Level8 Road Runner Carry On Suitcase with Laptop Pocket Review (Away and Monos Alternative)

My preferred method of travel. However, over the past year, Ive had a few different trips, where it was just more convenient and less stressful to pack out a dedicated suitcase like this with a day pack, its still something I could carry on, I didnt have to check the bag, so I still Maintained […]

Tad The Lost Explorer Review| Will adventure and humor be enough?

When I received Tad the Lost Explorer, I knew what I was getting myself into. It was obvious this wasnt going to be Nathan, Drake clinging onto the side of a mountain in extreme conditions showing the upper body strength of a god. It also wouldnt be a shootout in a mysterious ruin that would […]

A really strange Soviet computer – Robotron SM1910, made in DDR in 1988

So in the comments, many of you ask it where I am where I Disappeared. Um I had a serious medical condition that appeared to be life threatening, but after operation I feel much better. So I will appear much more on the our videos, so lets go for the interesting part with the weird […]

Laptop Kok Dirakit? Review ROG Flow Z13 2022

Oh ya: kalian juga, Jangan, sampai, salah ya, ada 3 varian di laptop ini, ada, yang versi, dengan arti x350 Ti dan prosesor Intel Ein 912 lengkap Sama display 4K atau yang, full HD, Kalau yang punya, aku ini, versi, yang paling, rendahnya lah, diantara 3, itu jadi, ini, Displaynya udah berukuran 134 inci dengan […]

Birth of the Dark Part 1 | A Township Tale SMP

You made it home Music. It seems youre corrupting yourself already one step closer to the truth to the Whispers. Oh boy, I need some help guys and I need some help. Oh oh Franks got me good there. You got me good back off back off. I think youll sit back Music Music, you […]


A cualquier gama media actual y sin, ms demoras empecemos, a conocerlos nmero 3 One Plus 8t este gama, alta sigue, siendo una gran eleccin, a pesar de que se lanz en el 2020 ya que tiene una pantalla con una gran tecnologa una buena resolucin es amoled. Con 120 hertz como solo, esta marca, […]

Lenovo IdeaPad 1 Series Unboxing

One is actually news for the same new for the same price uh, Which is less than 100 bucks uh with taxes depending on your area, is 100 bucks new or used first time. I think my video Im doing the unbox review Music. This is a cord that goes into the board theres your […]

SEMUA ORANG PERLU BENDA INI!😱 Lazypod Lantai 1.4M Phone Holder Stand for Switch, Smartphone & Tablet

Kilo sekarang akan kita coba, rakit aja, well guys setelah, jadi, bentuknya, kayak, begini, kalau kalian merasa tiang, lidinya, ketinggian, kalian, bisa kurangin, satu biar, kayak begini, Musik, terus, amnya ini, fleksibel, banget, buat, bermacam, macam, skenario, rebahan, bisa, kalian, setting sampai dapat Angle, yang kalian, mau kalau saya Sih paling senangnya pakai dengan, cara, […]

সস্তায় 🔥গেমিং কন্ট্রোলার/গেমিং প্যাড কিনুন | gamepad price in bd | gaming controller price bd 2022

They can take it: okay, okay, thats. It opportunities foreign, foreign, okay, uh, eight blue, color, purple, Cosmic red or pink, okay, um foreign. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2j9oUWkRaFE

SUPER UNBOXING DE IMPORTADOS (tudo do ALIEXPRESS) – Celulares, Notebook, Tablet, Drone e muito mais

As compras que eu fiz ultimamente peguei vrias promoes tem produto, muito, barato, aqui, j dando, spoiler, comprei notebook, comprei, celular, Comprei, Drone tudo, em, promoo, ento fica, no vdeo a at o finalzinho que tem muito produto interessante pra, gente, ver, hoje, aqui, deixa, eu falar logo. No grupo n E j lembrando eu […]

#Learn! Use 3UTOOLS to Bypass/Removal iCloud Activation Lock (UltFone Activation Unlock Review)

Fortunately, youve reached the right place and in this video we will guide you through two powerful methods to get you out of this situation: method, one 3u tools and entirely free all in one software that can help you to get through a cloud activation, lock and heres. How Step 1 launch 3u Tool […]

✅ Top 5: Best External Hard Drive 2023 [Tested & Reviewed]

If you want more information and updated pricing on the product check, the links in the description below so lets get started with the video number one Seagate portable 2tb external hard drive, HDD available in four different sizes. This hard drive from trusted brand Seagate comes in a range of capacity choices in two […]