Best 7 Laptops for Programming In 2022

I have gathered some of the best laptops that will meet the needs of all users, so be with us till the end of the video and make sure to check out the links in the description for the price info or, if you want to buy and if Youre new to this channel dont […]

hp spectre x360 14 review

Macbooks have nailed the premium, look and feel for years and Ill, never waste an opportunity to gush about the build quality of Dells XPS line, but Ive. Never touched a consumer laptop as gorgeous as the Specter X, 360. 14.. The new specters sturdy black body, luster, Saxons and Bully sharp edges would make […]


Lo has curado de verdad Vmonos por ejemplo la pgina de se, ataca vale Ya que es una pgina muy fiable Vale y Vais, a flipar con. Lo que tiene es que no s me: parece una barbaridad, sinceramente las caractersticas que tiene, esta gran tablet, mirar pero mira, eso mirar, todo esto que te […]


This is coming from using a surface Pro 4 laptop. So this is Music touch it. If you really wanted to and use it like a as a tablet, whereas with the surface laptop 4, you cannot detach the keyboard at all its basically like your normal laptop now, let me just log in it […]

Mein Problem mit der Apple Watch Ultra

Der Lsung, kamen sie wahrscheinlich auf, die Idee das. Ultra eine ganz gute Bezeichnung dafr war, ich finde das klingt ein bisschen zu hoch gestochen, ich htte eher Apple watch, Explorer oder Sport, oder sowas, nicht, diese, Art genannt, aber das ist noch mal ein ganz, anderes Thema das vielleicht, fr euch auch zur Einordnung […]

Microsoft Surface Book 3 review#pc #laptop #technology

The surface book is a minor upgrade over its predecessor, and some clear shortcomings mean its starting to look a bit dated when compared to the competition. The original Surface Book was released back in 2015. At a time when Microsofts range of computers was rapidly expanding. While there was a two year gap between […]


192 tingkat sensitifitasnya tekanan garis yang dihasilkan, jadi autentik, mau dipakai, gambar dalam, kemiringan 60, derajat pun, enggak, masalah, Sebagai, seniman, atau, pelukis, handal, Punya cara masing masing dalam, menggambar, jadi, bisa, disesuaikan, dengan pen tablet ini mau tanda tangan atau sistem gambar cepat juga mampu, karena ini, udah, 300 PPS oke di sini, Kita […]

nReal Air: Virtual Mac Desktop Is Here!

These are the unreal air. These are AR glasses that will pump out virtual imagery in front of the user as long as the glasses are plugged into a smartphone or computer or tablet. Now the unreal air is not new. It came out in March 2022, but its getting a relaunch today because it […]

Innoview 15.8" Full HD Portable Monitor with USB-C HDMI for Android iOS Mac PC PS5 Switch Review

8 portable monitor by interview. Here we go Music first, things first make sure to hit that subscribe. Button below hit notification bell, so you could be notified of the next videos to come up tips and tricks and unboxing. Just like this. One check out my merch below at 1 130. hit the like […]

Wacom Cintiq Pro 27 Review – First Impressions

, while I wont have one to review until October. I thought Id at least share some images of the device and a few first impressions that I think are noteworthy. I wont go over everything, though, because I want to save some content for the full review, as its name implies. This is a […]

AVARigs | Getac t800 G2 Rugged Tablet Review

This is a gtac T800 uh, its a rugged tablet and definitely not a desktop PC for gaming, Music, all right so to jump right into this. This is the gtac T800 uh, its one of their rugged tablets, theyre a little weird. Most people havent seen anything like this youre used to your. You […]


I want to show you the top five ways that I believe you can fill colors in your illustrations in procreate. So the way that Im going to show you guys here Im going to show you five different ways. Maybe some of these ways you know some of these ways you may not know […]