Samsung Fixed My Biggest Problem with the Tab S8 Ultra: Can it replace my Computer Yet?

S8 ultra. I released it back in march and i got a lot of good feedback and people are really enjoying the video and im really happy about that. But i thought id give you guys a good update on what has changed since a review and how samsungs actually really improved this experience. First, […]

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4/ Flip 4 ¡Los HE PROBADO!: mi OPINIÓN SINCERA

A que en este caso tenemos una pantalla externa estrecha y alargada con una diagonal de 62 pulgadas y dentro un pantaln de 76 pulgadas que aparece cuando abrimos el mvil como si fuese un libro este diseo, no es novedoso ya que es algo que hemos visto en Las generaciones pasadas de hecho muy […]

GG ABIS! Rank UR LUBU Review "Healer, Buffer, DeBuffer, Attacker" – Multiverse of Chaos

Ya Ini, udah, pasti, menyerang musuh, guys udah gitu di sini, ada misalnya, Inggris d maps, part time 303; oleh restore Delapan, persen, HP, ya, 18, nhp, lumayan, udah, gitu, gedenya Battle, honor ini document text, dan objek di Amed, ke 1 party, ini, yang bikin, dia, imbau, ya, Url guys Inggris autec demet loyaltech […]

How to fix android phone won't turn on | Fix android phone boot loop

If you are new on channel, please subscribe to our channel and like the video, so lets start the video. If you are having an issue with the unresponsive phone, then you dont have to uh panic. So there are several way to get it back up and running without going extreme, so here you […]


Saben que si les gusta este tipo de contenido recuerden dejar su laica espacial suscribirse todo el mundo, extendiendo este vdeo y utilizar, el cdigo de los bots y de los chavitos bien cdigo win ticket estrella en la tienda de objetos de forney padres tantos quisimos ser, un Chavito bien y recuerden mandarme las […]

Sharpin … The Final Form Is HERE ! 😲

So basically, this is just the sharpened ultra and it comes with an extra display attached to it. So for the people who are not familiar with sharpen sharpen is basically like an all in one diy kit that you can buy and put together to yourself, oh by the way there is no way […]

Chromecast, Fire TV Stick, Apple TV ou Roku: Qual é a melhor TV Box?

Stick em louco Ficaram to famosos nos ltimos, anos e, o sucesso foi tanto que hoje temos vrias verses, desses, dispositivos, Mas afinal, qual, a melhor TV Box E qual, o melhor Dongle e qual, a diferena entre um e outro eu t Fbio de ordem esclareo essas e Outras dvidas logo aps a vinheta […]

INSTA360 ONE RS – UNBOXING, TESTING AND REVIEW #insta360oners #insta360

Today is very special because uh, as you all know, i have been doing 360 videos been tinkering with 360 cameras for six years now and, of course, my favorites really insta360. I started with the insta360 one x and worked my way up and today is a special day, because this just came in […]

The Purposes Of Suffering

They cant relate to this, so this is specifically for you. Yahweh has a purpose. He designed it before. He ever created the known world. He had you in mind before you ever came into existence before you were conceived inside your mother before you were brought forth before you lived your life, he already […]

Cubot Tab 30 Test: Metall Design & LTE ab 180€

Es bei uns in deutschland fr ab 180 euro erhltlich und bietet dafr eine ganz anstndige, ausstattung, mitsamt, lte modem in diesem test schauen wir, uns, das, android, tablet, mal, im detail an den lieferumfang spreche, ich ja, meinen reviews, nur noch selten, an doch in diesem, fall muss Ich mal eine ausnahme machen denn […]

Apps Availability w/ Huawei (2022) – Daily Driving the Mate XS 2!

Hey guys Ashley whats up now, we all know Huawei makes great Hardware, no no questions there, but the elephant in the room has been software ever since they made xs2 video, the one I did Ive had people ask me whats the deal with the apps. How easy easy is it to get access […]

The EliteMini UM350X Is a Fast & Tiny Manjaro Linux Powered Ryzen PC!

Here again today were going to be taking a look at an awesome. Little linux powered mini pc from menace forum, known as the desk mini um 350x. This comes pre loaded with manjaro, and this is one of the least expensive. Linux mini pcs that ive seen on the market right now, you can […]