If people are not familiar to this pandora’s box is an all in one main board that we can play a lot of different things with sometimes just main new geos, something to play like say: nes, super famicom but it’s, just in one big jungle and one big Mess they are selling these things like insight into player, one player portable. There are so many different firm factors or just like them, game console with a crappy controller and a power supply most of the time i’m going to get this weird lithium battery charger. That seems to be working on 12 volt and they are working with the box, but that is more like one of these things, you’re going to get so there’s a lot to talk about sometimes you’re, going to get this toilet paper manual and sometimes you’re just going To get this a box, a power supply and a freaking crappy control, but there was something differently with this one, and that is why that makes me really exciting, because today they fix something so let’s find out let’s hook it up and let’s see what kind of Power we’re having and let’s take a closer look at it. Don’T forget to subscribe channel hit the little bell and let’s go like the title says: this is the pandora’s treasure 3d number, two yeah i’m saying it correctly this time. So basically, this is like lineup of pandora’s box, key seven pandora box, treasure 3d, and this is ii.

The latest edition 2021 model so it’s more like a different timeline. When it comes to these manures boxes, therefore, it doesn’t call pandora’s box more, like pandora treasure 3d, and what you can see is like the first thing that they’re doing with these boxes that we’re going to get in jumper over here and when you’re plugging in the Power supply it will automatically go on, so we have no on off switch, sometimes you’re going to get the switch that you can plug in, but not with this one we’re not going to use the ada connection over here, because we’re not going to use this function Over here, we’re going to get a sticker odor over the cf card, the connections itself are the same, like all the other pandora’s boxes, panorama, games, 3d and some other ones. Nevertheless, there are basically two versions out there. The weird thing is that didn’t change out wearing two usb ports, but only can use one just take in consideration. Settings volume control, audio vga out, take consideration if you have an old cft, not all the cigs are supported by this vga hdmi out and, of course, we’re having the input for the 12 volt, but let’s do open it up with the removing the four screws and Let’S see what kind of juice we’re going to get from this thing, so removing the four parts goes very easy, so the casings that are using are most of the time, the same so some of them having like a white, color, yellow or it doesn’t even matter Most time, they’re all freaking the same okay, so let’s plug it out.

Sometimes you can just click it out. Yep like with this one, so the four parts have been removed. Okay, so i’m super curious, and what are we going to get with the specs? So, first of all, this one comes with an active cooling fan, someone’s just having this passive block on it and i’m, not a big fan of it. It seems to be that this one has an usb connection. I can tell you when you even try to plug it in nothing works. They basically sealed it off the cf card. When you’ve shown you so let’s remove the fan, because what kind of chip are we going to get beneath okay? So this time they added a thermal pad, and yet it is not really common, sometimes they’re not putting the effort of doing this so they’re just slapping on the cpu. So this time we’re going to get the amlogic s912. So this is a chip they are using. A lot nowadays with more like the i’m gon na, say the high end stuff, but more like the latest editions, but they are moving around a lot of different parts like here. You can see that sometimes we’re going to get an extra chip over here, but it seems to be it has been modded over here. So two chips, and if i’m saying it correctly, this thing has one gigabyte of ram. It has the s9 12 am logic quad core with i’m guessing it’s, more like the mali 450 mp, if i’m saying it so there’s more like the standard specs that we’re going to get with these boards, but okay let’s put it back together, let’s boot it up Before we’re going to boot up the system itself, normally what you’re going to get are these horrible playstation knockoff controllers, or this it’s just disgusting? This thing plays so horrible, it looks kind of comfy and yeah form factor is good, but the controls are horrible.

This is the most horrible control i’ve ever felt in my life, but we don’t need them, because this box supports way more controllers than the previous models. A great example is this playstation 3 controller that i got with the superconslix pc edition. This controller is not very expensive. This goes around fifteen up to twenty dollars, but this thing plays superb in every way. It has that really nice touch, it got a very comfortable grip and this thing seems to be working on the box itself, but also, if you just want to grab yourself an xbox controller, i only i was using this xbox 360 one and yep. We can both of them can be used on the new box so also that pandora treasure have finally support from controllers, but not only the cheap china ones that are so awful. That will not give you a good gaming experience. Alright, so let’s take a closer look at the menu itself and what are we going to get so? First of all, the menu hasn’t been changed a lot, but let’s talk about this. First, okay: let’s talk about the menu, so the menu itself is more like the common pandora treasure menu going to get the menu over here, and i can tell you i’m, not the best one. So, first of all, we’re going to get here: 3d 2 dimensional reset and search, so they added the reset and search to this new edition. So what you’re going to get with a three dimensional is very simple: n64 autonomous wave.

That is by the way, something you don’t see very often on those boxes, playstation, 1. and so far i know some dreamcast or yeah. It was dreamcast, not sega. Know me. Nevertheless, with the 3d list, it’s not a big list, there are a couple of games on it and the two dimensional it’s the same stuff all over again, like all the other pandora’s boxers made neo geo and so far i know there are no 8 bit of 16 bit stuff over here. What i do like about it is the recent list and not to forget, within the search and with the search we’re now going to get the option to have some category searching, but they completely mess it up. When you’re searching let’s say for fighting games and you’re going to search for let’s, say fighting shooting, you can see what i’m going on here, it’s more like having the same games in different categories. So i really hate it that it works for the search engine. Doesn’T work very well and it works very fast, but that is something that i really like about it. You can see it will search instantly. Oh messed, it up mess it up big time and that’s it, and it does have support for moto combat where we’re going to get into that, because this is a story that you needed. You just need to see for yourself, oh boy, but that’s it so let’s, go to the settings and let’s see what to change out here.

Okay, so the settings there is nothing really interesting here to see within the eo tester input settings let’s go to this here, like the configuration for the controls out of fire is now available. Oh here you can choose which player will be like the usb game port, but and overall, there is not a lot of stuff that they have changed out. They’Ve, given us some new wallpapers, the graphics settings within video overlay like scanline, one two and three in which enhancement or we’re having linear and hq nevertheless, and you can just put it off, but there’s, no asbest ratio, in my opinion, a little bit disappointing. They didn’t added the freaking express ratio that we’re asking for like a couple of years now: Applause, okay, so let’s, see if they even improve the emulator, take consideration that there’s not a lot of juice compared with the older models, so the performance will be the same. Oh, can i really see you there? Okay, what the hell is going on this is not like. It should be Music, oh boy, so basically, mortal kombat is a great benchmark. So let’s try all the sun effects right here. All right. He got me cornered. He got me cornered, stop i’m voiding, my eyes blast, but you get the point. This game works pretty good, okay. So the next stop we’re going to play the second edition, and you can see that this game later on in the video it will run like crap.

Okay, so let’s boot up the game and i find the fps pretty damn horrible. You can’t hear the audio right because it’s very low, but i can tell you the audio is not like it should be, and you can see that with motor command one, it seemed to be running fine, but with motor coma to it. They basically just messed it up so that’s a little bit of a bummer wrong bottom crap Applause. So when it comes to n64, the first generation games run good enough to enjoy Music like Music i’m, going to fight a lot because of playing. Indeed, farting is really awesome Music, but the problem with this freaking thing is: is that the analog stick and the d pad are not working, and this is just an issue with compatibility and this freaking main board. So i just want to point out kind of weird. I know i checked out the configuration you can’t fix it: okay, guys so the pros and cons man, oh man, man, what a mess so to begin with. There is a quick load and quick save option so and the reason i didn’t really mention it in this video is that because it’s very basic and it doesn’t even work with the controller with every game. Second, dreamcast naomi doesn’t even work that well it works a little bit. Glitchy some games are playable, but with the controller you can’t do anything. So, in my opinion, this board.

They are trying to make more like these game systems, but it is just one big gigantic mess. Maybe when you’re using the eda function, yeah, you can fix a lot of issues, but an overall the performance is mediocre and, in my opinion, it’s the same stuff. All over again, i want to thank you for watching.