Well, actually, we’re kind of diverging towards a speed farmer here in 2021, but that’s besides the point we’re even seeing our first few 10 star fcs on unranked jump maps, some being particularly questionable, but others being particularly impressive, so it’s inevitable that you might have taken them As inspiration and you might want to have aim as good as theirs snapping onto circles that are entire planets, apart from each other like an absolute machine. Well, how might you do it what’s the process, like, unfortunately, i’m – not here, to guarantee that you’ll be f, seeing goodbye moon men within the next 24 hours? Okay, this is expensive i’m. Here, to give you a bit of an insight on how aim actually works, discussing it from different perspectives, which might eventually lead you to getting better aim. Osu is a pretty unique rhythm game such that it has the element of aim dictated by cursor movements, but aim isn’t just about the jumps it’s about aiming patterns, it could be awkward patterns, alternating patterns or even streams. You’Ll need aim for everything that you ever do and actually i’m not here to just talk about how you can get better at jumps i’m here to explore some concepts that can help you achieve more consistent, aim, more snappy aim and a lot more in this series Of videos again, you may have a lot of questions drop them down in the comments and be patient. Topics like the possible use for relax, easy low ar and an explanation on, float aim as well as many other topics are going to be covered in this series.

So be sure to like the video and subscribe, if you’re interested also i’m, sorry to say that this video might not meet the needs of say the stream one tricks or the consistency, one tricks that can play everything else perfectly fine, but suck ass on the jumps. There’S, a video dedicated just for you, people so look out for that. But for now i want to talk about the core principles of aim. Timestamps are on screen right now and in the description below so without further ado, let’s jump straight into just that now now i know you’re probably eager to get straight into the 10 star jump maps, but just as i did in my stream guide, it’s always important To start from the basics and work up from there, much like streams and pretty much every skill in osu, it will take hundreds of hours to learn, hundreds more to master and you can’t just jump straight into goodbye moon men and retry it five billion times in Hopes you accidentally land, one of the jumps you have to start from the bottom and grind to the top, the concept i’m about to show. You is obviously for my subjective understanding. There is no conventional usual dictionary. After all, i like to split the actual concept of aim into two main categories. Reading and raw aim reading corresponds to 99 of aim. Raw aim corresponds to just one percent. So whenever someone asks me what is aim i’ll just answer 99 reading, one percent raw aim.

What is raw aim? The ability to move the cursor from one place to another? It can be determined by physical things, such as your ability to move your arm or wrist or fingers or feet. I guess it can be determined by what peripherals you use and the quality of them. We have tablet players, mouse players, touch screen, players and, probably more that i can’t be asked to name. It can also be determined by the software, which dictates how your physical movement is translated onto the computer. We have tablet drivers to choose area to chew your smoothing filters. We have mouse configuration settings to choose your dpi and to choose your sensitivity. We also have resolution options, the smaller the screen, the less you have to move your pen or mouse or your fingers. They all correlate to your raw aim, there’s so much going on behind your raw aim. Yet it only corresponds to one percent of your actual aim. Okay. So why is that then? Well, let’s move on to reading and hopefully you’ll see why, fairly soon, what is reading it’s quite a vague topic actually and no it’s, not just oh it’s. Looking at the circles on the screen, no it’s, not if it was as simple as that, then anyone could fc a map just by looking at a pattern. In summary, it’s the ability to use your vision, pattern, recognition and game knowledge to interpret the rhythm and follow a pattern with good control.

That’S, a lot of words. This, in turn, will allow you to hit patterns it’s the same concept that digital hypno portrays for the term pattern. Processing go ahead and watch digital hypnosis video to better understand, reading, because it’s a very complex topic i’m, not going to break it down fully here. So you might think, oh, this 10 star map is really easy. I can aim the jumps, but i just can’t tap it, but is that really the case? Is it really that quote unquote easy, then, if you can’t tap it and follow the rhythm, then you aren’t reading it at all. You aren’t able to interpret the rhythm and flow of the pattern. Welcome to reality. That is, you are overestimating your ability. Without appreciating the hundreds of hours that top players have actually put in in perfecting their game, knowledge and rhythm sense amongst everything else to actually learn how to land such patterns, it was never as simple as looking at a pattern. Reading is not exactly something that could be measured either, yet such a vague concept corresponds to 99 of your actual aim. Well by your basic intuition from my concept, it seems that to improve your aim, you must improve your reading. There’S practically no point improving your raw aim. If it only corresponds to one percent, some players might have found that the switch to tablet has just significantly boosted their aim potential, but that’s only their potential. They might see a short term improvement, but it just became that much easier to move to each circle without mouse drift.

Alongside the removal of relative aim that’s it these correlate to raw aim. You haven’t necessarily improved your reading. Another example on raw aim. You might be globally on cs, go or even rank s on esea. You might be an aim prodigy on any other game, but you won’t get a direct translation of that aim onto osu well, there’s. The 3d versus 2d aim topic, of course, but what i’m getting at is you won’t get a direct translation because you’ll lack reading you know i was about to say that games like csgo are going to be a majority reaction time, but now that i think more About it, is that really the case sure you can have fast as reaction times, but if you’re going to randomly flick and pray that you land shots, then how are you going to land headshots consistently? You need a sense of control, a sense of patience, a sense of focus for csgo. The control might just be the micro adjustments. After using your reaction times and raw aim knowledge, the patience and focus will come from game sense. Stuff, like cross hair placements, recall control and using sound cues, but that’s all built on time and experience. I think that actually 3d aim is still mostly some form of reading, not interpreting rhythm per se, but rather using those three elements to achieve consistent headshots. More importantly, though, i can provide the exact same analogy for osu. Your oc aim is 99 reading, which involves again the same three elements, and now we start to realize why raw aim only corresponds to only one percent of your aim, because the other 99 is all related to exactly how you use that raw aim.

Controlling your aim takes 99 of the work. It explains why so many top players can switch play styles or they play with quote unquote bad peripherals, and they can still do the same crazy because it’s not the peripherals that determine their ability it’s their reading the jump. One tricks a classic topic on my channel: why the hell do they suck so much at everything else, apart from jumps well, first of all, they’ve, obviously just played jump maps, but the reason why it’s so enticing to them is that they’re only using their raw aim And reaction times reaction time is a sub component to reading, since everyone needs to react to a circle appearing on the screen within a given time frame, but that’s the only thing they’ll ever use in their reading skill they’ll just flick and pray their cursor lands on A circle in fact it’s in their favor for these kinds of players to one trick jump maps with their lack of general reading and only reaction times. The high approach rate, low density and shitty mapping means that they can indeed cheese their way past. These jumps because it coincidentally matches the way they play the game, a reaction clicking game guys this isn’t don’ttap.com. This is osu. This is a rhythm game. Wait! What the is this: where is this sighted from and it’s from ninja four night, no i’m done i’m? Actually done you need aim, but you also need rhythm.

There are more skills to oceans than just jumps, so let’s actually take this concept of reading and reaction time and deconstruct it to better understand how to get consistent aim. I want to talk about snappiness first, actually, which is related to consistent aim. You can throw things like. Oh mouse plays snap, more drag players, snap, more etc and yeah yeah that’s all true, but as always, i want to dive into something much deeper than that. I want to talk about how you can get snap your aim, no matter what peripherals you’re, using or what setup you’re using snap aim the ability to traverse and aim patterns with a strong sense of control, precision and sharpness the opposite of flow aim, which i’ll define In another video, i see lots of people requesting how to get snappier aim and well here you are those people without snappy aim are probably aiming patterns just like this, but they’d like to instead follow more closely the path defined by the pattern, sharp and linear motion. I mean don’t get me wrong. They’Ve still landed the pattern, but it’s not consistent, most likely with bad accuracy as well. On the other hand, snappy aim more closely follows the pattern it’s more consistent than praying you land them with other forms of aim. By looking at this pattern, just as a shape, your raw aim overtakes your reading, your physical movement, traces, your view of the pattern just from instinct and without control to change this it’s quite simple.

Actually, you read the notes individually that’s, how you read, notes that are tough to aim. You, no matter how they’re structured you read them like one, two jumps, woe has described it as reading the squares as one twos. In that respect, it explains why one two jumps are so easy to hit. The mapper has manipulated it in your favor by allowing you to trust your instinct. Just looking at the pattern and acknowledging its existence and in the case of one twos it’s, just a bunch of lines, you can follow. It’S easy to trace, read the notes individually, it’s. The reason why a player like row hawk is known for his consistency, because he does exactly that. It looks funny, but it works, and that kind of begs the question well is the way you interpret patterns really preferential at all and i’m, basically about to say that actually reading notes, individually, instead of an entire shape, is objectively advantageous in a lot of cases. If we took this pattern as an example, the first thing we immediately notice is that it’s a square, the pre emptive thought that it’s a square may lead you to trace a square all in one motion just from instinct and reaction. But if you just avoid the fact that it’s a square and instead focus on each individual circle in order one at a time, then you aren’t tracing a shape anymore. You are creating it it’s, like you’ve, broken down the shape into multiple components and have connected them to form that shape.

Snap aim has been achieved and it’s all because of greater control, greater patience and greater focus. All of these elements have been applied to form this type of aim, and that is exactly how you should aim your patterns holy well done. Captain obvious, honestly, tony, thank you for your contribution. Thank you and well yeah. I did just state the obvious, but the obvious is so easily discarded by your ego that it’s forgotten to the point: where aim becomes rng flicking your wrist and not through good control, patience and focus. I have made the exact same mistake myself. This applies to any pattern, whether it be triangles hexagons tech patterns and even some streams, but obviously for most streams. You can’t just read, notes individually, there’s, so many notes coming up all at once and so quickly. For that reason, you can’t snap aim on streams, and so you resort to float aim which has a lot more fluid motion, and this kind of individual note reading can be maintained and can be practiced. You’Ll see it from so many top tier aim players playing easy or easy dt, though my talk on easy and low ar with relation to aim, is reserved for another part to this series. So i said that individual note reading is the key component to getting snappier and more consistent aim, but the reality is that it’s hard to apply for every single pattern that you ever do you can’t exactly tunnel vision onto every single circle perfectly in fast cross screen Jumps, for example, you’d, probably go cross eyed, and there are cases where muscle memory takes over your individual note reading, because you’ve played a map 1000 times, for example, you know patterns ahead of time already.

So the general idea is that the application of individual note, reading and muscle memory is variable if you’re sight. Reading, then you’ll probably need a majority of individual note reading. If you’re playing a map that you know already, then muscle memory might become a majority instead. But the idea i want you to take away from today is to not forget about individual note reading in any case, because you’ll need it for a sense of patience, control and focus which all ties into general reading. So there we have it. It turns out that aim is a lot more complicated than one might have initially thought to improve your aim, or at least achieve snappier and more consistent aim. You need to improve your reading in a simple respect: it’s to build a greater sense of control, a greater sense of patience and focus of the patterns by interpreting them in a different way and that’s by reading notes individually, not as an entire shape. For most of you on my channel, you may already be reading like this because that’s what you’ll naturally do when you’re new to the game, but let this video serve as a reminder for whenever you stray away from this type of reading. Ego gets to everyone, including myself, for some it’s. Just that simple, and this video was a reminder and now you’ll improve fairly quickly. For some, it will take a long time to train and practice for others. They might already read like this despite playing for a long time, and they might wish to expand on this reading ability a lot more that’s where low ar and easy comes in, i’ll talk about that in another video along with many other topics.

Most of you now might be asking okay. Well, you gave me this much information. How do i put it into practice? Where are the map packs stay tuned? I am dedicating a whole video on how you make use of this knowledge in practice. This is just an introduction, so if you found this video informational hit that like button and if you love informational videos hit that subscribe button.