This is a laptop for professionals. This is called the toughbook 33. This is the 2021 edition, and this laptop provides us not only some of the most ruggedized options i mean it can also handle almost anything we can throw at it and i’m talking physically, not necessarily just as far as horsepower it’s made to last it’s made to Go for a long time and it’s made for professionals, so let’s go ahead and check it out and see all of the things that make this laptop unique. This is tk and this is being recorded on the toughbook 33 let’s check it out Music. The reason we started this video outdoors that’s, where i shot the introduction to this and, of course, in a very windy and noisy environment, was to share with you guys. Obviously, the improvements that we have with the toughbook 33 2021 edition, the microphones and the cameras have been upgraded and the ability of actually understanding me and hearing me. While there was a lot of noise around us was definitely a big plus and something that talks to the ruggedization that we have here mil spec, 810g, ip65 certification and, of course, a lot of different functionalities that are built into this laptop. That enables it to be a true professional grade laptop i’m, not trying to say that this laptop is not going to be working for somebody that wants to be able to use it on the go but that’s the intention.

There it’s not really intended to be a consumer grade laptop it’s, intended to be a professional grade laptop so emt fire department, police department, um. Even if you actually, if you’ve, never done this. But if you ever go to mcdonald’s and let’s, say or even in and out in the us notice, or look at what they’re using for the ability of taking your orders, you’ll notice that they’re probably going to be using a toughbook something made by panasonic and probably An earlier generation from them and that’s what this device is intending to be, this device is not intended to be replaced on a yearly basis. This is intended to be purchased deployed to a fleet of either stores or obviously, depending on the the business type that they’re using and it’s intended to provide you a longevity or a lifespan of at least three to ten years and talking about the ability of replacing Parts on this laptop through panasonic’s system for up to 10 years and that’s, something that we can’t even talk about some of our standard laptops that are maybe two or three years old. This is when you look at the panasonic toughbook 33 you’ll notice that there’s a lot of things that make it very, very unique all the way from the opening on the top here, where we’re able to replace the dual hot swappable batteries so means you can replace Batteries in the on the go on the field, and you can actually even install extended lifespan uh.

The main benefit that you get here, obviously, is the ability of hot swapping them, but also the combined power should be able to give us up to about 10 hours worth of usage with this entire system. Now one thing to keep in mind as far as the specifications there’s going to be two different models: there’s going to be an i5 core i5 model and a core i7 model, and those are going to be the processors that are going to be running here and They’Re not going to be running the latest generation, so more than likely they’re going to be running. The vpro edition of those processors, starting at 512 gigs of internal storage, with the ability of using ssd now we’re no longer using spinning, drives also 16 gigabytes of ram is the beginning part all the way up to 32, which should give us a little bit of More future proofing of what we’re getting here, you’ll notice, that the aesthetics look very different. We have a speaker, grille open here. The ability of opening up the front and easily replace the batteries is absolutely fantastic and very easy to do. There’S a lot of ports here – and it is a two in one, which means we can actually open it and use it in two different form factors. So we have the standard form factor here. This is a clamshell it’s closed. It has a log option here, so you’re able to open it up and close it.

You’Ll notice, there’s a qr code scanner on the top and a cameras on the back and there’s also cameras on the inside. So we have camera arrays to cover all the different aspects that we want to be able to use on the system and there’s even a cover for the for the cameras here. Definitely one of the biggest things that you’ll notice here is the fact that we have ports galore and what i mean by this. Essentially we have usb 3.1 uh. We have the ethernet, we have the ability of actually opening it up and all of these things are actually closed via gaskets, so you’ll notice them right there. So here this is basically an interface that you probably don’t, even know what it actually does. Uh the other option here that i really find very very interesting is something that is actually a blue connector. So this is a vga option to be able to connect it, but we also have the ability of connecting uh hdmi functionality, which makes it very very nice. A full size, sd card power connection here, as well as the ability of connecting here for another port for usb. So you can see here standard usb built in here and of course, there is still on top of that. All the ports that are built into the actual tablet or the actual pc itself, so opening up is very simple all the way you basically unlock it you’re greeted directly with the display here now.

This is a 12 inch, a 3×2 aspect ratio, qhd touch capacitive, responsive display, which means we actually have s. Pen or pen input in here, and the pen actually has a very nice little docking mechanism here that you put it on the side. They do provide a lanyard if you want to be able to make sure to keep it connected and there’s the option for it there, but the beauty about it is that it is fully touch responsive with a pen or we can actually even use our finger. So it’s touch responsive and it can actually work in multiple form factors so, first and foremost, obviously this is the standard laptop edition, so you’ll be able to use it this way. If you want to detach it, there is a lock option here. You unlock it there and then swipe all the way to the top, and now the laptop and the tablet or the keyboard and the tablet are detached. All the functions are still working perfectly here. You still have access to a lot of ports that are available on both sides and, of course, the ability of using your finger to interact with it and the cameras and speakers all of the main benefits there. Now they do provide three different options when it comes down to their keyboards. This one is the standard keyboard option, and what i like about this is that the dock mechanism that we have in here works in both directions.

I can actually put the tablet facing outwards or inwards to be able to get a different interaction with it, meaning if i want to be able to use this and not necessarily use the keyboard, but i still want it to be in the case because of the Port functionality, we put it in there lock it close it and at this point now it’s working in a tablet mode, but we still have access to all of the ports and all of the additional options that we have uh from the actual keyboard option. Now, on top of all the specifications that i shared with you guys that also support, obviously 4g lte connectivity and, of course, first net support, meaning it is unlocked and it will work with different carriers and currently, from my understanding at least verizon is going to be One of the first uh carriers that panasonic is working with to get this device certified to be able to be activated on their services, but in the future, we’ll be able to see att and other carriers brought in as well. The display is, very nice, it’s not going to be the biggest display, but it is going to be able to be able to actually see it outdoors and what i mean by this is actually can get all the way up to 1200 nits of brightness, which means Direct sunlight visibility, outdoors will definitely work for you, and the speakers that we have on here are going to be able to get loud enough for us to listen to them outdoors Music, as you heard right there, that was playing at full volume outdoors with a lot Of wind going on there, i chose to play a music song just mostly because i didn’t want to get anything copyrighted, but the intention of it is again, you can definitely not only see but interact with it and from the introduction of the video you can still Use the cameras that we have in here, which again have that nice little privacy guard.

If you want to be able to activate it, we have shortcut buttons on the bottom volume up and down windows. Key present right there on the actual tablet, the ability of basically turning on or lock in orientation and, of course, uh indicator for the both batteries battery one battery two and, of course, uh. When the hard drive is being used. Last but not least, direct power button and, of course, the two speakers that i mentioned to you guys. All of these things really speak to professional grade type of work. It’S not really intended to be something that we would use again different models that you’re able to pick up the i5 or the i7 will give you the configuration that you’ll be able to get and, of course, the longevity that you’re looking for for whatever enterprise edition Or enterprise deployment that you’re looking for from the toughbook 33., this laptop is a combination of a couple of things. Generational upgrades so basically latest running specifications but also user feedback. They actually listened to some of the concerns that people had with the earlier generation of the toughbook line. So what you’re seeing here essentially is the best that they’re able to provide us in 2021 and they’re not going to basically release an updated version in 2022.. Again, this is intended for longevity uh. The parts that they’re using in here are obviously going to be more optimized for professional use and for longer duration, uh, replaceability functions, meaning they’re able to replace parts on this for much longer than a standard laptop would be able to do so.