy mess, and i personally would not be playing back 4k 60 with this mini pc, its just simply not powerful enough to be able to handle that very quick look. Now gaming performance, i do have it set on the lowest possible settings with counter strike and its 720p, but this performance is very choppy and only around 20 frames per second. So you need to lower it down, probably to something like 800 times 600 im just going to jump in youre crazy, see if i could get a kill its so laggy that i dont even know how youd be able to aim properly.

With this try that again, i know you shouldnt jump around, look at them all that still dont even hit me all right, so im dead there, but that just gives you an idea that its not good at all there only well down to about 11 12 frames Per second – and i do believe, i know why its running into those laggy throttling kind of issues where its performance is definitely not ideal its because of this. It is reaching temperatures up to 100 degrees celsius, and this, yes, is after pushing it hard for a little while and its peaking around 10 watts there that its pulling so imagine if this did have a power limit one of 10 watts, not the six. It would get a lot hotter this now. The odd thing is it doesnt say it has triggered thermal throttling, but it must only be a few degrees away from there, but i believe that these temperatures are still causing the clocks to drop down so thats. Why im? Seeing stutter and lag throughout this mini pc my time using it that unless youre doing something very light, it will run into performance issues there, which is not good. So it really does need to have a little active cooler in there. A little fan inside this, and not just all, be passively cooled so disappointing the thermals here with this mini pc. Now, if youre looking at running linux on this, i can happily report that its working fine thanks to well using an older wi, fi chipset theres, no issues with drivers and everything will run fine as long as you go for a more modern disk drive course, with Your linux build.

I did find that the performance was better than windows, but it will still run into what is the big bottleneck with this particular model? Is the thermals that its simply getting too hot? It reaches 100 degrees celsius? It will in fact go up to 100 and 102. It triggers thermal throttling its getting hot its affecting the performance, so there is some lag thats coming into it when you start to push this model, if you want to have 10 chrome tabs open, you got still available ram. The cpu load seems to be fine, but its being throttled its affecting the performance, as i saw in gaming, that really should have performed a lot better counter strike with the 32 executional units that this model has it simply wasnt, performing as it should for the spec. Considering the higher clocks, the higher turbos that it does have compared to say other jasper lake models that i have covered now, it is good that we can run two 4k monitors. I like that. I like the fact that youre able to upgrade the wireless card, which is wi fi, five spec – it really should have shipped with the intel ax 200 or 201 wi fi six spec with bluetooth five, because its a bit dated now getting this and it also ships Out with windows 10 pro, which i feel should be windows, 11 pro or windows, 11 home would have been perfect, considering its well now the days of windows 11.

So it should really have it so. Overall, this model is good for just light computing, but if you push it hard and you want to really maximize and just do a lot of multitasking with it, it then starts to choke. Sadly, so thank you so much for watching my review here of the lever.