¿Valen la pena las Tablets Baratas (170DLS)? – Review Blackview Tab 15 Pro

No me agrada gey cuando la marca de blackview me contact para probar su nueva tablet la Tab. 15 Pro que cuando vi su procesador dije Me va a costar hacerle una review, honesta pero precisamente por eso, estar interesante esto vamos, a empezar con el Unboxing da mucho gusto ver que dentro de la […]

ONYX BOOX Tab Ultra C – FULL REVIEW – Color E Ink Tablet

The Onyx books tab Ultra C, which comes closest to delivering the exact experience. I imagined when eating technology started popping up in Tech, demos at CES and other trade shows in the mid 2000s Amazons 2007 announcement of the first Kindle got me incredibly excited because their investment meant this weird Niche technology was […]

Xiaomi Pad 6 Vs Apple iPad Air 5 Full Comparison and hands on Review!

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ARM Windows 11 on RK3588 SBC (Orange Pi 5)

com this time, its a bit of an experiment in which were going to try to run the arm version of Windows 11 on an rk3588 based single ball computer. To give you a bit of context, just under a year ago, on the channel, I ran the on version of Windows 11 on a […]

Lenovo Yoga Book 9i – The Crazy Dual Screen Laptop!

Outlet was calling this. The craziest laptop theyve ever seen and they have the right to do so. Its such a cool concept, an idea Ive been using it for the past couple of weeks and I still think its a great piece of Kit to put in your workflow, but I dont think its […]

Infinity Adjust Stand by Lab22! The Sara Dietschy and Moment Collaboration!

I finally got it in it is the infinity just stand by lab 22 for my iPad Pro 12.9 inch uh. This was a Kickstarter project that was done by Sarah dichi and uh moment: company uh they partnered together together to create uh. This stand and some other various accessories, but all I wanted […]

I Wanna Ditch My iPad For A Pixel Tablet… 😳

I dont even recognize you anymore. What is it whats? The problem youre not even wearing your Apple watch youre using a home button. You dont want an iPad anymore. What the heck is wrong with you. How could we be considered family? We have the same mom. No, that means nothing if you dont […]

Explora la magia digital: HUION Inspiroy Dial 2 Unboxing y Review

com., Hoy vamos, a hacer el unboxing y review del ltimo modelo de tableta grfica digitalizadora de la marca, Huion la Inspiroy, dial, 2. Y antes de hacer, el unboxing vamos, a ver un poquito sus caractersticas principales. Os recordamos que hace unos meses hicimos La review del modelo H610X de la misma marca que […]

This Android tablet has a display like no other!

So you probably want to watch this Music. Hey, guys, Im a happy owner of remarkable tool device. This is a digital notebook and I absolutely love it, and why am I talking about remarkable in this play? Well, thats going to be very clear very soon, but the star of todays video is this. […]

Google Pixel Fold Hands-On: Samsung Has Competition

It starts at eighteen hundred dollars, which is actually the same price that Samsung charges for the Galaxy z. Fold 4 without a trade in discount Ive only had a few minutes with the pixel fold, but so far it seems like Google is off to a really promising start when it comes to foldable […]

Google Play 6" Tablet +SD | Onyx Boox Poke 5 Unboxing

Make amazing Animations on Mobile and PC with the Veikk Voila L Tablet

This video is a little different because this time white has shipped me. The new y Crayola L tablet and I will show you what the tablet has to offer and how it will improve your animations so heres. The box so lets take a quick look whats inside Music. The first thing we have […]