I want to just unbox this for you basically that’s what i’m here, for this is a pretty interesting product, very, very bulletproof. So let’s take a look together here. We go that’s not much to unbox here there’s a cardboard cutout we’ve got an ac adapter and a usb braided usb cable right here, type c by the way to type a i’ll leave. This up so i’ll tell you how many watts it is right here and yeah. So the tablet itself here we go that’s. What we came for. This is the important part. So, as you can see, this is already looking very, very panasonic toughbook, which is really great check out this piece. This is the battery here, and this is the front. Oh look at that, so seven inches across it’s, a 720p display. I don’t know the exact resolution. I’Ll put it up here: it is a very bright display, so it’s readable outdoors, obviously it’s got quite a bit of bezel, but you know again: you need to be able to hold this with gloves on or whatever it’s got a five megapixel front facing camera right Here and a little earpiece there as well and then it’s got like a docking port at the bottom. Obviously, then, on this side here the right side you’ve got this headphone jack behind a protective cover right, because this is water, resistant dust, resistant, the whole nine yards. Then there’s really nothing on top here, but on the left hand side, you got a bunch more stuff.

You got a pow lock key volume rocker and this uh little sliding thing here hides usb type c port right here for charging and data so that’s. Basically, the layout and, as you can see, there’s a 13 megapixel autofocus camera on the back. I’Ll put the specs up here once i get them and an led flash, but you can see there’s all these uh interesting screwed in little panels that you can upgrade other parts to them like things like barcode scanners and whatever so in case you’re wondering what all These panels are for that’s what they are there’s an nfc coil back here. Obviously, so let me take out the battery and show you this does come with lte and it does support firstnet, which is a first responders cellular network. Let me open this up and show you so you slide this little thing over like this till it’s red. You can see that turn red. Then you unlatch it also red now and then you can now pull the battery back and i’m just going to cover the imaze. But in here you have an sd card slot and in addition you have two sim cards: the dual sim setup, so it supports 4g. In the us, including firstnet, as i said so that’s kind of the setup and if you look at the battery, this is a 5500 milliamp hour battery, so pretty decent size and you can see there’s a gasket all the way around for water resistance right.

So that’s. Basically, the setup, so you slide this in here, you put it down. You click on this and then slide that and boom. This battery is now captive and attached, and i like how it’s got these ridges for gripping, so you know you can hold it like that. Very very tightly if you’re wearing gloves or something and that’s kind of the idea. So let me fire it up now. Disclaimer i’ve quickly set this up already. So if it fires up and boots directly into android, you know why i just kind of was so excited. I wanted to try it out and, as you can see, this is an ips lcd, but pretty high contrast. It gets very bright in the direct sunlight, as i said, let’s wait for it to boot. So you’re probably wondering what are the specs right and you’re going to be like a little disappointed here, because you’re gon na say? Oh, it doesn’t seem very competitive, but you have to understand what market this was designed for. So the specs on this thing are simple: it’s, a snapdragon 660 from qualcomm right and four gigs of ram 64 gigs of storage and, of course, microsd expansion, so i’m gon na say well. That seems kind of odd, but first of all, it’s, not a very old chip but it’s also a very future proof. Chip, qualcomm and google have both agreed to support that chip for a really long time.

You know this is running android 10, not android, 11, or anything like that and so it’s not going to receive a lot of updates because it’s designed for kind of situation where you know you don’t really need to go to the next version of android. For the three four year, this product is going to be used in the field. So again, this is not for consumers. I don’t even know the price. I don’t know how you get around to buying one of those but it’s a really cool and interesting rugged device. That’S, why i’m showing it to you? Because you know this is the mobile tech podcast and this channel is all about mobile devices. So i wanted you to see what can happen when a company like panasonic makes really really tough devices so that’s it folks, the panasonic fz s1, a rugged 7 inch tablet from the toughbook series of panasonic a very interesting device, 25th anniversary this year. Actually, i hope you enjoyed this video. Please like subscribe. Tell your friends. Click on the notification bell below. Tell me in the comments. Are you using a panasonic toughbook device for your job right now, provided by your company i’d? Be curious to know? Do you like it? You have issues with it be interesting to find out and remember. This is a compliment to my podcast at the mobiletechpodcast.com we’re on google, podcast apple podcast, podcast cast spotify. Please subscribe and tell your friends if you want to hear what i think about this product.