. Without further ado, let’s just right into the Windows 11 details and when we can expect it. PCWorld’s Mark Hachman dove into the expected timeframe for when we might see the operating system come in full force. Sure right now, you can get access through the insider builds of The current state of Windows 11 and, if you’d like to see how things are shaping up hit the card in the upper right hand corner to take a tour of it with us, but we’re talking full bore retail release. And thanks to a catch by The Verge. It seems Microsoft had the crumb dropped right in front of us, the entire time as Microsoft’s event featured an example message in Teams with the phrase quotturning it up to 11 in October.quot, with even more hints in the screenshots that Microsoft posted of Windows 11. With the clock and calendar set to 1111AM on October 20, 2021. Of course, it’s, not official and Microsoft, hasn’t announced anything other than quotit’s due by holiday 2021quot. So we’ll keep you afloat on this one as we receive more information. Now on to the controversial side of Windows 11 and why it’ll be leaving behind so many PCs and it’s, not just about TPM. But if you’re curious about the entirety of the Trusted Platform. Module and the discussion around it Adam has an excellent interview with a security professional Mike Danseglio regard TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot., But to make things more confusing, they announced that Windows 11 would not support 7th gen or older Intel CPUs, as well as first Gen Ryzen 1000 Series, CPUs or older.

And while originally the reason was around TPM, which didn’t make much sense, because Kaby Lake, as well as Zen, can and do support TPMs. But it turns out it’s more to do with the actual performance of the security features. That will be to be enabled through hardware virtualization, namely quot Virtualization Based Security, VBS and Hypervisor Protected Code Integrity. Hvci.Quot Microsoft is claiming this reason. Isn’T arbitrary, as our understanding is that enabling such features on saying Intel’s, 6th Gen Skylake ensures penalties upwards of 30 to the performance of the CPU and that’s, not exactly something you’ll want to deal with, especially if you’re on a high end X299 platform.. If anything, this is showing that each of those generations had a little more going on under the hood than minor tweaks, whether it be from Kaby to Coffee, Lake or Zen to Zen for more on the rundown from Gordon on this situation, hit the link in the Description: below. Now let’s talk about gaming cause. What else are you supposed to do with your PC Unless you’re still struggling to get a decent GPU upgrade? However, this news might actually be good for you.. Brad brings the great news to the people with Xbox Cloud Gaming. Opening up to all Game Pass Ultimate subscribers on PC and iOS., Now, it’s still in BETA form, so don’t expect the most perfect or polished experience. However, it is a really really good. Experience. You’ll be playing the games through the web browser which may seem odd, but once you get the gears turning you’ll quickly forget about that and be focused on the game at hand.

. Something to keep in mind here is that you’ll not have access to the PC side of the Xbox Game Pass library, but rather the console side of the catalog, which is still just as many games and a new set of games if you’ve only been using it. For the PC play so that’ll be a nice bonus.. Now it is still cloud gaming. So it comes with the drawbacks of that. However, unlike GeForce Now, which is a great service on its own and even has a free tier. If you want to give it a try, you’ll be limited to Xbox games rather than your own library, but with over 100 titles to dig into with no need for a fancy, high end graphics card or busting out your wallet for additional game purchases it’s. Overall, a win in my book. Speaking of Wins Microsoft, Flight Simulator hopes to win over more gamers and hardware enthusiasts by loosening the reigns on the hard CPU overhead experienced with the next Microsoft Flight Simulator, reducing the CPU overhead, as well as memory requirements.. Anyone who has tried running this title will know that it can bring even the beefiest of CPUs to their knees and, quite honestly, that’s turned off a lot of folks from even considering installing the title.. But what does that mean in terms of actual performance? Well, in the interview, the developer, Asobo showcased, a PC with a Core i7 9700K and RTX 2060, nearly doubling performance from 32 FPS to a smooth, 58 FPS and still having some CPU overhead when running the game at 4K, with a render scale set to 40 and Graphics on Ultra.

Now, it’s still a monster to run but much more domesticated once this update rolls out. As we roll out of here for this week’s PCWorld News I want to let you all know that on Wednesday July, 7th, Adam and Gordon will be hosting an Amd Sponsored live streaming event revolving around the building of a 2000 all AMD gaming, PC featuring the Ryzen 7 5800X, along with a Radeon RX, 6700 XT and after they finish the build they’ll show you how to configure it for the absolute best performance and configure settings Like Radeon Boost to give you the edge. Well folks that have been it for this week’s PCWorld News.