This is the toughbook s1 let’s check it Music out Music like and subscribe, and make sure you hit that bell. Icon so that you’re always notified to whenever we have new videos on the channel, so this is the latest release from panasonic when it comes down to their toughbook, specifically tablets. This actually is a seven inch tablet that is ruggedized it’s, intended to basically go through a lot more than our typical tablets are intended for the first thing, you’ll, probably notice right off the bat, it actually looks very different and of course it is intended to be That way, it has docking pins at the bottom to be able to connect it to a dock or a charging station. On the left side, we actually have a full size, usb port that’s, actually a usb c style board, which will be able to use it to charge as well as connect directly data into it, and it is weather, sealed or weatherproof you’ll notice. There is a little clicking mechanism right above that we have the volume rocker the power button and an led light indicator for whenever we’re charging or any data needed. Also, this will start flashing whenever we’re doing the hot swappable battery option that we have even while it’s on on the back. We have one sensor: that’s mirrored right there with the dual tone led flash, and we have some additional ports here for additional accessories. The model that i have does not have any of them activated, but there are other options that you’re able to activate and, of course, the battery itself is very easily removed.

You just unlock, remove the tab and then you’re able to basically remove the battery directly from the back. There are additional sections here where you’ll be able to add an sd card to expand the 64 gigabytes of internal storage and, of course, the battery itself comes in multiple sizes, so you’re able to buy us multiple sizes and it’s rated to last, almost up to 14 Hours worth of battery usage on the right side, we have a headphone jack as well as basically one of the screws here. So we do definitely have a full size, headphone jack for audio, but we also actually have a very nice loud speaker that we’ll get a chance to do a test on as well on the top not much pretty much clean on the front. We have an earpiece, a front facing camera and a front facing microphone and, of course, the bezels to be able to hold it. Let’S go ahead and power it on. Since we took the battery out and i’ll give it a second to go through again. It is running android and it is actually android 10.0. So let’s talk a little bit about the specifications. We have a seven inch, hd, sunlight, viewable, display and, of course, there’s also the patented rain mode, the panasonic rain mode. That is also supported here. We have the snapdragon sdm, 660 processor it’s an octa core processor at 2.2, gigahertz 4 gigs of ram with 64 gigs of internal storage, as i mentioned to you, guys, there’s, an expandable storage right beneath the battery that you’re able to add an additional sd card.

Now keep in mind when i say 4 gigs of ram, you need to understand the user base that’s going to be using this type of tablet, they’re going to be professionals typically using stock applications from their company, not necessarily using it for social media playing games and Doing additional things that we typically like to do with our tablet, this again is a ruggedized field intended tablet. The ui elements that we have here or the applications that we have in here are all pre loaded directly from panasonic, and companies will typically load their own. So again, there’s the barcode reader, typical to what we see from panasonic. We do have gesture support, which i did turn it on button handler that’s the ability of remapping some of those options as well and, as you can see, there’s additional apps here, like hardware diagnostics, going in there making sure that we have correct. You know external sd card, the gps, the usb storage ethernet connectivity. If we have that option connected bluetooth, wi fi, it does actually also support nfc the display is an lcd touch. Screen single touch. Multi touch, of course, sound with the speaker at the bottom and, of course, battery health system, information and test. It will work both in landscape or in portrait mode. So just keep that in mind, uh last but not least, here mobile for a firmware update. This is how we would update the software on it. It is currently running android.

10.0. Of course we have the panasonic rapid configuration that’s, how you be able to basically deploy different firmwares from different companies, uh stylus node. This also does support stainless mode and i’ll show you guys a couple of the options there now. The warm swap is that new feature that they talked about, which enables us to actually swap the battery on this without actually having multiple batteries, which we’ve seen in some of their other models, meaning i don’t actually have to have a separate battery plugged in or even Have it plugged into power by activating this mode i’m able to swap batteries, put them put a new one in there without actually having the tablet shut down so that’s, something that’s, very nice and easily done log, sending app of course, application. Here you have. The google play services – google play store of course installed, and but the intention here again is intended for deployment in a company. So for me, what i really appreciate here is like when i go to lowe’s home depot, or even some companies like you know in and out, and i see them uh taking my orders with toughbook tablets, which is really very nice now. This one is extremely smaller than the other one that we’ve seen before, not only that it’s, actually pocketable that’s one of the main benefits here. When we talk about ruggedization, we mean mil spec standard 810h, not 8mg and of course we have ip65 ip67 certification for water and dust resistance.

So you’re not going to have to worry about actually either if you drop it or if you actually uh end up getting water or dust or anything like that. This is intended to actually work uh and, of course, as long as you make sure that whenever you close these ports, you just click them back into where they’re supposed to because that’s, basically how you’re providing the seal. These buttons don’t need to be protected, but the headphone jack, as well as the usb c port that definitely needs to be protected. Now they do include the charger in the box, with the usb c to usb type, a connector, so you’re able to basically charge up your tablet and again it goes through the same usbc connection that you’re able to transfer data over to it. Lte connectivity will be provided through verizon or at t, and, of course, that is going to be extra, but overall you’re able to use it as just a standard tablet connected over wi fi. If you want to, we have andre, as i mentioned to you guys, we have android gestures. Android 10.0 is pre loaded in here as far as connectivity or actually under the display. If we go under advanced you’re able to scroll down all the way and get access to the touch operation mode now, normal touch operation is the typical one that we usually use and we have glove mode the ability of using it with gloves on and i’m talking About thinner gloves, not necessarily the super thick ones, now, pen mode enables us to actually use pens and of course you do need to activate it for that to work.

It does not have a silo for the pen, so you do need to carry that separately with the line with a i think, the lanyard that they sold separately with it. Lastly, we have the panasonic patented rain mode that is built in as well, so you need to need to activate it here and then you’ll be able to use it. So if you’re going to be outside – and you notice that it’s starting to rain, activate rain mode under the display and you’re pretty much set, the camera application is pretty standard. There’S, not really very much a lot of special things. We’Ll get a chance to look in some of the videos. Again, we have a five megapixel front facing camera and an eight megapixel back facing sensor, starting off with the front facing experience here on the s1. The main thing you want to keep in mind is 1080p. Is going to be the maximum resolution, as well as the fact that we have a front facing microphone, so the audio should be actually very well pronounced, and not only that also very much focused on the subject so great for video calls or anytime. You need to actually have a video conversation with somebody. This should be a good example of what it sounds like switching it over to the primary sensor on the back 1080p 30 frames per second is going to be the maximum resolution. This is an example of what the video and audio will perform on the brand new toughbook, s1 and again it’s a ruggedized tablet that fits in your pocket.

That has a lot of specific features made for professionals, so hope you guys enjoyed this example. I’M. Also, pretty much sure you guys want to see how the images look like from here. So i took a few images and some pictures portrait images from the front and back facing sensor, as you guys are looking images come out pretty good as long as there’s good enough lighting. But again, the main benefit of this tablet is the ability of adding additional accessories to allow us to use like barcode scanner and other things in the field. That professionals will need specifically because this type of tablet is really intended to be deployed in mass quantities at companies, so let’s say again: field work, emt, police officers, anything like that that uses, and that has a need for a portable connection or portable solution for a Tablet this will definitely meet their requirements. As i mentioned you guys. The speakers that we have in here can get pretty loud up to 94 decibels, so we’re going to make sure that the volume level is at a hundred percent. We’Re gon na be playing my favorite song ncs jumbo uh it’s, a non copyrighted, sound, so we’ll go ahead and jump over to right about where uh the drop happens and again it’s, mostly just to show you guys how loud this thing can be, which means you Can actually use this in speaker mode when you’re outdoors, not necessarily just relying on the headphone jack, but definitely enjoying the loudspeaker that we have in here.

Music, so definitely gets very loud, and one thing i definitely appreciate is the fact that it’s facing us so it’s using the earpiece at the top here to provide us that experience. So at this point, you’re probably wondering who is this tablet for this is intended to be deployed at companies and fields. So what i mean by this essentially uh police officers, fire department, uh anybody that basically is part of the crew or a fleet of people that work for a company that need to be connected and have access to either specific tools that you need to have. That are portable with you, so this is running android, 10.0 and it’s running basically a qualcomm chipset that is intended to be maintained and sustained for a long amount of time. This is a reason why they’re going with the 660 over let’s say some of the other options that we see on the market. The other option as well that you want to keep in mind, although it has four gigs of ram, it is running a very, very, very light version of android 10.0. What i mean by this is there’s very little customizations done by panasonic. On top of the ui elements for it to slow down the system, so four gigabytes is actually more than enough. Also. The intention for this is also obviously to run maybe one or two heavy duty applications which four gigabytes will be able to handle this very nicely.

So connectivity lawn battery life, a plethora of accessories that you’re able to pick up directly from panasonic or depending on the company that you’re working for maybe deploying them with it. So pen input the patented rain mode connectivity for firstnet, ready, of course, with the four would have 14 bands uh the ability of connecting it on a tnt or verizon for lte connectivity. So this tablet will offer us a lot again mild spec 810h, with the ability of actually dropping it up to five feet and not worry about it that’s one of the main benefits here. This is really intended for people that are going to be outdoors in environments. They’Re going to be highly prone to bumping, dropping water dust, a whole bunch of different things, going on having them wearing gloves, being deployed and not having to worry about the hardware and if the hardware will basically handle it. So a 5 foot drop, like i just showed you guys – will not even damage this tablet. So let me know what you guys. Think of the comments below again. Thank you to parasonic for allowing us to actually check out the toughbook s1. This is again a 7 inch version of some of their other tablets that they have. This is not the first tablet that they’ve released, but it is essentially a smaller form factor that is intended to be ruggedized and portable for field work so again, very much another win for panasonic like and subscribe as usual.

Let me know in the comments below what do you guys think of the toughbook s1 from panasonic and have you seen toughbooks before, because i can tell you right now when i started working with panasonic, i started recognizing and noticing that there is a lot of those Tablets and panasonic pcs rugged pcs that are used in the field specifically over at in and out every time we go over there, i see them using a panasonic and that nice iconic, black and silver color is almost unmistakable. This is tk.