Theyve just released a ton of devices, including this one, the air 2. This is a continuation of the air line, the second generation in the airline and the third release. If you count the nova air 7.8 inch spin off, this is a 10.3 inch hd carda screen 1872 by 1404 227 ppi octa core 4 gigs of ram 3000 milli amp battery microphone, speaker glow light tablet with any ink screen. This thing is a beast in the 10.3 inch realm and pretty much trumps. Everything else running a 10.3 inch screen spec wise onyx has always been very high. Availability. Onyx has always been very available and reliability. Wise onyx has been pretty reliable. They also have google play and the ability to side load in your own apps. Even if you dont want to use google play, they have a wacom screen and a capacitive screen, so there arent too many cons. What are the cons? Well, lets crack it open today to see whats in the box first and then well, move on to the review in a future video and try to drum up some cons of our own were just going to put this off to the side for now read the Rest of the box well, look at the rest of the box. Lets read every single word in this quick start guide. No, it is very big and there are many different languages. In fact, you can see right here. There are 15 different languages taken a book out of the book of pocketbook.

I said book three times where they have a lot of international language support now, so thats really cool as onyx becomes more of an international presence. Hence the name onyx books international hold on to this. This is your warranty card, and this sticker is an actual sticker that corresponds to the box sticker. So they know that if you have to warranty your device that everything is corresponding properly hold on to all this information, keep that aside, what do we have in the box im actually excited to see what kind of pen they went with? Did they go with the air pen, the nova air pen or the new pen thats on the lumi lets see what they went with here. So, yes, they went to the lumi 2 pen. You can see that this has the orange contrasting accents without the conical nib. The conical nib aka, the nib, that is pointed like a triangle, only seemed to be on the nova air and the note air, but not on the lumi, even though theyre using the same pen its getting a little confusing, but dont worry thats. Why were here? We are here to help and were here to explain all this in future review: videos, usb c, cable included and thats. Everything that comes in the box lets look at the unit itself, because this is very exciting here it is, they usually slide out pretty easily. This one does not because it is stuck via this.

Oh it slides out this way. I got it so this slides out sideways like so, and if we grab our stylus, it should be able to snap to the side. Now they said they increased the amount of magnetic snap. It does seem to be a little stronger, although the the rotation isnt as good, but the strength of the magnet itself is quite nice. Now they have added more of these little orange accents around the usb and stuff. They had this strip there before kind of their iconic colors of their new line. And, of course the note air line is made out of an entire block of aluminum. So thats really cool, it looks really nice. This has speakers has a microphone, you can do dictation and it is a flush screen embezzle taking a book out of the whole remarkable thing, with their contrasting side ledger on the one side. This is everything that comes in the box with a brand new onyx books, note air 2.. This is a 2021 holiday season, release well get into review and comparisons, and all that fun stuff coming out in the future. For now for and an unboxing of the brand new onyx books, note air 2 note taking 10.3 inch android tablet.