Thank you very much for staying with the channel. I know its been two weeks since my last video, which is quite unusual for me. I normally put out a video every week, but if you caught my last video youll know that ive been working away from home and, as a result, ive been quite busy and tied up. So thank you for sticking with me. I am back in front of you again. I dont know if thats a good thing or a bad thing, but hopefully its going to be a good video. In our last video, we talked about remote uh remote play gaming services, things like um, uh, steam, remote play and weve kind of experienced them, be it a fairly negative experience, but regardless we kind of tried them out, see what it was like because of me working Away from home uh now, actually somebody commented on that video and said: look actually the native app that you find on mobile devices tends to give you a much better experience uh than um than using a laptop and using either the steam app on that or a Web browser experience, so i thought you know what why dont we try it out lets have a look at using something like an ipad to play. Pc games were going to be using steam remote play today. In fact, ipad is over here in this case, which is a great time to talk about this video sponsor.

So this video is sponsored by ikosia, so ikosia are known to make a range of mobile accessories cases, lighting for content creators chargers much much more theyre known for their high quality products, and today weve got a 13.3 inch laptop sleeve for them as part of their Sponsorship for this video lets get into this real quickly. Uh. This particular thing is going to be great for transporting small ultra portable computers, like i said up to 13.3 inches, actually could also work really well for ipads tablet. Computers surfaces that sort of stuff youve got two zipped compartments here in the top. One of them here is going to be where you actually put. The laptop weve actually got a shoulder, strap in there as well. Well, come back to this in a second. This is a nicely padded finished little pouch, thats, actually really nice, where you can keep your laptop, where it keeps it clean and protected lots of heavy padding, and then this is where it gets really good. I want you to think about your time. Going back to school back to the office, whatever it might be, this is a nice lightweight, good quality carry case, and this is where it gets cool loads of organization. Pouches youve got elastic here. Youve got these netted. Pouches youve got another zip container here. This thing is very versatile could be absolutely great, like i say if you return into the office returning to school, if youre a content creator on the move.

If this is the sort of thing that will help, you make sure you check out the link in the video description, okay. So in this case, we have got my ipad pro um, so its actually its an older ipad pro its not even the latest generation, its the previous generation of ipad, pro uh, still, the kind of angular design uh that you may or may not be used to Uh, if youve used an ipad before but, like i said, were gon na be using the steam link app, which is essentially steam remote play to remotely connect back to my desktop pc for those who havent seen it before my desktop pc is running a ryzen 9 596 50x, with an rtx 3090 perfectly powerful and at home ive got fiber to the premises. A dedicated fiber line uh, which is super fast, its gigabit internet and where i am today, is that my father in laws he also has fttp internet, so were really giving this the best chance of working by using really good quality internet connection at both ends of Of the uh of the setup in terms of premises were about 30 miles apart, not that thats really relevant it doesnt really matter, but today were going to try and play games like uh beam ng, which we did in the previous video cs. Go that sort of stuff and see if actually, we can get a playable experience and can we play pc games on an ipad now i know thats quite a loose statement because technically were streaming its remote play but im starting to get more and more interested in This stuff, a because im working away from home quite a lot so having remote play access, is pretty cool and b with the imminent launch next year of the steam deck not to be confused with the stream deck the steam deck from valve uh.

I think this could be one of the things that thats great at yes thats, going to have a pretty decent level of native capability, uh versus other mobile gaming options um. But it should also do a very good job, hopefully as its actually from steam of doing remote play. So i want to check it out on this see what it was like. It was recommended to me in a previous comments. Uh so yeah lets get into it and see what this can actually do. Okay, so why are we using an ipad and not a phone? Well, theres, the obvious thing: number one: weve got more real estate, weve got a bigger screen and then, in addition to that, with the ipad pro its usbc in terms of connection and it supports keyboard and mouse now so, playing games like and uh beam, ng and Cs go: we have compatible components, so what weve essentially got here is in typical apple dongle, world fashion. Uh weve got a usbc dongle with uh two usb uh a ports, and it also can do pass recharging. So if you need to charge at the same time that will work, it means, like i say we can plug that into the side here. Just give it a second to uh to connect up, you can see, thats lit up and its powered and then all of a sudden the keyboard is lit up and the razer death had a mouse.

Here is lit up as well, and there is a mouse cursor on the screen. Uh a weird mouse cursor its kind of a circle, but either way theres one on there. So, like i said to do this youre going to be using the steam link app. Now, what im going to try and do is im also going to try and screen record on the ipad, so theres going to be a bit of expectation here because were running on battery power um we are connected to wi fi, like i said in a decent Wi fi connection, but im going to try and screen record and use steam link at the same time, which is probably a bit of an unfair test, but i i think it can do it. I think its going to be capable too, and ultimately this is a recommendation from the community, so fingers crossed it works. So first steps first were going to start screen, recording so uh for those of you that dont know on an ipad or an iphone, you can go into control, uh your control screen and start screen, recording, hence the little red icon in the top corner, and it Means that i can give you a bit of a screen overlay of whats going on here, so this is my ipad, its one that i use all the time, but in my gaming folder i have steam link. So this is now checking the connection to my home computer and it has instantly found the connection so straight away.

Thats a positive experience, thats a lot quicker than what steam did when we tried it on a laptop in our previous video. So were going to start playing now, this should say, create a connection between this device and my computer at home. Give me full access to my library and ultimately providing this, can translate and communicate this keyboard and mouse back to that computer with limit limited latency. We should get a playable experience, so here we go lets go into counter strike and we go to play, and now this will be launching on my home, pc uh, which will then be streaming it across uh to my ipad here now. The only thing i have read up on is that it does take a few seconds to get a prominent and stable connection. So youll notice, when we very first fired up there was a little red connection, symbol in the bottom right corner, but actually thats already gone. Um, so lets go into play were only gon na play with bots im, not gon na ruin, somebodys online match by going into official matchmaking and well just do dust2 as normal and well load him okay. So this should, in essence, be completely compatible with any other game in your steam library um. There shouldnt be really any challenge. The only thing that kind of comes to mind is if its a game that is really better played on a controller. So a game that comes to mind would be something like csgo.

No sorry, not csgo gta. You do need to use a bluetooth wireless controller with an ipad. A wired one wont work, but anyway look we are in okay, uh, so straight away. That is in a slightly better resolution. Now, like i said the feedback i had is. We will get a slight bit of an unstable connection to begin with, but then it will stable out so lets give it a few seconds to do. Just that and there we go so its definitely got the obvious view of the fact that its streaming – but this is this – is already a fantastic experience compared to what we did in our last video, using a laptop and through steam. Okay, i dont attempt fate, but this is already looking like a much better suggestion than what we tried. Last time kill. Yes, these are easy bolts. Im aware of this gon na put the bomb down. I will apologize for the blue switches on this keyboard. They are quite loud, okay, winner, that straight away is thats significantly better than the uh than the app that we were using um in terms of the steam app for a remote play on a laptop previously yeah im, looking down mid, pretty bad at me. Okay lets carry on now, i must say one of the only things that is a bit of a challenge is obviously at home: im used to playing on a much bigger screen, and whilst the screen on an ipad pro is really good quality for a mobile device, Its uh, its certainly no laptop, screen, okay cool there we go.

That is fantastic, a significantly better experience than what we tried in the last video okay. What ill do now is im going to get to a different game and we shall uh. We shall go again. Okay, so this is beam ng if youve not played beam ng before. I think this is really cool. Its a very physics based game, um, a racing game, but you can modify it massively do loads of things within it. It actually has started up the same as what csgo did so it started up with a bit of a laggy connection, and then it seems to level out so exactly based on the reviews and feedback that ive read online. This works. You just have to wait for it to get a secure connection which it seems to do perfectly well so lets get into this and see how good this one is. Okay, yeah again immediately better than the uh than the experience that we had in our last video god. That was such a good recommendation to try out the actual official mobile app. This is working really well now. Im wondering this uh, this particular dock that were using um because you know were part of that dock life or dongle life does have hdmi out. So theoretically, you could output this to a bigger, monitor, well, thats, battered okay lets uh lets load up. Another car uh. You could output it to a larger, monitor and get an even better experience.

Lets go with that um, okay, god im, not im, not going to say this feels native, but its not far off. This is very impressive. I mean my expectations were quite low. Given the experience that we had in the previous video – but this is completely usable as in genuinely this – could be a perfect mobile gaming solution now, dont get me wrong weve, given it the very best opportunity by having by having such good internet connection at both ends Of the stream, but still im massively impressed well, there you have it im, actually really surprised. This is a viable option. Uh for mobile game streaming so, like i said, were using streamlink, which is giving us um stream remote play using an ipad pro dont. Get me wrong, like i said in in in the previous uh, in the previous clips uh, we gave it the biggest and easiest opportunity by making sure it had a really good, strong connection both ends of that what it would look like if you were using a Mobile connection like 4g or 5g, or what it would look like on a slower connection, thats something ive got to test in the future. But im kind of confident to sit in front of you today and say: look if youve got a decent internet connection at both ends of the stream. This is a viable mobile gaming option. You know if you are away for a night for work in a hotel or whatever it might be if youre on holiday.

You just want to do a bit of gaming on a couple of nights. You dont have a gaming laptop, but you have a beast of a gaming machine at home. This could work. This is a viable solution. So look. Thank you very much for the recommendation. Im really glad. I checked this out. Im really positive about this im excited to see what the stream deck will look like alongside it, not stream steam steam guards the steam deck. What that will look like alongside this, if it is streaming games, thats never going to get easy, is it stream steam? Why was that name chosen anyway? Look im quite excited about that product, so im quite looking forward to seeing what this can do. But viably can you play pc games on an ipad play pc games on an ipad? Yes, you can stream pc games viably to an ipad and it is a usable playable experience. Providing youve got a decent internet connection, guys if youve got any questions about this at all. Stick it in the comment section below i love to interact with the community. More than happy to answer any questions, if im able to if im, not im sure somebody else in the community will answer as well, if you like this video, give it a thumbs up. If not, you know what to do thumbs down uh beyond that. If you want to support the channel please head on over to that randomgeekyguy.

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