2022 is very expensive, but this product right here might just be what youre looking for and its under a hundred dollars to get into pc gaming. You might be wondering why pc gaming and tablets have anything in common, but were going to talk about that here in a second but first a word from todays sponsor todays video is brought to you by patriot and their viper vp 4300 gen 4 ssd with read Speeds up to 7 400 megabytes per second and write speeds up to 6 800 megabytes per second ddr4 dram cache capacities up to 2 terabytes and an included heatsink to keep your drive nice and cool under load. These ssds are perfect for your next gen 4, capable gaming pc and are also supported as an expansion drive for the playstation 5, making it an all around great purchase, be sure to check the link down below to learn more and special thanks again to patriot, for Sponsoring todays video, so what were going to be talking about today is kind of two things that weve talked about before weve checked out some windows tablets that have capabilities of doing slight pc gaming weve also checked out streaming services before, where you can stream games to Low end devices to be able to play all of your favorite, pc and console games well, today were kind of combining those two together we have an android fire tablet with the luna controller, which, together with some streaming service software, will make it to where, for under A hundred dollars we should be able to stream pretty much any game we want to this tablet, so what were gon na do is because this is our first time actually taking a look at a product like this were gon na unbox.

It try to figure it out and then do some testing to see how well it compares to just going and buying a pc which again is way more expensive than what you would do with this little guy so lets dive into it. So the first product we have here is an amazon product. This is the fire hd 8 with alexa and going over the quick specs its an 8 inch hd screen thats 1280×800. You cant actually get a 10 inch version of this that i believe is 1920×1080 and it is designed for entertainment. So obviously, you know its powered by android and you can download all kinds of different apps for it, but were really not gon na be focusing on that, because we all know what tablets can do theyre great for all kinds of just basic apps. I mean look at all these apps in the front here in the logo, were gon na be trying to use this luna amazon controller, which we really just recently found out about these things, have a lot of reviews together, so itll be fun, trying to figure all Those out, but the whole concept of this controllers is not just designed for this. It can be used for all different kinds of devices. As you can see here, it says easily switch between pc mac and fire tv devices and whatnot really easily so go ahead and open up the tablet. First lets see we got in here.

Im assuming weve got a charger, weve got charger. Do we got a power? Brick, we got a power brick and we get some fun meet them make the most out of your tablet, and it shows us some stuff. Now these are two standalone products, so youre, probably going to notice like the tablet doesnt say anything about gaming or luna, and then this probably wont say anything about the tablet specifically. But this is sold as a bundle and is very popular on amazon as a bundle. But opening up the tablet, it is very cute, i mean very cute, very, very lightweight and i guess kind of cheap feeling. It actually does have a rear camera and a front camera so thats kind of cool. You could actually use this um for just about everything. It uses usbc to charge which is really nice usbc charging interface. It actually does have a 3.5 millimeter mic and audio jack. It looks like what is this: is this open? Oh, it opens microsd microsd to be able to expand your storage because i think this device is a 32 32 gig yeah. I cant even find it on the back, so im glad that you knew um, but it is booting up right now. It does have speakers cameras, i mean basically everything we need that puts up really fast, so thats, simple enough lets go ahead and open up the luna controller. Now, once again, i dont need a knife im.

Just i want to cut things im kind of curious. I never looked to see how much the luna controller is on its own, but i would imagine it cant be that cheap. It does use double a batteries, though so, who knows heres our instruction booklet, its so cute amazon with their tiny instructions. So they basically tell you like what all the buttons do, what all the triggers do, how to put the batteries in easy, peasy, um, optional, usb okay, so you can actually plug it straight in as well, and this does have usb c on it. So i bet you could actually get a usb c to usb c and plug it straight in your device, but very simple basic instructions ill go ahead and throw in the batteries that just slides right off, okay, easy peasy im, not gon na lie. I broke a sweat there, so we now have our controller plugged in basically from here you know were not gon na lie were pretty newbs uh when it comes to this whole idea. The actual controller box says its designed for amazon, luna, uh control, amazons cloud gaming service, which we didnt even know they had so we dont know if you can only use it with the amazon cloud streaming service. I thought it said in like the reviews that you could use it with all kinds of different streaming services, so i guess well kind of just deep dive into here see what we can find out for you guys were by no mean experts in this stuff, but Hopefully, were going to be able to play some cool games on it and have some fun all right guys, so we finally got the luna app to work and theres, actually two apps that you need to download to get everything going.

So you have a luna controller app, which essentially is just an app that gets your controller hooked up and everything, and then you actually have the luna game app, which basically is what were in right now. So i mean check this out. We were kind of surprised. You know it does cost you money, we paid for the 5.99 a month version instead of the 2.99, so we got the premium pass and, as you can see, this has a lot of pretty pretty high end games, like the new monster truck game, far cry 6. The chris assassins – creed valhalla, we got saints row, so they just have like a ton of different games on here. If you see trendy games, i mean its really all of like the latest games that are out um. I dont see like the new like call of duty like that, but i think these are all just like. Basically the ubisoft games that theyre partnered with so a lot of the far cry games and whatnot. We got dirt 2.0, which uh you know. We actually play a little bit but um. Why dont we go ahead and just try out a couple games and see how they work. So one thing we did just notice is: i guess we were slightly wrong. We went to go play far cry 6 play parker. 6 start your subscription, and it looks like well have to make an account, and if i remember correctly, i think that ubisoft plus was like 15.

99 a month or something crazy or it might be an additional 5.99. I dont know well put it on the screen. Once we verify, but i dont think we want to pay for that right now we already paid our five ninety nine already paid our 5.99, so lets just see so theres actually luna couch games, which seems kind of cool, but we obviously want to try out, like The higher end, one um well go back to saints row because we kind of loaded into that one already, so i dont think we have to like worry about redoing it all right. Gamers all right were about to be true. Gamers were now in saints early. Third, remastered and uh its actually pretty responsive thats, one of the first things i noticed but thats, my crosshair there. It is. This is a really small screen and im trying playing far away, so it aint the easiest, but i mean yeah its pretty responsive. I mean um just to give you guys an idea so, like im, pressing a well okay, i got ta wait for the jump to okay. There we go so i mean you can see since youre. The third is kind of a its like a gta style game. Where its a little bit clunky anyways like its not the most responsive of games, but i mean im blah blah. You can see, though i mean, were definitely not controller players but hey its doable, yeah theres a real benefit here, especially if you already have a tablet.

Um cloud gaming services are becoming more popular, so if you want to play game campaign, games stuff like this, its really easy to load up a really cheap tablet like this, and if you buy this bundle, its an absolute insane deal right now, um jax, which is Looking up, the control itself is like 60 dollars um, and you just basically get the tablet for like 40, so absolute steel for this whole combo. If youre wanting to get into cloud streaming all right. Well, i think uh lets lets go to another game, thats uh! Actually unlocked and maybe like a racing game or something be kind of fun, all right, so we are uh changing the angle up a little bit, so you guys can see a little bit better. I cant you tried to go way too far way too far. Back now see, i think the the 10 inch version is 1920 by 1080p. You get like, i think, its, like 2.1 extra inches onto the screen, much higher resolution, and i think it would make a huge difference. It was like 20 or 30 bucks more had a lot less reviews, so i dont really want to risk like trying with less reviews. Control feels pretty good. Its pretty solid doesnt feel like those cheap, like 20 controllers that you buy on amazon theyre like xbox or rip offs. It actually feels like a solid like console controller that would come with a console.

Oh god were wrecking but yeah its very responsive for racing games, especially if youre just gon na play like a single player. It doesnt help you turn im taking out the competition get out of here. Yeah man, this laptop for it only being um like on an 8 inch 720p screen. I mean this is this – is very smooth gameplay. It is extremely smooth, very fluid and it honestly, like i dont, see any pixels. I dont see any color uh, you know differences or anything. It just looks really good for it being a. I mean we paid a total of 90. For this whole entire bundle hes slowly losing parts off of his car im. Definitely in last, at this point, dude youre trying to turn that into a jeep. Did you go to the doors? Oh, we almost said. I think he just murdered him. I think uh yep, i just yeah youve received terminal damage, but uh yeah, its nice, its cool. I mean for the price you pay just getting into this its a really cool service, and i think this tablet makes a really good pairing, because its very affordable and also you can use the service on a desktop on a fire tv which, i think is really Cool because i have a fire stick at home and you can actually play games like that on one of those so youre doing later, yeah so really really cool um, yeah thats about it.

I guess well just wrap this video up real, quick, all right guys. So we just finished testing out the tablet and it was actually an amazing gameplay experience. We tested out something like geforce and a couple of other of live streaming programs not too long ago, and there was some pretty bad latency. This one felt pretty responsive with the racing game and the first person shooter we played the only disclaimer right now is that we did pay about 90, for this whole bundle, and i was not thinking that it was kind of black friday cyber monday, when i bought It – and it seems like its about 160 now so catch these sales, when you can and make sure that you have notifications on. If you want to try to get this thing, cheap amazon products always go on sale, especially during black friday and probably towards the end of the holiday season. You might see in our discount here on this thing, so definitely check the link down below being an affiliate link and will help us out, but this was a definitely really cool change of pace that we were excited to be able to mess around with and game Streaming is getting a lot better, so, as always, we hope you guys enjoyed todays video if you did check out our other two youtube channels and also our twitch.tv, slash, toasty, bros and dont forget to like comment and subscribe and well see you guys in the next One bye, Music and if you want to buy a gaming pc, you know, because you want to get something a little bit better than this.

You should check out our pc selling business, pc browser tech, our pc selling business cell gaming, pcs laptops and a bunch of other fun stuff, so link down below peace. Bros tech see you guys later goodbye because youre fired youre done. Youre done.