This is a very different Xbox first party Studio, kind of game, and especially when you consider the studio were talking about. Its extremely different were going to talk a lot about Obsidian Entertainment in todays, video Obsidian Entertainment is, as many of you are already familiar best known for their work on Fallout South Park, stick of truths. Of course, the outer worlds, maybe some Alpha Protocol fans – are out there Im, not too sure even pillars of Eternity and the upcoming outer worlds too, as well as a vowed. All of these games fall under one umbrella, known as role playing games and now, in their last two releases, theyve really broken their own mold, where we have a survival game with some light, RPG elements known as grounded and its surprisingly one of the best games of The year and then you have pentiment today, pentiment is a a Adventure style story, focused game that doesnt have the typical things you would attach to an obsidian game. You see elements of them, but its very much its own distinct thing and part of my fanboyism, but a big reason I was very interested in this game is because its directed by Josh, Sawyer and Josh Sawyer is, I think, one of the most Brilliant Minds in Our industry, so anything he makes I got ta play, and certainly knowing that Josh Sawyer is a big history. Buff. That means that youre in for a pretty rude awakening, if youre not brushed up on your your history with this game and Ill get into.

Why but, ultimately, what I can say in the too long didnt read is pentiment isnt for everyone, but not because its bad. By any stretch of the imagination, I actually think its really cool, because its very unique, but this game is very much true to its identity and so its not going to change what it is for you, and I respect that. However, that doesnt mean its an easy recommendations, so watch along and find out, if its for you, as we go through everything from the story to the gameplay to the sound and if youre new here youre into more day one reviews we do have more on the Way consider subscribing with that lets begin with. What I think is the main call here, the story, so you play as Andre smaller youre set in a small town during the 15th century, and what is the major backdrop of this story? Is religion its during a time period where, thank God, my dad was a pastor for a couple years by the way, because when I started this game – and I was getting into this story, I was having some trouble following all the names all the references and the Game does have its own in game, glossary where you press the back button on your controller and it pops out the screen, and you see little written descriptions or it points to certain faces of who people are referring to. So it keeps you engaged with its characters and its lore if you will very easily, but I was still struggling to keep up, you see what I can throw out.

There is sort of a, I think need to know information before you dive in is. This was set during a time period where the Catholics were establishing a church system where, if you didnt go every Sunday, if you didnt make your donations to the Abbey every single week, then I dont know Christ may not forgive you and Martin Luther shows up and Says no! No, if you accept Christ like thats, all there is like you are forgiven. You are, the grace of God is bestowed upon you so to say thats a very short in a capsule type of approach to it and when my dad broke this down in a much more long form way, I was like okay, I get it now once that Barrier was broken, I got into pentiment much more, so I say all that to let you know that there is a degree of historical knowledge, thats required and I went in without any and when I stepped in, I was like who what wait? I know I think I know these things is that who I think I cant tell, and the game again does its best job informing you, but its still going in with some preset knowledge will help you out exponentially, because once I did get that basic framework, I Went okay lets try again, and I did really get into it, because at the heart of this game is a murder mystery. You all know, especially if you listen to fighting Duke how I feel about murder mysteries.

You know Danganronpa Zero Escape like these are great murder. Mystery visual novel series and pentiment should be approached much of the same. There are a lot of gameplay elements here, but, in my opinion, pentiment very much plays like a visual novel. What does that mean for you? Let me explain, I think, most importantly, it means number one if you have a handheld option like I have my Logitech gcloud here, uh yeah make sure you make use of that, because this game is going to be a lot of reading a lot of text. Theres. No voice acting theres very little music, which Ill touch on those in a little bit in a more critical manner, but this is a game that I dont think youre gon na have to be posted up on your you know: 60 inch. 4K television. You probably want a smaller screen for this that you can just enjoy in bed. That would be my personal suggestion, but what this also means is that youre going to be tackling each day in a pretty unique social system that I didnt really expect in pentiment. So each day is broken up between the morning work day. Then you have a time where you eat. Then you have a second half of your work day. Then you have night time and you sleep and your investigation of this murder mystery falls into each of these pockets and you can tackle it. However, you wish you can pop open.

Your Journal go through what possible leads. You have start talking to certain people and if you pursue one lead, another lead May dry up a little bit and you may not get as much information as you would have if you went there in person. So there is a little bit of, I would say minor choice and consequence. You see this story is told much differently from typical obsidian games. Most obsidian games youre this Blank Slate that the player can imprint upon themselves. Andres Mahler does have things that you can imprint upon him, which Ill get into in a moment, but mostly he is a predetermined character. He is an artist he did come from Nuremberg like he does, have qualities and traits and ways of speaking and mannerisms and approaches to situations that are predetermined. You do not get to imprint yourself and say: Im going to be evil. Andreas Mahler today thats not necessarily how it works in this game. What you can imprint upon him are things like his studies. Did he study medicine? Did he study Commerce? Where Did He travel? Did he go to Italy? Perhaps those are the things I picked. These are the little wrinkles that you can get where you start to see some obsidian elements there between that and the dialogue choices. This is where you see the most obsidian energy, but otherwise it is a totally different game. Now, given the fact that youre going to be reading so much and consuming a lot of lot, a lot of dialogue, I have to say I was really disappointed by the lack of voice acting here now.

I do understand why its not here when you likely consider the team size, the games budget and the price of the game, its going to be really tough to make that money back if youre selling, what I would consider pretty Niche product at twenty dollars. A pop and youre planning on putting full voice acting into it. I think that would have been a reach, but I think I was most surprised that there wasnt a middle ground here, where, if youve played a visual novel, youll know what Im talking about. Where you hear the hmm aha, oh none of those like Animal Crossing sounds or whatever just little blurbs and blips here or there. I think that would have done something to give certain characters personality. This puts a lot of the weight on the dialogue and the dialogue is fantastic, its a really well written game down to the even font of the game, where each character type has different fonts. Now, if you cant read it, which I eventually started to have trouble when I was recording gameplay for this, and I had to put it up my big TV, I was like Christ, I cant read it man, so I had to change it to an easy to Read font setting and the accessibility options here, particularly in text are great, so you can read the game much easier, which I do love to see here, because it made progressing to the story. Reading my journal finding Parts on the map a lot easier, but I will admit that I felt like I was sacrificing a part of the charm of the game, but back to the writing.

The reason the font style is important is each time someone says something. You hear like a pen scraping a piece of paper and its gradually filling out the font in ways that it would be done back in the 15th century. So its a pretty cool attention to detail that I only knew about because I heard Josh Sawyer say it, but I do appreciate that they went to this length here and youll see that the way the story is told is as if someones writing a book themselves, Because youll see, sometimes there are misspellings of certain words and theyll erase those letters and then replace them, and I dont know its something that adds to the charm of the story. Delivery. But again it comes down to accepting it for what it is. This game doesnt have voice acting and I think more disappointingly, it doesnt have music. You just hear ambient sounds everywhere, and I appreciate that its just willing to sort of be a more muted experience, because we live in a day and age where every menu is blaring. Music in your head, but I think a little town theme or something could have gone a long way to adding personality to this game because it really puts all of its chips on the table on that murder, mystery and praying to God that after you goes through The initial character, development phase of an hour and a half learning whos who and how you imprint yourself and put those wrinkles in Andres that once you get to that murder that youre going to be hooked.

And I have to say there is a hook there. Because of the whodunit aspect of it and as you go through and find more clues, its like okay, this is deeper than I really expected and you cant wait to get to the next day to see see what things you may investigate, and there are certain things That you can only do in certain points of the day, so strategizing how you investigate was one of my favorite parts of the game for sure. So the story is really good. I I didnt expect anything less but yeah. The story here for pentiment is a worthwhile ride. I felt very satisfied when I was going through it. I felt satisfied piecing it all together and I think thats attributed to the easy to understand minigames. None of these mini games are designed to be difficulty based its again a very accessible title. This is a big Focus for obsidian. You could tell as much and so yeah when youre going through, say, oh a piece of paper with heavy imprints. Let me use charcoal on it. You just hold the a button to move around. The left. Thumb stick eventually, it autofills the most engaging one I had to do was looking at an astronomy chart and then matching it up with symbols and then filling in this word and then realizing oh thats, Latin, and then the game translates it for you. Those are those more in depth mini games, but some of them will be like.

Oh lets just adjust some pictures on the wall. Okay, you know its just things to kind of distract you and break up the constant dialogue, but you recognize its Simplicity. You recognize its lower budget. Its tighter budget return probably be a better term for it, because its its obsidian like Im sure if they needed a bigger budget, they could have swung one here, but its a very different product in the way it plays and the way it delivers its story, and I do respect that, but that comes back to my original point. When you look at the lack of voice acting the lack of music, you look at all the dialogue there, the lacking of say, for example, basic quality of life features like Hey wheres, the text log. Why cant? I see the previous comments from NPC, so I can reread certain sections um. I just I feel like this isnt for everybody, but there are cool wrinkles here that I I want people to see because I feel they could be useful in, like other RPGs obsidian makes, for example. One feature they have here is when youre about to make a choice: thats more significant thats going to have character implications. What will happen is there will be a little speech bubble beneath all of your options, its kind of faded out and when you click on it, youll see Andrea, start thinking to himself and going over the choice hes about to make, and they the game sort of Thinks it out for you, it leaves very little room for you to guess on how things can go like hmm.

The Abbott certainly is under a lot of pressure due to this murder. I dont want to have him ostracize me from the investigation. I should probably stay in his in his best interests here on his good side, and so the games kind of telling you, which way you should go that may be problematic to some, because its stripping away some of that reading of the characters as the game sort Of spoon feeds it to you, but again that goes back to the goal of a more accessible title here, thats very clear what obsidian was doing, but I like this feature, because I do think some games could benefit from it. When you have those very vague speech. Selection options, this game doesnt have that problem, but many other RPGs do, and this could be a good solution for that it. Its also not too long of a ride were talking 15 20 hours, youll pop a lot of achievements along the way, which is a pretty good feeling and you cant get all of them in one play through. Unfortunately, I know some people look at those visual novel style games and go oh okay. Now so what I will say is pentiment is a game that, given its on Game Pass, is worth a try Im, very big on suggesting things that are different to you all its. Why I didnt really go hard on well go back to an older review, scorn scoring was broken for me, but scoring wasnt a bad game by any stretch in the imagination it was just for a very particular crowd.

I feel very much the same here with pentiment. Although it speaks to me more, it still has those light. Obsidian RPG elements, its got a strong historical focus. It will educate you a little bit as you go along the way and I think It ultimately plays as a great handheld experience so yeah. For most of this review, your boy was posted up with the Logitech gcloud just playing in bed, and I love that to me. It brought me back to some of my favorite gaming experiences with Danganronpa and zeroscape, as I was piecing together. The murder mystery, but I also recognized that me and my love of visual novels, isnt necessarily a very mainstream thing. Most people like this story to be a part of multiple moving gameplay components, thats, not really the case here. What I will say, though, is I just love this social system. I love that the day is broken up into morning afternoon, food time night and sleep time, because the way you can approach the investigation will vary from player to player its not completely broken wide open. But there is some variety in your approach and things you can miss, and so I do think this is something that people will enjoy in perhaps a second replay if they so desire, but make no mistake. Pentimate is one of the most unique games to drop this year and I do think its worth your time. But if you end up not jiving with it, I would say its more likely because its just not for you, I just wouldnt, say its a bad game.

There are certain options that I think they could have taken advantage of to allocate the budget towards again little blurbs to kind of liven up some of the characters: music to liven up some of the locales, because the art is beautiful. It calls your attention constantly. It holds your attention, its a very, very different style game. I love how it looks I just wish. The audio front was a little bit stronger, but all in all pentiment is a really cool video game and I do think, if youre into visual novels, if youre into murder mysteries, you will find something here. You, like, I just recommend and Im, not saying, go out and buy like a 300 handheld, but use your tablet use your phone whatever you want, get a handheld option here, its not mandatory. Maybe you wont care, but for me its like, when I talk to people about Danganronpa and theyre, like oh yeah, I played on my Series S Im like good God, man, I couldnt even imagine posting up for like Danganronpa V3, a 60 hour visual novel and just A a a its like no thank you, so I would recommend, if you have a handheld option, exercise your right to play in bed, otherwise see if you like it its definitely worth a try with that. Ladies and gentlemen, those are just my thoughts on pentiment. Please fire away with yours in the comments down below. Are you looking to try it out? Let me know other than that.

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