Lo tanto antes de comenzar solamente recordar lo de siempre, no olviden dejar su like y su comentario ya, que soy bastante curioso se posicione Y si ustedes son nuevos tampoco olviden suscribirse y activar, las notificaciones para que siempre estn enterados de todos, estos noticiones y videos de Caquia y ahora s as ms […]

Best Black Friday Deals On Amazon [2022]

Amazon has already released thousands of early deals, but because there are so many deals, we decided to round up our favorites in the tech category, so you can shop with ease and beat the Holiday Rush In Black Friday. Chaos for more information on the products Ive included, links in the description box down […]

Cara jual produk digital di mayar anti ribet

This time I will discuss How to sell digital products on the screen in the video. Previously, I have reviewed what Mayer can be sold and how much it costs and what is its strength compared to other platforms. Then, in this video I will teach you how to sell digital products on the screen. […]

UGEE U1200 Pen Display | Unboxing, Tutorial, and Review

We will unbox the tablet here. It is amazing, beautiful after that, well be talking about the connection to the PC or how your tablet is going to connect to your PC. Well, talk about everything thats inside the box and then well do a setup and a full tutorial, so Im super excited to […]

Best Budget Laptops Under $500 in 2023 | Best Laptop for Students, Business, Large Screen, Runner Up

, the best compact laptop under 500, available on the market in 2022. This model has a better screen than most laptops. Most budget Chromebooks come with average or smaller screens to keep costs down. While this fella manages to pack an AMOLED panel for Superior Color and black levels, while maintaining a competitive price […]

Toyota Kijang Innova Zenix 2.0 V CVT Gasoline | Untuk Yang Tidak Suka Hybrid

0, l, atau, 2000cc, 20A, fks yang dapat, memuntahkan, tenaga, maksimalnya, 174, PS dan torsinya, 2001, nm, itu terbilang, besar dan perubahan, yang sangat, ekstrim, tentunya, Pada bagian depan ini, menyalurkan, tenaganya, ke, dua, roda, depan, karena, mobil ini, sekarang, front wheel, drive menggunakan, monokok, bukan sasis, lagi dan sekarang, menggunakan, PNG, yang artinya, mobil […]

Tenang Gw Gak Bandingin Ini sama IPAD KOK

499.000 ini palingnya, minus cuman, satu yaitu cuma di sisi, layarnya aja, yang masih, belum, AMOLED, ya, memang, sih, masih, Impossible, banget, buat, bisa, dapet, kayak, gitu, ya, Tapi, Pada ips nya ini view Angle, itu, enggak, 180, derajat, masih, terbatas, kalau, dilihat, dari, sisi, samping, ya, ini, jadi, not buat, Xiaomi, gitu, ya, karena, […]


Madrid guys apa Iya, jadi langsung aja kita, squish buat kalian, guys yang mau top poin silakan langsung aja ke Range di store; 04 ya, guys Ya, silakan, langsung, aja mampir di sana follow dan juga order. Pastinya di situ banyak, banget, nih ya, kan harga, harga, yang bikin, kalian pasti, mau top up ya, […]

Is This Cold Wallet SAFER than the Ledger? | Keystone Wallet FULL Review

This is the Keystone Pro Music were all aware of the recent FTX collapse, which led to over a billion dollars worth of customer funds Vanishing. That means anyone who wasnt able to withdraw their money from The Exchange now lost their funds, and this is just one example from a handful of cases were […]

ASUS ROG 2 HP GAMING DIHARGA 1.3JT Beneran Worth it Di 2022 ? Unboxing

Pro Nah itu gua nungguin sekitar 30 menit juga ada, respon, tapi, gue, nyobain, buat charger di satu ampere ya, itu kecil, banget, tiba, tiba, Itu ada, kayak, lambang, petir, gitu, yang artinya, berarti, kan ngecas, nah, gue, coba, lagi, buat charger, ke 33 watt, punya isi, pokok X3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WIMH68QJYE

iPad Pro M2 Vs Samsung galaxy Tab S8 Ultra – The battle!

So lets examine them more closely and decide which to buy foreign Music. Pro 2022 and Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra have a rectangle aluminum body, design that looks stylish and modern for any type of user in comparison to the Samsung tablet: S8. Ultra, the iPad Pro is available in two sizes, 11 inches and […]

BLACK FRIDAY ANGEBOTE bei denen du JETZT zuschlagen solltest! (+ Face Reveal😱)

Ich habe eine kleine Ausfahrt zusammengestellt und unter, anderem Tastaturen Muse, Headsets Mikrofone, aber auch, Monitor ich denke dass. Fr ihn was dabei, also hr, mir gerne heute mal ein bisschen zu und ja, schaut ob, ich ob fr euch was dabei ist und dann knnt ihr vielleicht zuschlagen und habe vielleicht ein gutes angeht […]