Instead of the hard wired connections, you will attach a transmitter and receiver at either end that replaces that long, ugly, hdmi, cable that’s. Why, in this video we are going to review the wireless hdmi transfer from the brand peak? Do the peak? Do wireless transmitter uses a 60 gigahertz frequency band signal for transmission and it supports a 1080p 60hz lossless display theoretical latency as low as 2.5 milliseconds and ultra high frequency band anti interference, no app needed just plug and play sometimes it just isn’t, feasible or convenient to Run a video cable between your source and your tv, especially when they are located in the same room. Although many wireless hdmi solutions can send an av signal across one room. We, like the peak, do wireless hdmi transfer because it reliably transmits the signal around the room. Up to 16 feet and has more features than other similarly priced systems, so let’s open this up and see what we Music got Music. So let’s try the peak do wireless transmitter. The setup is simple step. One just connect the transmitter with the phone using the type c male to female flex, cable included in the box and make sure the logo peak to stays above for a stronger signal. Step 2. connect the hdmi and usb type c power supply with the included power. Adapter to the receiver Music, i have attached the receiver to my portable monitor, using hdmi to mini hdmi, cable and finally power on phone and make sure the power light on the receiver turns solid, green and also check that the green power light on the transmitter turns Solid green, as you can see in the video when successfully connect, your phone becomes automatically like a mouse path.

I have tested the video from youtube app. It works so smoothly and perfectly with great display quality and zero lag Music. I try it also with my laptop using the portable monitor as a second monitor. All you need to do connect just the tx transmitter directly into the hdmi output port of the computer. After the power is plugged in the indicator, lights will display the connection status in red blue that’s mean searching for a signal and finally green mean connection successful. The peak do wireless hdmi transfer supports almost all devices with a type c interface like apple asus, lenovo, dell, xiaomi, etc. All right guys that’s all for that review.