. Many people are wondering if this is a good alternative to the Raspberry Pi. Honestly, it depends on what youre looking for. So stick around and let me break it down for you.. So what is Orange? Pi 5? Well, its a single board computer very similar to Raspberry Pi.. Its got an ARM based chip, which is one of the most powerful chips today named Rockchip RK3588S., Its an 8 core 64 bit processor, with a CPU frequency up to 2.4GHz and integrated GPU designated ARM Mali G610.. This is a major leap from the previous RK3’9 chip.. Its CPU is four times faster and its GPU 8 times faster. Orange Pi has got from 4GB up to 32 GB of RAM.. This small computer supports video up to 8K.. Imagine this tiny little computer playing your favorite movies in 8K.. So what else is an everyday use case for a device like this? It can be widely used as a smart home hub media center, NAS or Network attached storage tablets, edge computing, artificial intelligence cloud computing, intelligent security or covering various IoT use cases.. It has NVME M.2 slot, HDMI 2.1 port Gigabit, LAN port, USB C and USB 3.0 ports, SD card slot, 26pin, GPIO, header and more., And what can you run on it? Basically, the most popular operating systems are already adopted for this device.. You can try Android Ubuntu Debian Armbian, its very own flavor of Android called Orange Pi OS, and I bet others will follow as the community grows around this great SBC.

. What operating systems do you run on your Orange Pi? Let me know in the comments.. I know what Ill do with it. Ill. Add it to my docker fleet in my homelab and migrate, my Plex my streaming server to it. So I can watch some high res movies with it.. Ok, are you ready to take a look at how this device runs? Both Ubuntu and Android Ill show you how to install these OSes in another video. Android is a bit tricky so check out my channel or look in the upper right corner of this video for a link.. Now Ubuntu is great for basic stuff like browsing, emailing or word processing its fast and user friendly.. But there is one caveat. Try watching a 4K video on YouTube. Woah, Its really bad.. Let me show you. Its bad. Like really bad., You cant watch something like this.. Look at the dropped frames. Its like half of them., So for the love of God. Somebody please fix this.. This is not an issue of just Orange Pi.. Many many devices made by different companies suffer from this. Lets. Do the sysbench on this CPU and compare it to the well known name in the industry, the Raspberry Pi 4. sudo apt, install sysbench and sysbench cpu threads8 run as Orange. Pi has 8 cores.. You can see CPU events per second are around 13700. Raspberry Pi 4 got me somewhere around 7000., So its safe to say this chip is almost two times faster than Raspberry Pi, 4.

And since were into this lets. Check. Read speeds from this SD card. sudo apt, install hdparm and sudo hdparm Tt devmmcblk1, So the results are here. Cached reads: are somewhere close to 4000 and buffered disk reads are close to 65MB per second.. If you found my video helpful, why not show your appreciation by hitting that Like and Subscribe buttons Every bit of support means the world to me. Thanks Moving on to Android. Again Ill show you how to install it in another video.. This is a bit more complex. If you want a fully functioning Google Playstore., The first start took something around 115 to finish, which is quite good., Of course, to do anything remotely productive. You need to install Google Play and a few apps or games here and there., But let me show you the difference in performance on that YouTube: 4K video.. I wasnt able to bring up the Stats for nerds. It didnt work for some reason, but I bet you can safely say that this is playing just fine. Look.. Of course, if it wasnt for my slow dumbass stone age like internet speed., Thanks O2., I hate you. O2 is something like Verizon in the US, but for the EU., Everybody hates them. metoo. If youre a mobile, gamer CoD and PUBG are the perfect way to waste. Your time. Just make sure to connect your controller to your Orange Pi. To have some fun. Enjoy And the most fabulous thing at the end.

Ive got my 4GB version for only 65 bucks. Compared to todays prices of its competitors, its just a fantastic computer for an excellent price., Ok, thats it. In the next video. I will show you step by step how you can install different operating systems on your Orange Pi 5..