Android tablet PC its a rival to the likes of Microsoft, Surface Pro and the iPad Pro as well, but run in full Android and with a more energy efficient e paper display, so lets whip the boostabletron out the box. Take you on a full on tour and check out some of the various accessories you can get for it as well and for more on the latest and greatest deck. Please do plug subscribe and ding that notifications Bell cheers so inside the Boost type Ultra box. You get one boost tab Ultra now. You also get a bonus box containing a USB type c charging cable, one stylus pen and a Porky pin to get your Sim in there. Both the available bundles come with the books. Tab Ultra cover stuffed in there as well. You also get a lovely, if somewhat over the top stylus case, to keep that protected on the door, as well as a tort bag and extra tips for that stylus. And if you bung a bit of extra cash at books, youll also get the keyboard cover. But more on that bad boy in a bit and the bundles for the books table for do start at 649 Euros or 599 dollars. They certainly aint cheap lets check out the design of the boots, tab Ultra and no real surprises whatsoever. If you are a fan of books and their various e tablets, what youve got here is a 10.3 inch device with reasonably skinny.

Bezels youve got a slightly thicker bezel down this left hand, side, which just makes it more comfortable to clutch and its bad boy, whiz and thats naughty bits under 500 grams half a kilo, so its certainly got a decent heft to it. Flip around to the back and the boots tab Ultra Sports, a matte finish, which does a pretty good job of masking fingerprints and grime. It is only available in this singular color, however, which is Phantom black. Its actually more of a gray. To be honest, looks pretty smart and I do like the funky design of the magnetic strip here down at the bottom. Certainly, a little bit of difference helps to break up the otherwise monotony of the rather plain finish, and even though its a good old size. The Boost tab Ultra is on the 6.7 millimeters thick, so certainly skinnier than a lot of Rivals as far as ports and buttons and whatnot go Fairly straightforward stuff. Here, youve got your type c. Usb charging port down here on the bottom Edge shoved away right in the corner, right next door to that symmetry youll also find a speaker Grille down here on the bottom Edge and the top Edge as well, which is Handy if youre holding the boots tab Ultra. Like so youll get a stereo output and up at that top Edge is also where youll find that the power button in speaker, which lets give that a little puck and get the books tab Ultra also set up the setup process.

Pretty straightforward allows you to customize your tab Ultra, including when it actually chooses to hibernate. You can also sort out the gesture control for some reason. It doesnt actually ask you to connect to Wi Fi in the setup, though youll have to do that manually in the settings once its done in here is also where youll be able to set up your sim card. If you bung one of those buggers in so when you boot up your Onyx boots tab Ultra, this is the UI that youre presented with pretty simple and straightforward. You certainly wouldnt realize that Fierce value that this is Android its running. Well, not unless you clock to the Play, Store, icon right there, of course smartass. Unfortunately, if you dive on into the about device section of the settings, you will see that the tab Ultra is running old, Android 11. and its certainly a shame that it isnt running a more up to date. Version because were on Android version 13. Now, but anyhow, back on the main UI up here at the top youll see youve got fast. Access to your library of books got strong support, as always here on the tab Ultra for all kinds of different formats, you can also fast access. Your notes, these are, are both Android widgets, which can be removed or resized simply by long pressing on them. So lets get rid of the notes, one for instance, and then we can add in another one.

For some reason, these are all shunted way over to the left edge of the page, which doesnt look particularly nice, but youve got the usual selection to choose from including the calendar, action, clock, music controls, Etc. And then the rest of your desktops are taken up with shortcuts to all of your apps. This can expand into additional pages. Of course, if you download more apps and then if you swipe to the right, what you have here is an additional page of widgets, which again can be completely customized, including a quick launch bar an even bigger Library. Widget youve got fast access to the store as well and youve got to see the boot store isnt the best around. Certainly, it seems to be mostly just loaded with out of copyright, really old stuff, great news, if you fancy yourself some Chaucer or Shakespeare, but otherwise Id say just basically download your own books from other sources and then bung them on here and particularly tickled by the Humor section here, youve got some Mr punch books very up to date, otherwise the tall Coffer and get the hell out of here, the apps you have pre downloaded on here fairly basic stuff. Youve got a web browser music player back photo gallery all that good stuff. You cant jump on into that place to at any point and download some more stuff, and this will of course require signing in with your Google account and then with that done, you can basically download whatever you want from the App Store as long as its compatible, Which seems to be more stuff to be fair, just bear in mind that the likes of games, obviously on design with e paper screens in mind, youre only limited by the 128 gigs of onboard storage, so quite a respectable amount of space on there for security that Power button actually has a built in fingerprint sensor to save your enter a password, a pin every time you load this thing up.

You can set this up nice and easy by jumping into the settings via the handy little shortcut down here and then dive on into password and security youre required to set up a PIN number before you can set up the fingerprint sensor and, as you can see From this slightly terrifying warning, this model does not support password reset, so make sure you bloody, remember it and then once youve done that you can add your fingerprint simply by repeatedly tap in the center and now, with the Boost tab Ultra hibernating, all we need to Do is tap our finger to that sensor and, as you can see, it bypasses the pin now, as mentioned the books, tab Ultra comes bundled with bookss, very own stylus, and when the stylus isnt in use, you can just slap it straight onto the right edge of The tab Ultra where it is magically held in place using the powers of magnets and, as you can see there, its a fairly strong connection so hopefully wont go flying, even if you give it a good, sharp, knock thats. Also a good bit of entertainment to boot. With the stylus, you can create some artistic masterpieces. One of the benefits of that e paper screen is the fact that it does actually feel like you are sketching on a bit of paper. You even get the same sound feedback that you would get from the tip of a pencil dragging on a bit of paper.

As you can see their screen perfectly responsive. You get instant feedback, its a really enjoyable experience. Now Ive only had some creative Talent. You could also use this stylus 2, for instance, annotate any books that you happen to have here on the tab. Ultra again, this works out really perfectly no worries whatsoever. Just try your best to resist drawn male genitalia, all over your ear level textbooks and, if youre planning on doing a lot of emailing or writing lots of documents on your books, tab Ultra well, the on screen virtual keyboard is fine. Its not super slow like, for instance, typing on some Kindles Etc, but its not exactly a satisfying experience. So what youll want to do, then is get the keyboard dock for the books. Tab Ultra just turn the tablet, so it is in landscape mode and snap. It onto the little dock section and then attach to the keyboard youve got a cover which Rises up to meet that back end and just helps to prop it up in place. And this turns your boots tab Ultra into a makeshift laptop similar to what you can do with the Microsoft Surface, Pro the iPad Pro Etc. And, despite the fact you havent got much space to work with here. Each key is a decent size and separated from its neighbors and a chiclet style fashion got everything on here. You could hope for and expect including cursor keys. My only real complaint is the tiny little single raw Enter key squished here on the right Edge than the fact that it is quite a noisy keyboard as well.

Certainly, if youre taping a Pierce and not you know giving the old delicate touch, you do have some handy function, keys which can be accessed pressing. The function button down here, including screen brightness youve got the likes the volume controls, but there is no backlight in here. So you will struggle to use this thing in the evenings. If you dont have some actual lights on and while the keyboard dock is attached, you can still slap that stylus up top here and theres, even a handy little flap thing to keep it in place and when youre completely done this keyboard doc does act as a Makeshift cover just to help keep your device protected, although it does add even more to that weight and a good bit of extra girth as well. So now lets turn our attention to that MIT 10.3 inch e paper display, with its anti glare finish, so pretty good at keeping visibility High. Even when youve got direct sunlight reflecting off that screen and if you do still find youre struggling just swipe down the control center and you can boost up the brightness using these little sliders here and youve got full control over the temperature as well. The lightning seems to be perfectly well balanced, actually looks like a premium e paper display and it is well suited to the likes of graphic novels, gone 1872 by 1404 pixel resolution, giving you 227 DPI. So, certainly when you are kicking back with a comic book or something with lots of illustrations, youll find those visuals remain nice and sharp plenty of fine detail packed in there.

Youve actually got four different, refresh mods jump into the tab, ultra settings and you can change the refresh rate for all of your installed. Apps your HD modes, apps that you find for just reading. You know your standard textbooks youve got the balance mode, the likes of email, apps, more steps run absolutely fine on fast mode. You know it likes of web browser and stuff like that, and then youve got Ultra fast when you need that really rapid screen refresh. And yes, if you absolutely must you can also stream video on the books table for using that Ultra fast refresh setting its not exactly the best way of taking in a video, not even my Baldi bonds. But you know its an option in a pinch and yeah youve got that stereo speaker setup that I mentioned before so lets bump up the volume and see if its actually any good. Both of these blowers sport Googles pressure, tensor G2 chipset, which offers an incremental Improvement of original thats, not too shabby to be fair, respectable output, not the loudest around certainly cant match the likes of an iPad Pro, for instance, but pretty decent overall now running. The show here on the boogs tab Ultra is one of qualcomms Snapdragon chipsets. It is the Snapdragon 662, though, which is a few years old. Now that seems to do the job. Absolutely fine, however, here on the tab, Ultra helped Along by the factory Ive got that instant Refresh on the screen anyway, theres always a noticeable pause, yeah.

Well, my app seems to run absolutely fine but web browser and all that stuff, no worries whatsoever. If you want to dive into the social media apps, all these also run absolutely fine, pretty fast refresh again and yes, the video content seems to play absolutely fine. If you are wanting to play a game, though, I would keep it uh simple, the most basic titles and dont forget that anything that requires color well, that aint gon na work too well. As for the battery life, for that seems pretty solid here on the boobs tab Ultra, you got a 6 300 milliamp hour capacity cell chromed inside that slender chassis and so far, Ive been using a mixture of features here on the tab for about two hours or So shooting this video and its only down to 88. So with those kind of returns it should easily be able to handle a full day of emailing sketching web browsing, even the occasional bit of YouTube. If you absolutely must again – and the last feature worth checking out on this books, tab Ultra tour is the 16 megapixel rear camera which, as you can see, there is designed primarily for scanning documents to use this just tap the scan documents app. This will automatically start up that camera. Once youve taken your shot, you can then edit. The image then hit Next Step, where youve got a small selection of options, including creating a note out of it or a PDF, and there you have it.

I love these that and a lovely little nutshell is the Onyx boost, tab Ultra and certainly that never gets boring thats for damn sure quite a Nifty. Little e ink tablet overall, but pretty pricey as well. So what do you reckon? Is it worth that Sky High cost, especially if you want the likes the keyboard dock chucked in there as well? Let me know what you think down in the comments below.