Best Tablet for UI/UX Designers of 2023

For this year, first were going to show you our five best picks then well talk about what you should look for before buying a best tablet for UI ux design. You can find timestamps and links to all the products we mentioned in this video down. In the description below lets get started, so […]

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The best tablet so far so make sure to watch the full video. A tablet can be a wonderful substitute for a laptop because of its portability usability and connectivity choices as more workplaces and schools choose virtual attendance or hybrid schedules, long battery life, a fair assortment of apps and services and more functionality […]

Unveiling the Next Generation: A Review of the Samsung Galaxy Book 3

Look at the brand new Samsung Galaxy book 3.. This laptop is the latest offering from Samsungs Galaxy book series and its designed to provide an excellent experience for Creative professionals and tech, savvy users alike, with its powerful specs, Sleek design and versatile features. The galaxy book 3 is poised to be one of […]

Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 Carbon 14ACN6 Unboxing | Review | AMD Ryzen 7 16GB 1TB SSD MX450 | 2023

Imagine the creative freedom of a laptop that will bring your ideas to life, no matter how Grand and maximize your productivity with performance that never compromises feel the power of AMD ryzen 5000 series. Processors, Advanced Zen, 3 design architecture and choose between integrated AMD Radeon. Graphics are discrete Nvidia, GeForce, MX 450 yoga […]


My friends, this is the iPhone XR ordinar, and this is the iPhone video youve been waiting for hope, its means and youre watching unboxeris Music unboxing in 2023. This is by far the best iPhone box ever guys inside. Oh Music, but the reason why this is one of the best apple boxes ever […]

Playing osu! On The Worlds Largest Keyboard ft. Glarses

But even I was surprised for what Im about to show you. Oh, I need a pack glasses invited me to go to London to record a video with him uh. Apparently my flight, for that is tomorrow, hi Im in the UK, where the hell are. We is it still weird to Vlog in […]

Can this device replace my reMarkable 2, Kindle Scribe, and Papyr?

I did not get sent this for a review. Onyx does not send me devices for review Onyx. If you want me to review devices be great, if you sent them to me, that would be kind of cool, but I get these actually um. I actually purchased this its expensive to be honest with […]

iPad 10th Gen Review: This Might Be The Best iPad For A LOT Of People!

In my opinion, A lot of people just want a bigger screen for reading, watching videos and maybe playing games, and that, in all honesty, doesnt really require a lot of power. So thats, where this iPad comes in, but lets talk design first, the iPad 10th gen is the first in the base iPad […]

Five things i like about the Lenovo ThinkPad T470

This is Ralph with the armcat channel and in todays video Ill, be telling you guys five things. I love about my Lenovo ThinkPad t470. Now I did make a video on five things I disliked about the ThinkPad and you can check that out in the icons but thats enough of me talking lets […]

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs Galaxy S22 Ultra – Should You Upgrade?

It is a limited time offer and it is only available using the link down below hey guys soccer from soccer ticket in todays video. We are going to be talking about the Samsung Galaxy S, 22 Ultra versus the Samsung Galaxy s23 Ultra. So a lot of people are wondering what is the difference […]

Tomtoc Smart Folio Vertical Case – Great Apple iPad Pro accessories 2023

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Our BABY is COMING Soon! ❤️ Big Announcement ❤️

. It all seems just like yesterday.. We never felt like we needed anything else, but now a little wanderer is about to come.. Our hearts are full and we have an announcement to make.. We went to so many places annoyed each other, so much pranked, each other. So much …, Im tired of […]