A few months ago, we reviewed quite a few accident options powered by the snapdragon 870 chip or even the old a65 chip, such as xiaoxingpad pro 2021 mi pad 5 pro and huaweis mate pad. Actually, they performed pretty close to each other, but we still remember some impressive details like the xiao zing pass, oled display and one piece metal, lightweight design and the matepad delightful software experience. Today we bring you guys. Another new tablet, the oppo pad powered by the snapdragon 870 chip and lets see whether its going to leave a strong impression on us. The oppo pad comes in two standard, color version and an artist limited edition model. But today we will mainly talk about the standard models. Weve got note that other than the appearance and the included stylus for the limited edition, theres, nothing really different between the two versions. At first glance, the oppo pad looks a bit special since we have seen a lot of boring designs from its competitors. The upper part of the back covers a design with the living, and the rhythm pattern contains the latter of oppo, which does look refreshing. The only camera set at the back features 13 megapixel resolution and supports up to 4k 30fps video shooting the bottom part of the glass cover with the matte finish shines differently from the upper pattern, which is comfortable to touch and visually premium as well. And meanwhile, the back cover doesnt, attract fingerprints and other dirt.

The thickness of oppo pad is seven millimeter and it weighs 507 grams, which is quite a good size control, actually weve, seen a better metal design with an even thinner and lighter body size on the xiaojinpad pro 2021. But considering the lcd display panel used on apple pad, such lightweight design is already good enough, and personally, the apple bed is more impressive, with the better looking design, especially for the purple variants, it looks so special among all the tablets we reviewed before during actual use. It didnt make me feel so tired, even when holding it for a long time. The front face features an 11 inch lcd 2k level display it has a 120 hertz refresh rate and relatively good contrast, though it isnt as good as an oled panel with deep and reach contrast, we would still play hdr content correctly on apple pad. The tablet has a special display feature for enhancing video color, which unfortunately, is only current available for some chinese video apps, but, as you can see, other features like a nature tone display and eye comfort and are well supported, which is quite surprising for an lcd display. Now, look at the 8 megapixel front camera on top of the display which supports facial unlock and up to 1080p 30fps video filming, and please note that theres no fingerprint unlock on the tablet. The tablet is equipped with the latest four unit stereo speakers, which also support dolby atmos, now just check its audio performance.

Music till i here up time is barely out of sight. I dont want to waste whats left the storms, which is all well Applause. Music runs a new operating system, the color os for pet, which is quite similar to the software we experienced on the oppo, find x, foldable phone, you have flexible window mode and a split screen for multitasking and oppo, especially develop the convenience gestures to make complex multitasking Simple in one step, like four finger pinch to window the app and cutting display with two fingers to split it into dual window task mode. The oppo pad also developed a feature for multi device collaboration which allows users to seamlessly connect tablets with an apple phone and project. The phones display on the tablets and users are able to operate the phone on the tablet and easily transfer data, but in our actual use we couldnt connect the tablet with any non china model of alpha phones. So we hope alpo can fix it well in the near future. Otherwise we will have to wait until the release of the tablets. Global version. Well, apple has brings the first stylus apple pencil and a magnetic keyboard as the main accessory for the tablets. Unfortunately, both of them are out of stock. Now about their performance. We will show you more detail in the following comparison: video, please stay tuned and subscribe to our channel about the tablets performance. I think theres no reason to worry, since the snapdragon 870 has proved its capacity on many tablets.

Even so, we did some performance tests and check out how it performs on the stress tests and for longer gaming duration in the benchmarks. The tablets results are almost the same as what we tested on other tablets powered by 870 chip and due to better internal cooling space. The tablets could easily run the stress test in 3d mark with an excellent stability of 99.4 percent and the models temperature even remained under 37 celsius. Such excellent cooling performance continues into longer duration. Gaming running punk g mobile is too easy for the tablets, which achieved what an android tablet could possibly get in this game in gaming impact, though the frame rate fluctuated a bit, but the frame rate during the 30 minutes test eventually remained at 55.7 fps, which feels Even better than running the game on most smartphones as another part of the stress test, the game niemian legend successfully made the tablet throttle down after the first of five minutes and the frame rate was limited at 35 fps. Most of the time, which is still a good result for snapdragon 870 model. Well, the good news is that the tablet wasnt heated up too much at least the tablet surfaces temperature was much acceptable than most smartphones. As for its cameras, weve shot some samples just check it here as a 11 inch tablet, the oppo pad is equipped with the 8 300 million per hour large battery, but it only supports 33 watt charge.

So in our charging test it turned out to be a bit painful to wait around two hours for getting it fully charged. So here we suggest you guys better charge it at night while you sleep, but once it got fully charged the large battery wouldnt. Let you down even after heavy use for over 6 hours, theres still 37 percent of power left on the tablet. I was initially going to talk about the study space mode designed for children. It seems to be pretty helpful for parents, but unfortunately, so far it only supports chinese language, so we will leave it here and we really hope a global version can help full use of this feature so thats all we want to share about this output pad and At this moment, the oppo pad is more like a challenger instead of being innovative. The tablet is more impressive for its appearance, design and balanced overall performance. It fills a gap in the brains tablet offering for apple users. The tablet, no doubt, has good value for money and, if you are not using the oppo device at this price is still a good option worth considering.