After 5, 000 years, yeah um anyway, i don’t have any boxing footage, because i got the tablet. So long ago, but i can tell you about the specs: the tablet is the galman s620. It has an active area of 165 millimeters by 101 millimeters and for artists. It has 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, so you can have some pretty detailed lines now, if you know anything about osu, you know about the third party drivers called haku. I currently use a fork of haku because the official haku drivers don’t support the gaomon sx20. Now i think the default galamond drivers are pretty good, but only for artists for osu players they’re mid now the tablet does have some hardware smoothing which, for some players is a no go. But for me the hardware smoothing wasn’t even enough, because i came from a huion h420, so i was used to much more smoothing than that. I currently use 20, ms smoothing on the drivers. The tablet has a refresh rate of 266 pps and a hover height of 10 millimeters, so uh let’s get into the gameplay. Shall we Music me Applause, overdrive drive, so so so so so, Music in the middle, come on, like i smell cologne, just just sign a deal: yeah yeah yo! Oh my god, voila end of video. I guess this is the end of the video right now.