So today, two new kits dropped, which is the pastel pop one, an everyday clutter stuff which do look really cute. And, of course, I wanted to check it out and see what is in store with this. I know that the pastel pop one was a collab with Plum Bella, which I think is really cool, so lets just dive into it and well talk about it. This looks so cool. Like I love, I want to see the swatches as well, because Ive not seen those oh, oh. I love this one. Okay, Im really vibing with the swatches for this, then we have this little like just a chair yeah, but this one looks like itd be velvety. Does it say velvet? No, but it looks like it could be: velvety um, okay, oh theres, a cow print. One then theres this heart shaped desk, chair, which I think is so pretty. If I make it this, oh, this is a little bit better isnt it. Okay, I have like this is very much obviously pastel and it gives very retro Vibes as well. Like I see this pattern, I feel like in green a lot or something similar to it. Oh, oh wait. I like that. Oh wait. I love this style of this. Stop that is so cool. Are you kidding? I love how like chunky the the bottom parts. Are this table stuck out to me so much because I swear Ive seen something like this at Urban Outfitters or like at least online, and I love how its like a very curvy table.

I feel like its something so different than what weve had within the Sims 4.. So I really like that and then this table, like a bedside table very funky again giving very retro vibes. Okay, come on then theres this. I guess you could also use like as like a bedside table as well, so I really I like the swatches – oh my God, and the fact that theres so many greens as well. My sage green obsession is only getting bigger uh. Then this is a desk which I really like. I just love the curviness of everything all right theres this. I think this is probably one of the most unique kits. I want to say um as far as build furniture that like actually appeals to me because Im not really a huge fan of the build kits heart shaped, mirror and then you have like little decor with keys and a purse. Imagine if youre Sims gon na wear purses like this thatd be cool. I love this. I didnt realize how big it is, but I guess if you really wanted to, you could shrink it down and theres this curvy. Oh, this is a mirror. I guess its like a bulletin board. I should probably do swatches huh. This watch is for this one, oh its, so cute really well done. I think um and then these are the swatches for this one. And then this is the bulletin board right. Communication board got it okay, oh I love it.

Oh thats! So cute wait! Oh my God. The little like palm leaf is that what it is a palm leaf. I wonder if the other theres other photos, there is oh thats, so cute youre kidding. I like that. Theres also like a plain like white type of Swatch and then black, I dont think it goes for not everything, but I do like that. Some of these do include it. I wish I did include it for other ones like this. One does have a white and black like this, would have been really cool to have in white and black as well, but this mirror looks so freaking cool. Let me get rid of The Shadow – oh my God, theres. Also this little like I dont know. If you want to say this, a flower pot on a pot, its like a little vase with two flowers in it, which I think is really cute that comes with this kit as well, I want to do it in order, so I dont like go flying around Everywhere, so you guys know whats a part of what okay? Is this a cracker cute cookie wait? This is a cookie. I thought this was like a Saltine cracker wait, thats a cookie hold on what other colors. Oh, you can oh see like the round. One reminds me of a cookie, but this one reminds me of a cracker: oh wait, thats kind of cute, so Im gon na make like a bakery or something using these.

Oh okay, thats pretty. I, like that theres different shapes included, and then we have choose your aesthetic rug, its a little bright huh. This is the cow print that we have going on. Oh, oh and theres checkered. You could use this for your kitchens honestly, if you really wanted to. If you dont want to use flooring now to think about it, you can make a really cool looking kitchen. I love this one: okay, oh that ones pretty too noodle candle. Okay, so we have these swatches. I like this combo, like the orange and like blue. We have a salt lamp, wait thats cute because I know theyre CC creators. I believe Charlie pancakes made a salt lamp that I love and Ive used in a current household of mine. Anything else oh shut up, thats a computer thats, so cute wait. Or is this a tablet? Oh, I think its a tablet. Oh oh, that is so pretty. Oh, my God theres a little cow, youre kidding me. We have a trash. Can oh, I love that one too. Okay, you guys get it. I love everything. Okay, this one reminds me of Monsters Inc as soon as I saw this Sully in my mind. Oh its supposed to be a mouse a little like Panda question, mark yeah. I think so – and this was like soda thats kind of cool. Oh, oh, that is pretty wow, okay, theres, so many things already on it so its like it feels full.

I think this is my favorite build kit. I have to say sorry: I somehow managed to miss something when Im doing these videos, but basically theres. Also two wallpapers and one flooring, so we have something like this and it comes in various different swatches. I actually like this because we do have stuff like this in game, but it has like the top um. I forgot this white thing is called not baseboards, but the top thing you know what Im talking about also, I would really like a neutral version of this as well, and then we have this wallpaper that has like flowers and strawberries and many different colors, and then For floor we have like this is like supposed to be like carpet. I think it is carpet because literally weve had that one ugly carpet for the longest time and Im not gon na lie – I quite like this so well, definitely be using this for sure cool. It kind of just looks like a Shaggy rug, but like bigger, so you could literally make your own like little shaggy rug. If you wanted to now were moving on to the everyday Coletta camps. Look at what we got here. We have a mug, an individual mug. Oh its supposed to be like paint it like a kid painted it. I dont have my I just realized. I dont have my um mod in where I can usually press Tab and zoom in because it was broken, and then I forgot to download oh theres.

Even one with like the coffee lines and dripping oh thats, a lot of drippage going on here like a lot water bottle uh. You can definitely put this in your like your computer, like Fitness station and notebook, I mean its a pretty Journal. I wish you could actually write in it. I dont know if its functional. No, I think it is just all decorative stuff and you have a bunch of mugs grouped up together. Oh oh theres, a strawberry one too. I think the other one has like cats on it. Oh look at the tea bag. Okay, we have a little hat, oh its, like like a like change in, like maybe receipts or bills, or some sort of thing, a stack of magazines. I feel, like some people will say like oh, like you dont need this because, like if you have custom content like build CC, then like a lot of creators, already add stuff like this and yes, that is true. You also got to think about the people who want to make CC free, builds and people on Console who dont have the option. I mean I dont think its a bad concept and then we have the notepad with pens and pencils. Oh, this one has like a drawing on it: okay, theres that going on this is a trinket. Oh, like a trinket box, Snack Pack to go. Oh thats cool. What is that I was gon na say cinnamon roll, but that is definitely not a cinnamon roll.

Like a can, maybe its a can, like, I dont – understand the top procrastinators box. Okay, so like a box full of stuff so like, if you like, get packages mail, whatever you just kind of keep piling it up got glasses. I know I have CC ones that I use its oh, like a shoe box. Wait. I think these are shoes that actually come with engine arrivals. I want to say right or similar at least: do the shoes change? Okay? No, they dont. Are they the same ones? This Swatch definitely reminds me of it. Oh no, definitely, no this one for sure. I think it is a box full of stuff, like maybe maybe like Memories or something, because I have like a cassette tape. Oh, a yoga mat and a kettlebell, see oh the sage, green, okay, sorry, um, okay, but theres that oh theres, like a little like what is this zebra print green headphone stand, I wonder what colors they have? Okay, it should give us these headphones in game too. Then theres this, like drawing tablet situation, going on with, like a stack of books, a mug with a pencil in it and theres a couple swatches for this gym in a box. What is this subtle serve makeup kit? Oh, this would be so nice on a vanity like this reminds me of like the random clutter items that you get with Parenthood like I use that stuff. A lot especially like with the makeup and uh like the hair dryer set one jewelry stand: oh thats cute.

Oh theres, a little feather earrings, oh theres, different variety. Oh my God give these in game. Please I keep saying in game, but I mean like in cast when I say that oh a little like chess set. What does this say? It is frame tray okay. So this is for a watch, but I dont understand what this is a card for what I dont get that youre watching glasses are here. We have oh the watch itself. Oh, you know what would have been really cute if they did like an engagement ring box. Thatd be so cute, oh my God, someone tell them to add it in the phone and keys. I like that, and then you have oh theres like a little strawberry. Cue. Okay, oh theres, a bear! They like this mirror with like hair clips nail polish lipsticks going on. This is like a stand with a basketball and a hat. What also would have been really cool is, I know, theres people who are sneaker collectors and they have like shelves or they put shoes on it. That would have been really cool to see, as well as like clutter items. Oh, I love this swatch. Oh, this ones like a little lanyard with keys smell um, it didnt change. Oh this one has like more keys on it. Okay, so some of them have a lanyard. Some of them have keys bag holder. I thought this was cute. I saw it. I think in a picture somewhere, I thought this was a cool idea for someone who likes to fish.

The last thing we have is Boom blocks, which, oh, I guess this is like something you can put onto a counter as well, which is this just? Oh. I guess its speakers books and some random, like holder for utensils but yeah. That is that I really think that this is probably one of my favorite build combos like especially if Im looking at other stuff here, I think yeah for sure. Probably my favorite um build kit and Im, not really a huge fan of build kits. I mean I build here and there, but this one really appeals to me and I think it would work very well, especially with like high school years, thats pretty much it for this video. Definitely let me know what you guys think about these kits. I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions, but that being said, Im gon na go ahead and go with you guys so much for watching.