So the first step for us to do is we click on the icon for field logic tools, which has the three green bars on it tap on that it will open up the screen for field logic tools; wait for that to come up to the screen, then, If you have multiple configurations in, you will get this screen where youll have to tap on your configuration in our case well tap on LV demo. If you only have one configuration, you will not get that screen but will come to the connect regrout screen when you come to the connect, read route screen, youll click on the three dots in the upper right hand, corner foreign options and then on this next screen. Itll youll find the one that says, touch read on it. It may have an auto gun name already there or it may say, touch read none tap on that line and it will then open up to your next screen where it is looking now for Bluetooth. So what we need to do, then, is click on the plus symbol up at the top, where it says scanning and then thatll put us into the Bluetooth mode, where we can then pair the auto gun. If its already paired, we can click on the gray symbol, gear symbol, itll bring it up, and then we can tap on the screen down at the bottom here, where it says unpair now that its unpaired we can now take the auto gun, hold the trigger in Until it double beeps and then gives you another single beat and comes up to the screen for configuration, then you arrow down one time and hit the middle button for link arrow down one time and hit the middle button for Bluetooth.

Then arrow down one time and hit the middle button per pair. Now that the gun is pairing on your tablet, you should see your serial number of your particular auto gun. In this case, the serial number is on the handle of the auto gun. In our case, its five zero three zero one, six on our tablet. We see five zero, three one six, so we tap on that and now it will actually start pairing. It brings up a screen and says pairing request and we can then select the option that says pair and itll proceed to pair and now itll show up on your tablet as paired and then on your auto gun it pops up and shows it that it has Been paired and then that highlights the link at that point, we want to hit the circle down on the bottom of your tablet to get back to the home screen. Once we get back to the home screen, then we tap on the field logic tools icon to get back into field logic tools where we have the auto gun. Now on that screen, there is a paper clip, so what we want to do is first take the auto gun, click on link on the auto gun, with the middle button and then tap on the paper clip on the tablet, and then it will attempt to do The connection it successfully shows up linked with that serial number. At that point, we can click.

Ok on our tablet. Now it is linked. We can then go on the tablet. There is an i next to the paper clip if we tap on the I that I will just confirm that the the auto gun did link and then it comes back up and it shows connection successful. At that point, we can click on the close on the bottom of the handheld uh and then on the auto gun. We want to go up and Arrow up to exit hit the middle button Arrow up to exit hit the middle button. Now the auto gun is closed back to reading. At that point, we can hit the arrow back on touch, read device that will take us back one screen. We can Arrow back one more time. Music and thatll. Take us back to our connect green route, where you are prepared, then, to be able to read a route or use it to talk to a meter.