Are you considering buying an onyx books? Node Air 2 plus this e reader is packed with features, but what do they all mean? Weve broken down the specs and features of this device, so you can make an informed decision. Stay tuned to find out more display and Design. The Onyx books node Air 2 plus, is a great e reader that offers an easy reading experience. It features a 10.3 inch E Ink Carta HD display with a resolution Of 1872 by 1404 and 227 PPI with 16 Shades of Gray and the snow field function. The device is powered by an octa core processor and four gigabytes of RAM, while storage capacity is 64 gigabytes. In addition, it has a USB type c port, with OTG support and dimensions 229.40 by 195.40 by 5.80 millimeters weighing 445 grams. The tablet also supports PC case and magnetic stylus for more precise note, taking plus its large 3700 milliamp hours battery will keep your device running all day long with so many features its no wonder that the Onyx books node Air 2 plus, is the perfect device for Anyone who needs an easy to use tablet for their note taking needs storage options. The Onyx Spooks node Air 2 plus has 64 gigabytes of storage and is equipped with an octa core 1.8 gigahertz processor. Additionally, it has Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi Fi 5 connectivity, a cold and warm LED front light and a 3 000 milliamp hours battery.

The tablet runs on Android 11 OS for fast performance and the latest features with all these features combined. The Onyx books node Air 2 plus, is the perfect device for busy professionals who need a powerful, yet compact device to get work done on the go accessories included with the device. The Onyx books node Air 2 plus, is an ideal device for those who prefer a tablet format. It features a single USBC charging port and power button, so you can easily keep it powered up. There are no volume buttons for adjusting the sound, but you can still adjust it through the devices settings for those looking for a comprehensive enote package, the onyxbox Note 5 bundle is the perfect choice. It includes the e note case, pen 2, Pro with eraser and five replacement nibs everything you need to get started with your digital note. Taking the onyxbox note, Air 2 plus also provides native support for running the Onyx books. Node Air 2 cap. Perfect. If you need to take notes on the go, if you prefer a more muted look, theres, even a black model available with an impressive 25 watts, power, consumption and remote included in the package, this device offers great value for money. Final thoughts on the Onyx books. Note Air 2 plus the Onyx Spooks node Air 2 plus, is the top of the line e reader, digital notebook that offers powerful, specs and an impressive range of features. It comes with an octa core processor for gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of storage.

More than enough for a great reading experience, the device weighs 14.8 ounces and has a 10.3 inch e ink card display, with a 1404 by 1872 resolution and four to three aspect: ratio allowing for crisp text and image display. The note Air 2 plus also runs on a modified version of Android 11.