Turn Your Phone Into A Hand-held For Under $20! Bsp D3 First Look And Hands-on Review

Music, hey whats, going on everybody. Its ETA Prime pack. Here again, today were going to be taking a look at a really inexpensive, telescopic controller for your Android device. Now, when it comes down to it, there are quite a lot of controllers on the market right now, thatll work with your Android phone […]

Controlling A 3D Printer Farm With A Single Tablet – The Doogee T10

I put them into every single modified printer that I plan on keeping. So three of those examples in the background here and what youre going to notice is that none of those printers has a touch screen interface or even the old click wheel, LCD display interface. So there is no interface at these […]

Make a witch farm in minecraft.

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Top Rated Amazon Kindle 2022 Edition Cases

Top Rated Amazon Kindle 2022 Edition Cases

Welcome back to the channel today were going to take a look at cases for the 2022 edition of the Amazon. Kindle now I picked one of these up because Ive been using my iPhone for my Kindle reading for a while now and I wanted to switch back to a Kindle. You see the […]

HP dengan BATERE PALING JUMBO yang pernah saya coba…

000 mah 4 kali lipat, dari, baterai, baterai, HP, zaman, sekarang, ya, pantes, Dia pakai nama tank sama, dia juga, punya beberapa fitur special yang enggak ada di HP, lain nanti, kita cobain bareng di sini, saya mau kasih catatan dulu kalau, unihert tank ini, enggak, dijual, resmi di Indonesia, ya, dijualnya di Cina, sana […]

wacom intuos drawing tablet medium model CTL-6100WL unboxing

I dont know how to pronounce that, but its probably like Wacom or Wacom welcome. I dont know okay, so this one its, I think its kind of new Im not sure its a its a medium size. This one has Bluetooth 4K pin, I guess I think theyre all battery free but its Bluetooth, […]

ULTIMATE iPad buyer’s guide – 2022 edition!

They Ive been toying with the idea of creating an iPad buying guide for a little while now because well, theres, quite a lot to choose from and as each year passes, Apple seems to keep adding more options to the list. Now, a couple of quick disclaimers before I get started. Firstly, this guide […]

Stylus yang cocok untuk Redmi Pad dan Gimana detail spek Redmi Pad ini???

Ya guys dan ini, warna, Moonlight silver kita, buka, saja, kita, mau tahu isi, kelengkapan boxnya, Seperti, apa, kemudian, versi yang dijual di Indonesia, itu adalah, versi, yang wi, fi, only jadi tidak, ada, SIM card nya, Sangat, disayangkan, banget, ya, guys jadi, itu mungkin, akan jadi, satu kekurangan, Tersendiri buat kalian yang cari tablet […]

Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 vs iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard

Right now I have the new Dell XPS 13, two in one and the iPad Pro. This is the M1 12.9 inch with the xdr display. Now both of these are great, but you cant really compare them based on specs alone, because theyre just so different on one end, you have Windows 11 running […]

Cheap London Underground Electric Train Set | Unboxing & Review

Already placed an order with the London toy company, I then found the same set available on Amazon for quite a bit cheaper, which is annoying, but if you want to buy one of these, I would say: Amazon is a good shout and Ive included an affiliate Link In the description for you looking […]

The Origami Case for the Kindle Scribe is Awesome | Tour

Why? Because this is a very, very thin and what feels like a fragile unit. This is very widespread, with a piece of glass going from side to side and its typically even bigger and weaker in the middle than other devices because of the extended Ledger and the bigger bezels on the side. So […]

क्या है writing tab के अंदर | What is inside LCD writing tablet? | writing pad disassembly 🔳

Thank you, Music. Thank you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsP2m3ItVvw