We are going to take a close look at another pandora’s box here. So for the people who are new to the channel, fedori boxes are coming in different sizes living one player to play player. Portable versions like i always want to say, it’s like in jungle, the pandora jungle. So this device comes with the same stuff like an hdmi and usb, because she can hook up the controller or to stick itself to a pc or other device like in places 3 of xbox 360. And here we having an extra screwdriver because we need to attach the bolt offs. That is more like a new thing in the previous models we’re going to get this gigantic box, you can just basically plug and play we’re going to get some extra buttons, but these buttons are not the best look at this. Oh, we get official now wicked wiggle buttons, but the touch itself it’s a cheap, feel but it’s not yeah let’s see how bad they are. Okay, so not to forget we’re, going to get this time and do looks the one i was saying to look toilet paper manual, but it’s not really in toilet paper, now there’s a pretty good manual with some information about the box itself. Even how to add new files, so they did a very nice job. With this, i give them extra kudos for this special set wicked kudos, okay, yeah, very nice. We like the manual. So if you have any questions check the manual this time, okay, having the power supply nowadays we’re going to get these very weird ones, more yeah, very weird, like look at it, lithium ion charger all right.

Nevertheless, they are working fine. I just test them out before i make this video. Oh boy. I really love the peel of these pieces of plastic but ago. You need to do this, otherwise you’re going to get sticky keys. Okay, so we’re going to leave this plastic on for now. Okay, so we’re going to assemble the ball top. What i already mentioned this is something new with the latest pandora’s boxes, normally we’re going to get more like a sticker, you can pull out the book and plug it into your television it’s super easy to assemble and they’re. Also going to give you a screwdriver that you’re going to tighten up the ball, otherwise you’re going to lose your ball all right. So the lighter feature looks amazing on this device, the new eo gaming stick. I must say i like it a lot. The blue is a little bit very bright lid beneath them, so by the eo gaming man. It looks amazing. They have this gigantic rgb strip inside the machine. We’Ll show you later on so, but that is the question. I’Ll find a game that we’re going to get these light up buttons, but how is it with the quality of the buttons okay? So the joystick itself feels like a smart clone, only more tension with the eternal spring, the buttons. The touch itself are not super bad, but they are quite wiggly and i’m afraid when you’re going to get some wear and tear on this button, they’re going to get sticky so the buttons i wish they will give me better buttons and with both players, we’re going To get the start coin pause select and the ls button you can see it’s exactly the same configuration for player 2.

and at the back we’re going to get the same connections like always we’re going to get two usb ports and setting button volume, control headphone out. We’Re having the vga out hdmi out and the input for the power supply and we’re going to get an on off switch opening it up is super easy to do. Only removing three screws, just showing you two of them and we’re gon na flip. It open that’s. It so if you need to do some replacement, you can do it very easily. I did notice that it’s slightly different. I think it’s because of the lighter feature, but normally we’re going to get not a ribbon cable, just on cable 3 from the main board to the buttons. Here we have the same connection like a sunrise. So, basically, if you want to replace the button it’s, just a swappable super easy here at the right side, we’re going to get quality issue, division cable loose from the joystick, but you can just plug it in. But if you have any problems, just open it up. It’S, maybe more, like an assembly error, nothing special! So here we having the gigantic led strip. That gives more like the cool rgb effect at the front. You can see that we having still the same eda connection and what i like about these maduros boxes, especially when you’re going to get a very nice casing. You can always swap it within different books. What i find really interesting that we’re going to get two speakers inside the machine, one at the right and one at the left, but don’t get me wrong.

This is not stereo sound. No, they do a little bit of cheating here here. You can see that basically solder both cables together on this motor output bin and on the other one we’re going to get the one for the on off switch and, of course, the power for the rgb strip. If you want to remove a pandora’s box, you can do it so easy just remove forward over the parkers, and you can lift out the main board, of course, unplug all the cables. First, what i like about this casing, we’re, going to get this big gapping hole at the back, and this means that this was like a universal casing. We can slap every single main board in it. The casings are most of the time. The same this one is more like white we’re having different colors like with the pandora book 9 or 5 or 6, but in this casing i, like it, remove four screws, be very gentle with the wi fi connection and that’s. It just gently. Remove the cable and that’s it, so this is what you’re going to get with the pandora box. This version is the gb 3000 to reversion 1.4. So this is more like the latest edition i’ve spoken with the guys over the pandori tool, who made more like this program that you can hack your pandora box and upgrade it and make it even better. They adjusted the cooler now we’re going to get a completely different one.

You can see here it’s a brand new version: 2021, the gm 8000 still having the blob and the cf card over here. So the pandori team point me out that they are using new chips on this device, and one of these ships is basically more like the flash ship they make it smaller, so hacking and upgrading it makes it slightly difficult. So this is what you’re going to get with the fan. So if you want to replace it, you need to find this model and replacing the fan can be very easy to do. Squeeze the pin and push it through that’s. The only thing – and you can even do it by hand there’s only one thing i noticed more like: why are they not using any quilling paste or whatsoever on the fan, it’s kind of weird? Ah, here we have it. So this is the new model. The s812h it’s a very, not really powerful chip. Nevertheless, so i think i will use some own cooling paste kind of weird that they’re not doing this. Normally they have any cooling pads, but i think they just forgot so the aim logic has 812 agent quad core. When you’re searching for this model, you will see it, they were using it with android 4 back today. So this is just more like a prehistoric chip that you’re using super low budget in combination with two gigabytes of ram. If i’m saying it correctly, it’s, not a very high end stuff, so nevertheless, the 2021 model it’s still very underpowered, all right, let’s put it back together, let’s slap it into the case and let’s see what we’re going to get when it comes to the performance Music.

These machines come with many names. This is the pandora game, 3d plus edition, so they did some minor tweaking with the settings, especially when it comes for adding games. That is slightly easier. Now you can even do it without the pandori tool, not recommended okay, so we’re having the same stuff all over again so for the people are new to this so we’re having here all list category recent and search so with any old pandora’s box, we didn’t have All these fancy stuff and yeah we having all this category, so what kind of games can we play with it? So if you’re leaving it with the original pandora’s box or fedora game 3, so far, we’re going to get nes super nes mega drive, genesis, game boy, classic color and advanced. Did it change out the logos this time, pc engine dreamcast playstation 1 playstation portable? So this is more like an overall that we’re going to get i’ll, not forget, meme, of course, for arcade. So we’ve got a lot of games and a lot of stuff, and i know already what kind of performance we’re going to get. But it will give you a quick overview of the games and how good are they running? Oh, but before we’re going to do that, let’s take a closer look at the menu so the menu there is no aspes ratio. We have some options like turbo fire waving. Wifi capabilities only for the nadi store, i like to call it image, optimization so having scan lines and also we having and what i can filter.

It makes an hd look alike if you want to add controls like through the usb it’s possible, with the control option or checking out if all the buttons are working and enter the game market. Basically, what you can do here is when you’re connecting to the wi fi, it seems to be. We can downloading some games. I did notice it didn’t work that great so i’m not going to spend too much time on it. In other words, it’s naughty. All right. First, up let’s try some playstation 1 with a very demanding game, but let’s say up to playstation 1. It runs just fine Music Applause, ready Applause, oh so with sega, dreamcast, it’s great and all that can play it, but it’s not really the best performance and when playing data live to. Have this feeling that we’re fighting underwater there’s not a lot of great speed in it? The speed that makes this game awesome, i’m missing it Applause, Music, playstation portable – is just not working perfectly, but what i do like and that is unique to the pandora’s box. At the moment there is no other operating system having this we’re having versus modes. So the games like tekken 6, when you’re pressing play to start it will automatically more like mimic or assimilate that we’re connecting two psps together, and this is an option that is pretty cool Applause. Music Applause get ready for the next Applause Music, alright guys. So here we having the pros and cons and i must say, i’m quite disappointed.

They are still using these old chips and i’m hoping in the future. Even if you need to pay let’s, say 50 euros more, give out a main board that has really some beefcake specs, so we can finally play dc and 64 psp way better than it is now. I want to thank you for watching.