It’s Also A Fast Desktop PC + A Powerful Gaming EMU Console! This Tablet Does It All

We took a look at the samsung galaxy tab s8 and i declared this the best android tablet for gaming and emulation that you can pick up right now, at least in the united states easily, and in that video i mentioned that i was going to do a Dedicated video on samsung dex with […]

Tablet TOP GALAXY TAB S8 PLUS com SPEN. Trabalhar, estudar e se divertir❓ Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+

So os melhores tablets, para quem curte, a plataforma Android e ponto e eu vou mostrar uma funo nele que pra mim matadora pra, quem, usa tablet, Meu filho se liga a vamos fazer unboxing aqui dele galera e j testar, o bichinho abrindo aqui Eita que delicinha tirando Aqui vamos ver tudo que vem […]

Cobalt-B Incoming! How Burn Works (CN Meta), Should You Pull? Global Teams | Tower of Fantasy

My name is lace, and this is a tower of fantasy video and in this, video were going to be talking about Cobalt B because, as you guys can see, Cobalt B has a release date. She is going to be the upcoming new simulacrum released on M6 October. So thank you to uh, who […]

Huion Inspiroy Keydial ✦ Unboxing, Demo, & Review ✦ Bonus Demon Girl Art Timelapse

So this is the Box, it looks really nice. It feels really nice. I love that theres, like a different texture on the text, just opening it up seeing whats inside yeah everything came kind of protected. The tablet itself was protected with this plastic screen type of thing and yeah. This is the tablet […]

Unboxing Chuwi Hi 10 GO Tab 10.1 Windows

1, inch, dengan, resolusi, 1200, kali 19 Musik dari, sisi, desain, ini, ya, di sebelah, Sisi, ini, sebelah, mana, ini, ya, sebelah, kiri, Ya: dengan ini, ada, tombol power, kemudian ada volume up dan volume down kemudian di depan, sini ada kamera kecil terus di bagian, atas ini, ada, dan ada, speaker, speakernya, dua ini, […]

IdeaPad Gaming 3i 2022 (16" variant) Unboxing

So previously, even two to three generations: uh before we already have ideapad gaming laptops uh, it sits underneath the legion devices. So basically, we have ideapad gaming 3 and then legion, 5, legion, 5, pro legion slip 7 and legion 7 series, which you already saw my video about the legion 7i, 2022 and […]

top 5 i5 laptop review with nvidia graphics card | top 5 graphics laptops

It is a model 1155z7 among a processor 32 into four core, eight three twice a up to 4.50 gigahertz, you would say: Nvidia mx450 2GB, DDR five version, a graphics card amongst the graphics of a 15.6 IPS level display 45 percent HD web cameras. It is foreign foreign, foreign, Music, 512 GB, m.2 […]

Ryzen 7000 Blew Us Away! Hands-On The All New Ryzen 9 7950X! The Best CPU Right Now

I do want to mention that, yes, these new 7000 series CPUs do have a built in rdna 2i GPU. Its got two cus, so its not super powerful, and I will have a ton of videos coming up on that. But the early driver that Im using right now has been giving me some […]

All New 2022 8 Inch Nokia T10 Android Tablet Overview & Gaming! (English)

I finally got my hands on this. This is the new Nokia T10 tablet thats available for 160 or 170 dollars online. Its also available on Amazon that Ill link down below so on. The back youve got some stuff that it mentions here. The most notable thing I want to say is that it […]

Tablet GAMER con RTX 3050 – Asus ROG Flow Z13

Ah est bonita la caja eh plateada Y qu, ms tenemos pues tenemos, esta caja de asos, otra caja, plateada de Republic of Gamers est chida pues ya, lo tenemos nada, ms ms que protecciones y cartn vamos, a abrir la mochila Jack as la mochila, estoy cocina mochilita Que dice Repblica Gamers y t […]

Xiaomi Pad 5 Unboxing

Thank you for checking out my channel. Thank you for clicking on this video. This is not my primary channel young team, english math, you can click right here. I bought an alarm for a different lesson. This is where i talk about the stuff i like the stuff. I dont, like my life and […]

Unboxing a New Apple Macbook Pro with M1 Pro Chip! (4K)

I think I got one back in like 2013 or 12 and ran that into the ground. Ive been editing most my videos on my iPhone, so its been time to upgrade, and I went with this – I went with a new Macbook Pro uh. This one has the M1 chip in it and […]