They blur the line between what a headphone and a speaker actually is so let’s get into it, Music, okay! So what even is this it’s, the oralo aureolo or i don’t, know honestly arallo m110 neckband, bluetooth speaker? They are personal, 3d stereo audio speakers that rest on your chest and fire the audio up at your ears – and i know i use the word immersive a lot. But truly these things are immersive, but first let’s see some numbers. We got ipx5 waterproofing 24 hour battery life, what they claim to be 3d 3d stereo sound, which i kind of have to agree with to a point: bluetooth, 5.0, so great for calls and meetings, a micro sd card slot and a fairly comfortable silicone neckband and all Of this comes out at around 60 bucks on amazon, now specs out of the way, let’s get philosophical. Okay, are these headphones, or are these speakers what defines a headphone or a speaker aren’t headphones just personal speakers, aren’t earbuds, another genre of headphones is a hot dog. A sandwich: no it’s, not a sandwich, it’s a taco here’s, my professional, take on this okay. This thing is a speaker and they can’t really be compared to headphones, they’re kind of apples to oranges and here’s. Why Music? This thing is very unique because it’s actually not useful as headphones, because they’re, not a personal audio delivery device. Sure the audio is firing at you in your ears, but it’s still audible to people around you.

So why would you even want just some speakers hanging around your neck? Well, if you live alone, it’s nice to listen to music without headphones and not committing to carrying a bluetooth speaker around with you everywhere, it’s also nice being on tick tock or whatever. Your social media of choice is another use case. If you have a child – and you want to listen to whatever you want to listen to, but you still want to hear if the child has fallen into the toilet or if you’re like me, and your paranoia won’t allow you to wear headphones for too long alone. Late at night, because you know you freaking heard something, this might be the thing for you or if you hate, wearing headphones or earbuds and they’re too uncomfortable or if you have some kind of disability, and you literally cannot wear headphones or earbuds. This might actually be a legitimate solution for you now i mainly listen to hip hop and the bass on this thing is kinda non existent, but i feel like it. Kinda gets a pass because that’s not really what it’s for this thing was made for videos, movies, zoom meetings, phone calls ocean sounds ambiance here’s the thing since i got it. I haven’t really actually used it too much because i don’t feel like i fall under too many of these use cases. So my rating of this thing – wouldn’t be very fair, so i brought in the stranger and this person really enjoyed it.

So let’s hear what they have to say: amiga Music and there you have it: the aurora riley’s, auto parts, oralo m110 neckband, bluetooth, speakers a truly unique and affordable speaker. So i say you guys definitely need to check it out. So thank you guys for watching.