This is the new Aqua RO system from uh grow Ace, see its their Reef series, Rodi 75 gallon per day unit and uh. You can find this on the grow Ace website links will be in the description down there, and this is just really good. If youve got you know, City, water or […]


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Lenovo Tab P11 Gen 2 vs Nokia T21 – Which is Better?

Music, normal price of the new P11 is right around 289 dollars. The Nokia t21 is 2′, so about 50 difference between the two but Ill leave a link in the description of the video with current pricing and more information, because Ive already seen the P11 go on sale and it was just released. […]

Robo & Kala 2-in-1 Laptop – Unboxing and First Impressions

Two in one laptop with us theyre going to perform a quick unboxing of which retail box we will have a look on the device inside its hardware. Specs features the compatible accessories, design, build quality and all of the user unboxing stuff, but before we start, if you are new to this channel, then […]

Lenovo Yoga Book 9i – The Crazy Dual Screen Laptop!

Outlet was calling this. The craziest laptop theyve ever seen and they have the right to do so. Its such a cool concept, an idea Ive been using it for the past couple of weeks and I still think its a great piece of Kit to put in your workflow, but I dont think its […]

¿Valen la pena las Tablets Baratas (170DLS)? – Review Blackview Tab 15 Pro

No me agrada gey cuando la marca de blackview me contact para probar su nueva tablet la Tab. 15 Pro que cuando vi su procesador dije Me va a costar hacerle una review, honesta pero precisamente por eso, estar interesante esto vamos, a empezar con el Unboxing da mucho gusto ver que dentro de la […]

Google Pixel Fold: Samsung finally has competition

Google has finally announced a pixel fold. Its first folding phone thats been rumored for years now, its coming out this summer, it costs 17.99 and it comes in two colors obsidian and Porcelain, which normal people will call Black or White. The pixel fold is a very similar device to the Samsung Galaxy fold, […]

Ultra Thin Rechargeable Bluetooth Keyboard Review

So this is going to feel like a laptop keyboard, and I have uh done a review about the foldable keyboard and Im going to put a um the link in the description. The reason Im mentioning that is because the keys on that keyboard are actually much softer than this one. These are going […]

Pixel 7a Review – The $100 Difference

This is 600 and this is actually the smallest price Gap weve ever seen between a regular pixel device and like the budget pixel a device. Now, normally, Google will launch a regular pixel device for six or seven hundred dollars and then a few months later, theyll launch the a series of that device, […]

🔬 [REVIEW] Lenovo ThinkBook 13x Gen 2 – It's purpose is clear

First, we want to highlight the Qi wireless charging map you get with the thinkbook. It doesnt replace the conventional 100 Watts type c charger. However, it has metal squares that make contact with the bottom of the laptop, while also providing an additional surface for charging another device. The laptop is essentially a slab […]

[Top 5] Best Budget Tablets of 2023

All options on this list are, at the top of their classes, with amazing features, so lets dive in and explore the top 5 best budget tablets. In 2023 number five xiaomi redmi pad released in October of 2022. The redmi pad doesnt cost as much, but has a. Similarly great fit and finish including […]

Google Pixel Fold, Pixel Tablet & Pixel 7a – Meine Meinung & Ersteindruck (Deutsch) | SwagTab