Today we are going to be looking at what we want from future amazon fire tablets, you’re looking at amazon, fire’s biggest fan, but i’m, not happy. This thing, doesn’t do everything i want ram on these devices. There is between one and a half gigabytes up to three gigabytes of ram. Unfortunately, on the on the larger fire tablet, the one that’s uh the 10.1 inch one. There is only two gigabytes. What is going on? There’S lots of games now such as fortnite that uh require much more ram in order to run. At the moment our entertainment value from the fire tablets is waning because there isn’t enough ram. I get that amazon don’t need to put much more ram in there. For you to consume their content, because two gigabytes is more than enough to be streaming their video services, which is probably the most demanding content you can get from amazon from their ecosystem. However, we want to play games. We want to see their app store, get even bigger, brighter and wonderful. Give us the ability to play some games that are a bit more demanding stop removing the things that we can do with the version of android that’s on these devices. At the moment, the latest update for fire os runs on android 9 pi, which in theory supports things like multi window split screen, but we can’t do any of that. But can you imagine that you’ve got a split screen on this whopping device on the top? You’Ve got amazon.

Prime video playing on the bottom. You’Ve got messenger you’re messaging, your friends. At the same time as watching video that’s, the sort of thing we want to be doing with these tablets. Now we don’t want to be having to switch between apps in order to do something as an amazon. Prime customer, you can store full resolution or high resolution images and you are not limited to the amount of uploads that you can have now. That’S great. But the state of the cameras on these devices mean that you’re not really going to use an amazon device to actually take your photos, which seems a bit daft. I mean you could do but you’re not gon na get very many happy memories in uh 2 megapixel resolution give us a slightly better rear camera. For goodness sake, just giving us 5 megapixels will be enough to take some half decent photos without a horrific pixelated. Grainy mess the amazon fire, hd 8 plus was a fantastic product or is a fantastic product is still available and the wireless charging was pretty uh impressive. Now can we have it on all of the tablets? Please bezels they’re massive, absolutely massive. On the current generation, fire hd10, the bezels at the top and at the bottom, are two centimeters thick. That means there’s a huge four centimeters of space on the front. That means there’s a whopping 64 squared centimeters of wasted space on the front of the device and that’s just the top and the bottom or the left, and the right, depending on which way around you’ve got the device that’s ridiculous.

What i want to see from the next amazon fire tablet is much smaller bezels. I think we’re ready now amazon we’re ready to have smaller bezels on the uh on the bigger devices. Now i would never want to shame someone for using cheap technology because i use it, but those bezels are terrible. It is almost embarrassing to get an amazon tablet out in public now, okay, i know what you’re thinking stop being so negative. Okay, i will the fire hd 10 in particular – has an octa core processor, which is really good. Really powerful, really fast, just needs the ram to go with it. Additionally, the resolution on the fire, hd 10 is acceptable. Uh don’t think we need to go any higher with that on the hd 8 it’s 720p, which is still again good enough for the size and the 7 inch could do with a slight upgrade, not not complaining too much given the price of that device. Usbc on the hd 8 and the hd 10 devices is a fantastic upgrade that we’ve already had and battery life battery life is acceptable um, if, if not brilliant, to be honest on most of them, the fire seven is a bit poor, but i get at that Price there needs to be corners cut, so those are my thoughts on what i would like to see on the next amazon fire tablets. Now, please do. Let me know what you think in the comments and if you haven’t yet subscribed, then please do click that button.