This is the Oppo Find N2 now its a chinese only foldable phone, but I still wanted to show it off. Oppo sent it over to me, so I wanted to do a video on it and, first of all, Im going to show you it not set up at all like what you see when you get it, because youre going to end up importing this. If you end up buying it and if you want to pick it up its linked down below through a great site called giztop, Ive bought phones for them and theyre one of the best places to import a phone, especially if youre in another country. This phone is is kind of interesting in that its a different form factor than the Galaxy Z fold. Now, just like the last version, one as well, you can see heres the z fold four and, as you can see, it looks fatter somewhat and its definitely shorter. As well, and one of the big takeaways, though, is when you close the phone you have this outside display here, but then, when you close this one, you have a display that is seemingly a lot better to use because its fatter, because its you know all of That and I wanted to show you again what it looks like Ill – compare those phones at another date, but basically this is what it looks like. This is what it comes with swipe up. You can see your apps and I turn to setting on to do that within the settings in order to be able to do that, because otherwise it just shows their their launcher, which is still running their launcher.

But is this something? You know that I dont love about their launcher swipe over from the left to the right, and you end up getting the ability to see certain things on your phone and also when youre setting this up. You can change it to English right in the beginning. So I dont have to kind of deal with any of the Chinese or other languages that you might not understand. Even though, if you look at this, it still shows some Chinese things at the top there, which I dont know what they fully are opening it up. Again well go to this size just because its easier to see, but you can see theres a lot. This is I didnt move anything on here. This is all the apps that come on here. It kind of is a little bit of a busy body. The way it looks, I feel, like you got your time, you got your weather, you got your date, you got your search, but your search is through the Chinese site, lets just search, uh Ill, just search, hi search and it searches the phone, but it also will Search through a search engine as well on here, some of the default apps, you got your photos app, which I cant remember. If I took one photo, lets see just go through that and what is this agree to information Ill disagree with that, so I havent taken any photos or anything. Yet I literally just got the phone heres your settings, which again is kind of similar to what you would expect with Android a regular Android phone get your special features.

I did do an update on here. So if you have an update, you can come in here and do your update. I dont even know what this is. I think this is some kind of China, yet some kind of Chinese app. I guess I dont need that so lets see. If I can remove this one Im going to press and hold on it and I can just remove it. Lets go to app info and see if I can uninstall it so can disable it for stop or open. So this is an app I cannot get rid of, unfortunately, so well just remove it from here Music. Just so I dont see it. You got your featured apps, just Apple apps theres, some more apps weibo, which is a Chinese social media Network, Tick Tock, at least. If I can move this app remove share. Oh, I can uninstall this one so Ill, uninstall that whatever that was so you just get one home screen right off the bat same thing. If you swipe over, if you swipe down you get your um quick toggles, but you have to go. Do it from the top, maybe theres a setting Ill mess around with this a little bit more to see if there is more settings, but you can see here, I guess apps and things like that swipe down from the right. These are quick toggles. So a lot of if youre used to using an Android phone, its quite similar in that regard, you can turn these off.

I have the buttons turned on just because on a foldable, the phone – I do like it in that to be like that. Swiping up, you see all of your apps. You got your app market, which is going to be their Market, which is Chinese stuff, and this does not come with Google services pre installed. So Im gon na have to install Ill make that in a separate video um. So, if youre thinking about important this, you do importing this, you do have to do a little bit of work. Just remember that it doesnt just come perfectly set up like a Samsung phone. Would so, if youre, a Westerner again youre going to have to do some work to get this set up? Heres your camera and a camera to get your selfie, you got your selfie. You got your back! Camera, Music and Ill. Do a full. You know walkthrough of it again. This is just a video to show you kind of how this looks before it is set up. Lets see if I can uninstall that app yep, whatever that is so its nice, that you can get rid of some of these apps because, obviously Im not I cant, read Chinese and lets be honest. I probably dont want it anyway got a wallet app. You got a video app if I had any videos of this. Maybe this was just for Chinese stuff yeah. It looks like I can. Watch Chinese content on there uh, oh yeah, the other part of the phone.

You have your volume buttons on the side there. You have your fingerprint sensor, which I have to look into the settings right now. I have to literally press it in to make it work, got your hinge very comfortable holding your hand, even though its a little bit wider than a Galaxy Z, fold. 4. Its still pretty comfortable and then even hold it like this, its not too bad because its not so unwieldy at the top, so thats always nice as well on there lets just try to Im going to open up the browser app well go to YouTube. Should work lets just make sure again I havent installed the YouTube or any of that app on here. Search for greggles TV looks like Im not going to come up. Oh, what is this looks like someone copied my video whatever this? I guess this isnt really YouTube whatever this is Ill play this this is. This is one of my old videos put this on just so, you can see what a video looks like what is going on guys credits are Music, really interesting product. You can see behind me. Hopefully you can see anyway. Youve got a wireless charger, you get an LED sensor, light a Bluetooth speaker and then a base, and it all connects together into this, like cube of products. Its kind of interesting so lets open. It up see whats inside, build it and talk about the product, all right guys, I unboxed it.

I put it together this its actually got nice speakers. The speakers are kind of boomy Im very impressed just on a listen to this real quick basis of hearing those speakers, its cool too. The the camera uh the video actually because it looked pretty good in no matter which orientation that you watch it in, which is nice to see. Um again, the one thing I noticed right off, the bat is the comfort of holding this. I love this too. The big display on the front – this would definitely make me want to use it, and this form factor is supposed to be something Akin similar to what youll get with a pixel fold as well, so Ill do a full um overview of this phone. I just wanted to show you what it looked like before it was set up, got your phone app, which I dont have a SIM card in here. Currently text messaging, app browser app use a gap kind of funny it I guess thats, not. I dont know what that is: maybe thats for Chinese music. Only. You got your reader app Music Game Center update over wi fi. Okay, so its like it looks like some Chinese games. You can get theme store so kind of cool stuff. What do you guys think if you want to pick this up its linked down below you will have to set it up a little bit. It is a cool looking phone.

I, like the form factor a lot, actually Im curious to continue using this more um.