We are going to ruin the plans to buy or improve a PC for many of us, but all is not lost, and that is what I come to talk About today, an inexpensive and accessible device for many people, perfect for your virtual classes, office, work, light edition and Even modest gaming. Before continuing, I invite you to share the video with whoever you think may be useful, a guy who wants a pc for his son’s classes or a friend who wants to study and play some things without spending too much. I don’t usually ask this, but I think this video can help many people these days without much more to say, LET’S GET STARTED For the processor. I was somewhat undecided about which brand to use Intel is something cheap today, but AMD has very good options to start with something really useful. For this reason, I opted for a Ryzen, 3, 3200G, 4 cores 4 threads At 3.6GHz, a modest and quite decent processor today. But that not only shines for that, since it has one of the best integrated, graphics, a RADEON VEGA 8, which, when properly powered, is capable of matching dedicated graphics cards Like the GT 1030, but without having to spend 100 on one which will help a lot for Our budget, its price today, is around 150 or 1050 bolivianos seeeee. The ryzen have risen a lot in price.. Then we have the motherboard the column of our PC. In this case, I offer two options: an A320M that is around 70 dollars or a B450.

That starts at 100 dollars. I recommend the A320M in case you have a tight budget or you don’t.. It affects a lot to lose capacity for improvement, expansion and speed in the RAMs, but if you can afford it go for a B450, it is better in almost every aspect. It can be improved more in the future. It has more ports and handles faster RAM memories. Something that will help us a lot in this pc and that I will explain later you can choose the one that best suits you anyway. I will include both in the final budget. Now. If we have something important the RAM for this assembly, I recommend two 8GB modules at 3000MHz or the highest possible speed this, because, as we will use the integrated graphics of this Ryzen, we need good RAMs to take advantage of them correctly. That is why the B450 – It is also a better option as a motherboard by letting us use faster memories in total. These memories are around 60 to 70 dollars, a pair, which would be like 400 to 500 Bolivians, although if you cannot afford both a single 8GB module, It is around 30 to 40 dollars 200 to 300 bolivianos. I will also include this as an alternative. In the final budget., Moving on to storage, I have two proposals: you can opt for a 1TB, hard drive, good capacity to store our things easy to get and quite decent. But if you are looking for more speed, you can buy a 250GB SSD, much less storage capacity, but much better speeds and very short loading times.

Both units are usually around 50 dollars according to brands and models about 350 bolivianos.. Finally, the power source – and I will try to be honest – this is a very low consumption equipment. So if your budget is very tight or you are reckless, you could venture to use a generic power source, not all of them. It goes wrong with one and you may be lucky, but a good power source is always recommended. If that is your case, you could opt for a 400 500w source with 80 plus certification, quite decent to improve in the future and very good to protect. Our team is around 50 or 350 bolivianos.. Finally, the entire PC, including the 16GB of RAM, the B450 motherboard and the certified source, would cost us around 420 dollars or 2930 Bolivians with this equipment. We would already be able to play several very popular and not so demanding games very well. Do our tasks pass our virtual classes without problems and even venture a little into the world of programming and video editing even being able to improve it. A lot when we want more performance also, if you are interested in other combinations, I will be leaving some on the screen at this time. Put it pause, take a photo or write it down somewhere, give it I’ll, wait for you And well friends. It would be serious, remember that NO but Nheroz and the case No, what a bad video dislaik hey friend before you do, that I remind you that the cabinet is not really relevant for the pc.

You can buy a 3000bs one or a 100 peso one and the pc will perform the same. It totally depends on you come on. There are people who use boxes cardboard as case and not it gives them more trouble.. Having said that, I thank you very much for making it to part of the video any questions you have can comment on it. I will make sure to answer them. I send a big greeting and a hug to Joaquin Limachi for his patience. If you want a greeting, just ask, I invite you to leave your like subscribe and activate the bell without much more to say, have a great day afternoon or night, whatever you do.