Also here and this time they rocket Gadget bring this phone perform first and today well have the Oppo Fine to choke it by Ram plus 256 gig by ROM, and we got the very, very special green Edition and today now lets unbox it and lets check the Stuffs one by one, okay, lets open it yeah its our new way to design this time like this, not like the three or playlist its like the wind open like this, and we open it. Okay, its formed just in front of us here, its the smartphone lets, put the slide at the end check the successors. First, okay get this out and, as we can see now in the books, I can find one two three. The charger is here: well, the Charlies will protected by the by our paper material box and this time for the charger. You support a super walk fast charger and for this for the for the battery this time, its about 400 4520, a Maha big batteries in support to the 67 watt fast charger within 50 minutes, you can get fully charged. So this is what the charger here. Yes, 67 volt, fast charger lets, get it back, then, here its a cable yeah, also its also okay. This is the plaster of the plastic, so also perfect, like a plastic cover. So this is the type C USB cable, white, color and then okay, the last one, is here its another small package as it was inside this okay.

Okay, now lets take it out here, whoa Its a case whoa, so nice. This is uh Oppo, Fine n2ks. It also have a green color and the material is like kind of plastic, but also feels like further the created. You are into two parts, its for the camera for the camera back panel. Protein is for the front, I think, for front well front side. This is the case the provide and also inside here we get that okay, this oh this is the warming notice tell us how to use it special gift cards for us. We can use the free gift to provide for the cloud wallet reduced musics. Oh, the the warranty information quick star here is the SIM card steam, projector and still another box. Okay, this is close, clean, close clean, the screen or the smartphone use it. So this is all stuff inside this box lets put them aside and then okay lets go to the smartphone yeah. Okay lets close it go to the smartphone first lets peel it off the black screen protector, thats the screen, sorry, its a black protect plastic practice. Now the phone is in front of us also lets remove the label whoa. Now the form the Oppo Find N2 is just in front of us uh. As we can see. I think in the market lots of foldable devices now and actually focus on two things versus price, and the second is the weight and today the file open file into.

I think they really did good on these two sides. First, the price is compared to the Galaxy default: four it. Actually, the price is just half its just around one thousand and two hundred dollars, and also the next is the weight is only 237 grams compared to the even line than the some normal phones. Because now this is a foldable device, but captures the normal note, for the performance is also weight like with light in it and also compared to the Apple Apple 14. Pro is also weighted in it. So this time, yeah, the open, funnel N2 is just in front of a stand. Next lets talk the specifications as appearance one by one first lets talk on the appearance and this time for this device is its very, very light. As we can see, we can use my hand to hold it its very, very small uh. I can compare it with other models with a moment: yeah. Okay, now about the weight. I bring two different smartphones here, and this is my very old OnePlus 7 and this weight actually just same like this, its all around 200 and 10 grams, so its very, very heavy, just like normal phones, but compared to this its also a smartphone was a Roger Smartphone and his weight uh 375 grams, so so this phone is really really with light compared to the even is compared to the normal phones and also compared to the other, affordable phones and other heavy Rodger phones.

So this is pretty pretty nice such a way. Light device and also the the lens is only 130 through 0.2 mm, and you will be open it, its just a 140.5 MM and degrees. After we fold, it is only 72.6 mm and wheat also told is 207 30 33 and its very very light, and this time and this this is not the uh for the glass Edition. The white glass Edition is uh its more light yeah. So this is about the the weight and also when we open native on that, its very, very small, even the screen size and its only have a 7.1 inch screen, so its an emulated screen and this this is the inside screen and my folate recommend that here Is a outside screen and put outside screen? We can check that well. Wake up the smartphone for the inside is 7.1, and we fold it for this when we wake up its only a 4.45 inch screen and for the display resolution inside Is 1920 by 1792., and here outside is actually the display performance is, is much higher and the Specification much higher is 2120 by 10 80, and the special thing is that this one is a cover screen yeah. We can check it from this angle. The cover screen not like the street screen inside, so this is pretty pretty cool and also both screen support. 121St, reference rate and inside Pixar brand is 1000 1550 and for the inside here, its 1 350 Niche.

So this is pretty cool and friendly when we use this with Outdoors on the instant shines, so the sunshine screen is pretty pretty friendly for for us and that accounting curricula Vector screen glass is, can really be nice when we drop it. Its temporary yeah through the Corning curricula with the screen – I think this is the glass protect green – can be more durable and also we can no its so easy to get scratched when you put it in the pocket because its fun, its really really small. I think for the its very friendly for the females and its referending for us to pocket, put it in our pocket, so its this is pretty pretty good for the screen and then besides, the screens also have a descent specification on processors. Now lets check it but device here we can find that you just have the Snapchat 8th generation one process, and this processor is the Octa Core processor, its pretty good. It can run a high quality. 60 appears for the key insurance and also can keep stable and no need to worry about it for delay and lag behind. This is the processor, and also here we can find that with a moment. Lets have a the storage 256, and I already showed them Ram. Is 12 gig per RAM and support lpdf 5x and US 4.0 and Export extend 4 gigabyte Rams for the uh for the ram virtual rent? And here you have a 12520 Mr High also I mentioned this is other information here is support.

The the photograph is use. The mpu memory silicon X and also Forum cameras, 1313 rear camera, 50, 48, 32. So the specifications are pretty pretty nice and its also use the colors setting the latest color OS. So this is very nice for the on the specification part, its also so its smaller and not so expensive, but the Suffocation is really high, so its just pretty cool and also next lets talk about the screens. Well, sorry lets talk about the cameras, because this time for this one, the work release has played so the screen. I think we will also ask them about screen this time. There are four screens the main one here, one two, three, the main one, fifty make Peak so ois and the shake make hammer and also have 48 megapixel wide angle and 32 megapixel long lens, and also that here is a 32 megapixel, see a few cameras, but It is very, very nice, we get some examples here, lets put one phone aside and then lets go to the use this font to take the pictures. Yes here, okay, Mary silicon X for the photo uh equipment masking game for over the first first cell developer, image. Mpu yeah: this is pretty cool whoa. Yes, this is the front, a rear camera picture and we can choose different models more here. We get more models and we can choose box brochure Zoom here. I support it 20 times through performance and take a picture also their wide angle here.

Yes, this is pretty cool and yeah. We could get another sample here test the 20 times yeah. Do I tried this one next lets go the frontal one, a special thing. I should mention that its this time they have a well two two form cameras. One here is from here I mean open it unfold. It we used to take a selfie, and the main thing is that when you fold it and Wick it and then whoa its here, then another front camera here in here its another front camera here its also 32 neck Peak. So we can use this to take a selfie as well this, so we have taken two saw pictures and next we go to the settings to check this one by one. Okay, sorry: here the majors is okay, its here yeah three, I agree, agree yeah. So here normal mode, pretty nice 20 times two wide angle: 20 times 2 inside phone camera all sides from the camera eh. Why theres some difference? Actually this voice looks better. Its one yeah looks more dark. This one more white Im sure that I will show the pictures at the end of the videos and next Ill go to the next part. You have the battery and its time for the open file and to provide a 4000 and to 520 Omaha big batteries, and also for the battery parties, have um supports 67 watt fast charging, and also you can get a fully charged within 50 minutes and it can Spend time standby time is 7 hours 15 minutes.

So this is pretty pretty nice for such a small, a small size, foldable phones – and this is really really nice and also for the camera. I think I love it so much because the workers work with has a blade and also you support these in one in front camera, and also here two its about a second ah second front camera. This is pretty pretty nice for such a follow up device and for the follow phones. I think everyone will worry about the hinge and the the screen the inside screen and as far as I see from the offshore side window that this time to use the arrow space, great hinge and also the inside screen is passed for hundred thousand times um test. So we can find that by the flat and also they told us that for this device is our 0.03 mm utg glass on the surface of the the normal screen. So this will be more flat and the display performance will be more good, more support, more durable yeah. So this is very, very nice, so I really love it hes. I can put it in my pocket, its not so heavy and yeah so and also the price is not not so expensive.