. and in this video Im going to talk about pen display tablet., namely … Gaomon PD1161. Thank you very much to those people of Gaomon who have been … kind enough to send this Tablet for free to review it. Okay, folks …, as you probably know, this video is not the normal kind of genimate content that …, I usually upload on this channel.. I should usually upload animations instead of uploading moving pictures recorded from the camera., even though the name of the channel itself has animation. Right. Well, on the other hand, if Im using a camera, I can finish the video quickly … without having to animate it again right. So … genimate can make double content to upload So ya. All dont complain. When do you upload a video if youre still complaining Ill throw you in the pool of lava …, so you dont complain anymore. Ok, Do all of you here havent seen anything that really amazing …, no, no …, not that but …, this Gaomon PD1161. So lets just go ahead and see the inside PD1161s box. Folks Lets start with the front cover. The box. Design is quite simple and also looks premium … and right about here Im a bit familiar with this character: Uhmm …, yes, he was looks like will Smith, folks, laughs. Okay, on the back as usual, there is a description of the tablet: specifications, … and some Information from Gaomon folks without further ado lets.

We open it up, then …. Okay, the first thing well see …, is the tablet itself. Uhmm lets put the tablet aside. First … now we have 1 pen from PD1161. Soon we will discuss the advantages of the pen after this one. Okay, then there is the manual book … or more likely, the quick start guide for the tablet …, which I have never read at all.. Then there is a warranty card with … a thank you message from … Gaomon on the back folks. Next, of course, the driver information card …, you can just download the driver at … www.Gaomon.net. Then here is the Artist Glove … to make it easier to move on the surface of the tablet. So next there is the cable …, a cable to connect me and her … uhmm. I mean connecting the tablet to the laptop or computer Okay for this 2 prong cable. It will be connected to the tablet And one of the ports is usb type c … and also a mini HDMI. Then in here are 3 more cable branches …. So, for the first branch …, this is standard HDMI., which will be connected to your computer … and also … with the second branch. This standard USB for this third branch. It has to be connected to the tablet adapter later on. So here it is. The adaptor is small, just like a cellphone charger. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the thing .

.. for the total cable length. There are about 1 5 meters folks And here there are 2 kinds of plugs …. Of course, we use the European plug in Indonesia To remove the plug …. All you have to do is press it like this and the last one … is the stand for the pen and also the place where … the spare pen nibs are here folks, And here it is folks the tablet. Ok lets open it. The moment of truth, OH NO …, MY FACE …! Ok, ok is fine. Just go with it. Oh before that Ill remove this protective film, so it wouldnt reflect like a mirror. Uhmmm. Lets try again … there we go. Finally, yes, I can finally continue the review. … without being insecure about seeing my own face, So this is how the 11 inch display pen looks like it looks small … but cute tho Now in terms of the material, its still plastic on it., and here it is also has a 4 small Rubber … To support the tablet, so it doesnt move anywhere folks. on the right side of the tablet. There are 2 holes., namely the mini HDMI port and the Type C port earlier And on the left side. …. There are lots of buttons here. There are about 8 express keys. Of course you can also customize them folks, then, for these 5 small buttons they function as usual for setting the monitor screen.

Folks, Next for the pen, … WOW, I swear I really like the pen Because the pen is equipped with 8192 pressure sensitivity and the design of the pen is really good. Lets compare side by side with the pen from my old pen tablet. So from this old pen that I have …, this express key is too low. So when I drew using this pen, I usually press it accidentally … now for the pen from PD1161, the express key is a little bit higher than my thumb, so it wont be. Pressed folks moving to the pen stand, which is that I like, which is that it can be placed in 2 choices …, usually, if you use standing mode near the monitor …, it becomes so annoying. thats why there is an option for lying down, mode. oops Now To set up the tablet its very fast and easy, I just needed 3 5 minutes … to plug in the cables and the adaptor. So after this setup phase lets install the PD1161 driver, you guys now can direct download it to the official website at Gaomon.net and select the driver here. … after its been downloaded, … extract the file and then install it., okay folks. So this is how it looks for the appearance of the driver without further ado, …, so heres, a short preview of the PD1161 driver it. Basically you can advanced settings here, such as programming express keys, … and others lets keep going on.

Here. I am trying to draw 2 main characters: … from the new Disney Pixar film, Luca, With Giulia. About the software. I use Medibang Paint Pro and the performance is very smooth, no issues at all folks. So, as far as I know, … the total time I spent making the fanart … are around 1 2 days and to be honest in this painting process, there are many parts that I cut so that the video isnt too long right, … and sorry. If the speed paint is kinda messy … because Im a digital artist …, who always uses rotate and zooming massively., I hope that, while you listen to me, while Im talking, you dont get a headache watching this video …. Okay, so lets just discuss an honest review. … from this testimony also …, there will be pluses and minuses that Ill be discussed about the PD1161 lets start with the pluses guys. The first one here is definitely the tablet. The tablet is small 11.6 inches. Then the panel is already IPS, Of course, plus. The resolution is full HD, 1920 x, 1080 with 72 NTSC Color gamut …, which will display a strong color accuracy, Not only that this PD1161 screen already free Installed a screen protector folks as a reference., so heres a comparison … of the PD1161 Table … with my 24Inch IPS monitor here What I mentioned earlier in the tablet is small, the PD1161, which is very useful .

… If you have a narrow computer desk, because it doesnt take up too much space.. The same goes if you travel a lot, such as going to a cafe to a friends house or something. This tablet is easy to carry around folks. The rest is also the design of the PD1161 when it comes to build quality, its okay., even though its still plastic material, but in terms of finishing its really premium … at a price that is quite affordable at …, 2.8 million. yeah, well, 2.8 million … is Still kinda quite a lot of money, but compared to other brands … with the same product and specs.. Usually the price is above 3, 4 million even …, but overall the build quality is OK, not bad., plus the performance of the display screen is very responsive. For me, the next plus point is also in the pen. This pen is really amazing. So when I test the pen pressure …, it was detailed and very accurate … between the pen and the PD1161 display folks. yeah. Well, it is because of the 8192 pressure sensitivity right and maybe because The pixel level pen also has a resolution of 5018 LPI.. Also dont forget this pen doesnt use a battery, so it doesnt need to be recharged …, which is I really like, because its not complicated right And the last thing about the pen is a rubber grip …. That will add an extra comfortable feel when you holding it Okay.

Moving on to the minus points.. The first is definitely about the tablet stand which is not in the box included., so you have to order it separately. If you are the type of digital artist who prefers to use a stand which is like me, you can follow my method to buy this laptop stand, … and hope for the best for the tablet, because if you use the stand carelessly …, it can sometimes make The tablet move not sturdy and then eventually it falls and hurts like my life JK. So I dont recommend following this method. Well, you can Just follow it, but again its your own risk. If something bad happens, just be careful or you can just buy the special stand, … from the Gaomon store at the link below folks. Now, if …, if you draw on this pen, display without using a stand, I dont recommend it … and I guarantee 100 that your body posture will be damaged. more precisely your neck and back will hurt after hours of use folks, Unless the pen display is used As a regular pen tablet generally, so you see the computer monitor instead of the tablet screen. now. This is not a problem if, without using a stand, yeah well, What I said was just an option: folks, Do not get it too seriously. … yeah is up to you. What you think makes it easier to use the tablet. The next minus is in the Gaomon driver.

, not this one, but the latest version of the driver. I dont know why. After I installed the newest driver, … pen pressure, didnt work as I expected, so I could only use the old version of the driver. Because of the newest driver …. It has a simple UI and looks better than … the previous version.. I hope this one can be fixed quickly right. There is also another problem with the tablet which is on the right side of the screen. … cannot be fully accessed using the pointer from the pen, but this problem seems … is often been found on. Various pen displays the solution, for this is to just use the mouse folks yeah and I think, in my opinion, the minuses from PD1161. This is not too much of a problem for me So overall, this is perfect for pen display on a budget, because there is a price theres quality right …. What is certain is that I really recommend it … for those of you who are new to digital art, this Gaomon PD1161 Tablet … is perfect for you. If you want to buy a pen display, because the price is quite affordable, … at 2.8 million folks, You can buy this tablet at the official Gaomon store … on Amazon.com link is in the description folks. I think this is all that I can say for this pen display review.. So once again, I thank Gaomon … for being kind enough to send this tablet.

Okay folks, I honestly really like making review content like this, and if you enjoy the results of my review, please please press the like button … and share it with your people or friends … who want to buy a display pen on a budget.. Maybe this video can help them Also, let me know if you have any questions to ask … about this Gaomon PD1161 … in the comment section below guys And OK Ill just end. It here for now. Stay creative and passionate about making stuff Im a genimate Ill end. This video. and Ill see you in the next video and dont forget …