What i’ll do is i’ll post a video i’ll post a link on the bottom of this video of to where i picked up this livery, but it’s very rainy here at london luton. But this aircraft is absolutely fantastic. It looks absolutely beautiful as we’re panning around i am. I couldn’t believe it when i spend such a long uh wait for the chocolates and it’s well worth the wait. A million percent just looked absolutely fantastic uh. What i was going to do in this video is sort of just show you the efb that they currently has in this new version. Um. I know in my previous video. I did touch upon it or you did see it but i’m just going to go through some of the features that it has on there um but yeah. If you like the video, please give it a big thumbs up, as it really helps your rhythm growing. If you’re not a subscriber to the channel, if you didn’t mind hitting that subscribe button – and please don’t forget turn on the notification bell for any other videos that we do. I do a lot of flights and videos on the channel. I’Ve done a couple of tours at the moment, scandinavian sas tour part of the star alliance, virtual airline and some other other tours and it’d be good to get. You uh see you guys uh in my videos at some point, but let’s just jump inside the flight deck and take a look at this efb.

So here we go then guys we’re inside the flight, deck i’ve just got just turned the external power. On start. The batteries on and as you can see, this is the uh flight deck of the a321 it’s exactly the same as you’ve seen. If you’ve got the fslabs, nothing really has changed in terms of visuals. There is a few differences. Maybe some button colors are a little bit more prominent and there’s a different sound in the cockpit i’m, not sure if they’ve changed the sound, but it definitely sounds a bit different um than before, but the most importantly, it has this efb he’s nice all plugged in On the side and to turn it on just hold down, i think it’s hold down the right click button on there and then it then it all comes into life. You’Ve got things like manuals in here about you, know basic tutorials on how what the aircraft is, how it performs, etc. You’Ve got connections where you can hit their gpus and shocks, open doors which is really good rather than having to go down into your control panel down here, mcdu to to program, everything is everything is, is available from uh the ipad uh going back by hitting the Home button you’ve got um there’s, no uh flight plan at the moment, so there’s nothing, you can do there, but there you have your flight plan. Checklist is another good thing. I don’t know about most people, but i have it uh checklist on my desk um for when i’m, going through uh taxi, checklists and stuff so i’m, not sure if i’m gon na use that personally, but it’s definitely good to have just to see load sheets as Well, as as well um, i have a thermal printer that prints all that information out for me, but again, here, it’s really good to have um that information there.

This, for me, is, is probably quite, is probably the most important piece uh this and the uh landing uh calculations. It calculates it based on um, your airport and uh and the win. So if i did e gdw, where i am today and that’s a london luton and i’m taking off at zero seven, it calculates it all for you, it’s got everything there. It’S got the winds, the outside air temperature, the q and h what condition you’re in you know: uh if i’m gon na go toga or flex temp and flaps etc and just hit calculate, and it works out everything for you, it’s exactly the same it’s. Exactly the same he’s, exactly the same for the landing rates um you just do the the opposite to where you’re going into uh a cars as well, um again for me, it’s it’s, it’s, probably not what i would use personally, as i have one of the like. I say a thermal printer, but again it’s really easy to see messages. You can send messages to other pilots and just see your company messages, which is it is better than having to than it was before maps as well. A really really really good feature for this. You can see exactly where you are on the map and plot plots your route, and you can see exactly where you are in in the world and also the navigraph and sim brief integration is really good. So you can pull up your flight plan.

You can you know zoom in to where you are read all the charts, etcetera etcetera, which i really find is really useful, rather than it’s all it’s, all in one place now, so you come over to efb. If you want to find out where you’ve got the taxi rather than before, for me, i would have open a new tab um in my browser, which obviously then takes up a bit more resource if you’re using quite a hefty browser with the or another tab open. So it sort of helps with that a little bit more performance, maybe but i’m, not enough to really shout about. You can have this as a tablet version on your actual tablet. So if you have an ipad or i’m assuming an android tablet, you could just follow the link with a local port um like a 8080 port number, and you will then get exactly the same view on your tablet. So you could almost have a real life. Experience of having this efb in your hands rather than being to having a sim, so there we go so that’s, just a quick sort of overview of the afb and just uh, just more just uh stunning stunning visuals of this a321 sharklets by fs labs. If you like, the video again, please don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and turn on the notification bell and, if you’ve liked the video. More importantly, please give it a big thumbs up as it really helps the algorithm grow.

I’Ve been together virtual. Thank you very much for watching this.