Kindle paperwhite Signature Edition Long term Review and Experience | Amazon Kindle | Tech Review

I have been using this device for about eight months now, and this is my long term review, so i have been using uh standard kindle for about six years now and i think of upgrading that to a paper white or an oises, and at that point i Came to know that there is […]

Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 Review#laptop#pc

The lenovo yoga slim 7 is a fantastic value laptop seeing a leading performance and battery life. Despite costing a few hundred quid less than the competition. The only things holding it back from a perfect score are a bland design and a few minor emissions. The lenovo yoga slim 7 is a baffling laptop, […]

O TABLET GAMER MAIS BARATO DO MUNDO! | Blackview Tab 13 Unboxing

Viram porque que agora, primeiro Unboxing, do mundo ritual Pago, dessa moral, a deixa o, like se, inscreve e ativa, o Sininho, para no perder nada que t rolando por aqui eu vou deixar o link desse tablet: 13, a ns descrio t vocs que esto vendo esse vdeo Entre nesse link, no se assustem […]

Menampilkan tampilan Layar dan Suara HP ke Laptop, Komputer, PC

This device May have trouble display your content because it has it. Hardware was not spesifikasi oli design for wireless projection; disini sih, tertulisnya, mungkin, ada, masalah, ya, karena hardware, dalam laptop ini, tidak, didisain, khusus, untuk, proyeksi, dari device, lain kedalam, laptop ini, tapi, kita, coba, aja, ya, Ini, udah, gua, install sebelumnya, aplikasinya, […]

Add CarPlay, Android Auto & Handsfree Bluetooth Calling To ANY VEHICLE! Full Testing & Review

Welcome to the channel thanks for joining today. Have you ever wanted to use apple carplay, maybe android auto, but your vehicle just wasnt compatible with it? Maybe it didnt even have a screen or an infotainment screen to connect it to well. Dont worry: we have the portable solution now. One car stereo sent […]

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 – Unboxing & Eindrücke nach 48h (Deutsch) | SwagTab

In meinem fall ist es blau dann gibt es noch bohrer purple grau schwarz und natrlich, gelb beziehungsweise gold und wie eigentlich immer bei, samsung ist das, ganze hier, auf der rckseite auch nochmal versiegelt diese siegel werde, ich jetzt mal durchschneiden es gibt ja, auch noch die bis Burg edition wo ihr die wahl […]

¡TOP 10 JUEGOS WII U! ¡Incluye Joyaza OCULTA!

Mario o el mario hart baguette de la super nintendo os encantar paper, mario color splash, lo tenis por, un precio, no muy, loco, para vuestra way: y adems, utiliza, muy bien las bondades del tablet, o mando mariotto color splash en el puesto, nmero 10 y en el Puesto nmero 9 un juego muy […]


1 ya ha sido lanzada el radar, el escudo el nuevo coche y por supuesto la nueva arma la mp, 9 ya, ha sido, lanzado y ya, est implementado. En el juego de estonia, entra como un mapa oficial pero djame que te ensee qu tan bueno es porque yo ya. Lo, he probado ya. […]

Lenovo ThinkCentre M90p (5852-AG7)

Here we have another video another machine on video. In this case, this lenovo think center m90p tower machine, which is a uh gen one. I believe, im pretty sure im right here. This is a gen one, uh core i5 based uh tower machine, which also includes lenovos enhanced experience. Now i dont have […]

Razer Book 13 review Nearly the perfect laptop#laptop

If you can stomach the price, razer products have never been gaudy with their design, take away the rgb lights and snake logo, and you might not know it had some gaming muscle under the hood thats why the razer book 13 felt so inevitable. This 13 inch laptop. Finally, ditches the gaming trappings entirely […]

Avengers X-Men Crossover Event Goes South Fast

Judgment day the big avengers x, men, eternals, crossover event. I actually liked the very first issue. I thought it was pretty darn good. Although the the uh eve of judgment issue, i was like whatever that you could skip that first issue was good. We get to the second issue and here to talk […]

Apple 2021 iMac review: M1 power in a colorful desktop shell#pc

Apple publicly announced its breakup with intel less than a year ago. Tim cook took the stage in june 2020 to reveal that apple would make it silicon to power every apple computer. The m1 chip was all it needed, since the split apple has been living out. The lyrics of a lizzo song, if […]