I havent seen any other material on this, so I figured itd be a good opportunity to talk about it a little bit uh. I got my whole setup over here from uh giztop that arrived in just under a week from a Hong Kong. Ive got the N2 over here beautiful device and Im actually filming this from my Oppo finder n, which I loved as well, and Im glad to see that the device is a little bit Slimmer, its quite a bit lighter. I got the 12 gigabyte with 256 gigs of memory with the leather back, so I wanted to kind of just take a quick look at the pen over here, so Ill just pause. The video real, quick and unbox that so inside what you get is actually actually very similar to other styluses. Like the slim pen for the surface, you get a little USBC charging cradle or dock over here, which actually has a really special feature on this one, and then you get the pin. The pen itself is quite lightweight its definitely not the size of a standard pin, as you can see here in my hand, its a little bit dwarfed, but its got a very similar tip to lets see if we can get the focus over here, a similar tip To what you would have on the Samsung styluses for the tablets and Ive also got a button on it as well. Whats really neat is: is that the little dock over here, while it does charge by USB type c, it actually seems like theres a little battery inside of this as well, and what I mean by that is, is that this pen, slides in magnetically and once it Sits inside even without being connected to power, Ive got this little LED that goes off over here and then I would get a charging indicator actually on the phone, which I think is great, because if your pen was running low while youre out and about on the Go and you had this in something like a bag instead of having to be Tethered to the wall, you could actually just top up with a little charger over here, which, I think is an awesome awesome feature so Ill run you through very quickly the settings on The device itself so under settings on the N2 youll see under the additional settings theres actually a new uh, a entry for stylus and if you click that youll get a little dashboard over here for uh your stylus and as you see its like.

I was saying before showing that my stylus is charging and its not connected to anything its only this little uh dock documentation, because its not in English, unfortunately, but Im under the impression – which I think is such a big feature. So you get your standard features over here that uh, you probably would expect from a stylus on a mobile device Id get a couple of uh options to what you can do with your action as a button switch between the current tool and the Eraser, you can Switch between the current tool and the last views color palette. This is for some drawing apps or you could turn off the button altogether. Um! Sorry about that, I lost connection there for a minute. Uh, you get feeder a handwriting feedback. Actually, it says: get realistic, haptic feedback while using the pencil effect again. This must be for some sort of drawing application. The device didnt come with any, but uh Im certain that theres, probably some apps, that you can Apple Store. That will support this. You can use the stylus to take a screenshot. Okay, do the same thing on the Samsung devices. You can prolong your screens auto lock when youre using the stylus, which I think is, and then youve got some other settings over here like being able to auto update for the firmware, and then it just gives you a little paddle over here from a stylus. You could do the same thing with the Samsung devices um now this device, however, again like a Samsung stylus, connects via Bluetooth, so to set this up initially uh, you have to go into the Bluetooth settings to uh to set up the pen do a little test For you over here and again Music, this feels very very one to one Im very impressed with it I mean I do have to test it a little bit more but uh, for I think the pen cost about 119 bucks, definitely not a cheap one, but if You look comparatively again to like Samsung and some of the other companies everybodys charging 100 bucks for a stylus now, so I definitely recommend it Im going to test it a little bit more and if you have any questions, feel free to drop it down below.