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The Best Stand for the iPad Pro 12.9? Ilano P9!

Lenovo Yoga Book 9i – The Crazy Dual Screen Laptop!

Outlet was calling this. The craziest laptop theyve ever seen and they have the right to do so. Its such a cool concept, an idea Ive been using it for the past couple of weeks and I still think its a great piece of Kit to put in your workflow, but I dont think its […]

Portable DVD player with 10 5IN screen unboxing | YOTON PORTABLE DVD PLAYER REVIEW AMAZON PRODUCT

5 inch screen uh 2500 Mega amp hour battery backup um basically plays any video format out there and uh. I could put in like an SD card card up to like 38 gigabytes, plays that too photos videos, whatever you got on there so initial. The first little box here is going to have […]

Baiwoyer 10.1'' Tablet with Accessories Kit 🌟 UNBOXING REVIEW

This is from the brand called by wire Ive already tested a couple of tablets from this brand, and those tablets were very, very nice and they performed quite well. Ive used them extensively. I could not find any problem with that, so this new tablet that they have is the one that comes with […]


So I have taken on the challenge of doing a complete custom painting where Im doing it on a blank canvas um and because its squares and I dont actually have that many square. Drills um my own fault, for jumping in and wanting to do the um, the custom painting um without actually thinking […]

Lenovo Tab P11 Gen 2 vs Nokia T21 – Which is Better?

Music, normal price of the new P11 is right around 289 dollars. The Nokia t21 is 2′, so about 50 difference between the two but Ill leave a link in the description of the video with current pricing and more information, because Ive already seen the P11 go on sale and it was just released. […]

Tablet TERLARIS!! Advan Tab VX Lite Review & Gaming Test

4 inch yang menggunakan, resolusi 2K walaupun sejatinya masih, full hd, meskipun hanya menggunakan panel IPS tapi, kualitas, layarnya, Masih termasuk Oke kalau buat nonton YouTube gini, kecerahan, warnanya, juga masih terasa, bagus, namun, sayangnya, untuk, pengaturan, resolusi di YouTube, hanya bisa mentok di 720p, sayang banget, nih, nggak, bisa, sampai, itu ya, guys di […]

Google Pixel Fold First Look vs Samsung Z Fold 4! Did I Pre-Order?

They flew me out to cover the event, so I got registered at their big tent got my badge looking spiffy and then I got a chance to walk around campus for a little bit and it was just really fun to take it all in. But of course I was there for Google, I […]

Acer TravelMate P2 with TPM 2.0 Review – Perfect for Small Business 🚀

The name says it all travelmate its light, its compact yet powerful and portable enough to use on the go. The unit we have is powered by the 12th generation Intel. I7 1255u chipset comes with Intel, Iris, XC, graphic card 16, GB Ram 512 GB SSD and its running Windows, 11 professional, yes, its […]

MSI Pulse GL66 Gaming Laptop Update After 1 Year! | 2023

1 inch digital photo frame, no SD card, no problem. This has about 32 gigs of internal storage to load up thousands of pictures. Some photo frames have a flimsy stand that can easily topple over, not in this case its built. Without being bulky, the exterior also has an aesthetically pleasing look and the […]

More On Google’s Pixel 7a, Pixel Tablet, Moto RAZR & More

We have a ton of products we pretty much already knew about, but were gon na dive into the details. Google did not talk about Apples. Next plan for iPhone displays is a crazy technology, thats actually pretty expensive, and what, if the Moto Razer got so affordable that it could really make a dent […]