Google's FIRST ANDROID TABLET in YEARS! – Pixel Tablet hands-on

Now it looks like a smart display, but this pops off and it becomes a regular old, Android tablet. Music. The Google pixel tablet is the first Android Tablet from Google since 2015, and it is unlike any tablet, weve ever seen before sort of at this point, making a regular Android tablet isnt going […]

OneGauge and RealDash Setup

So this is one of two options that we use for apps for Android devices. Real Dash and Torque Pro, so this is going to go over the two different connection options and how to get a real Dash set up and running on your on your phone or tablet for one gauge. So first […]

NEW Suunto Vertical // Everything You Need to Know in Just 9 Minutes!

So this is the new Suunto vertical, and this is probably the most important watch that Suunto has come out with in recent years, because it brings a ton of new features that havent ever been seen on a Suunto before so suto had their nine Peak and their Nine Peak Pro, which did bring […]

wacom intuos s ctl4100 vs huion 420 drawing tablet | my honest review ✍️

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My new IPad

I got my iPad today, my iPad a02. Now. The reason why I went with the iPad 02 is because its cheap, it was like only like 99 dollars on eBay, uh refurbished or whatever um so, and Im, not gon na pay, a thousand dollars for a iPad or an iPhone. So I went […]

16 gb ram to 64 gb ram dell XPS 17 #dellxps17 #TheConsumer

Top 10 Best Touch Screen Car Stereos in 2023 | Reviews, Prices & Where to Buy

I made this list based on my personal opinion and Ive tried to list them based on their price quality durability and many more to find out more information about these touch screen car stereos. You can check out the description below if you want to get a best quality touch screen. Car stereos according […]

Tablet Showdown: Zebra R12, Getac F110, & Toughpad FZ-G1 Comparison!

iQOO Pad, ViewSonic Monitor Portable, Game Playstation for PC | Tech News #185

Tweakers Update – Google's nieuwe vouwbare Pixel, een tablet en heel veel AI

Het ziet er elk jaar spctaculair uit maar het verschilt van jaar, tot jaar hoe luk het echt is. 2022 en 2021 waren een, beetje magere jaren maar dit jaar zat de keynote van IO vol met interessante nieuwe Dingen. Laten we beginnen bij de hardware. Net zoals, je als klein kind, misschien, wel, eens, […]

This Portable Monitor Is AMAZING For Gaming! | Innoview 15.6" Portable Monitor

15.6 inch portable monitor so were going to unbox. It were going to take a look at what it has to offer in terms of functions and features, and then we are going to test it out with some retro video games lets dive into it. Alright. So here we have our inner view. 15.6 […]

Xplore Zebra Tablet Flaws Exposed: 5 Common Problems!