Introducing the max lumi 2 bionix books, the most fully loaded e paper device of all time. It has 6 gb of ram with 128 gigs of onboard storage, a glow light and a 13.3 inch note taking screen using the new karda 1250 technology. It has google play speakers and a microphone for voice dictation. It can be used as a secondary, monitor under its own power and all of this costing less than nine hundred dollars lets. Take a look at the lumi ii Music. Looking at the pen to start things off its a little bit strange, its an all new air style pen, but its actually a different, build, its shorter, its a different color and its not using the air tips its using the stock tips. For the note line, the note air pen itself does work on this unit, but the nibs arent transferable. Also despite having a magnet snap built into the pen itself, it cant snap to the device the home screen is laid out in a way thats very familiar. They have their center operating area with everything on the side, library, store, notes, storage, apps and settings. Everything is extremely fast. You do have your floater ball as well. You can move this around and you can actually get rid of it all together, but it does have some interesting features if youre in a menu, you can swipe up from the bottom, and this will actually go back and it will take you home as well like So if you tap the top or swipe down you get everything you need up top e ink center, bluetooth, wi, fi everything icon based here, well explain what all these are in a second, your glow light up top will show you at the end and your audio, Because this does have stereo speakers on it.

You can also edit a lot of this from here. You can drag what you want to be on the top and you can put them over here now. Those icons actually dont have the names underneath, but if you do edit, it shows you what they are: rotate screencast, split, screen, etc. You can pause the video here if you get a little bit lost because it is a new ui. Your settings is where everything is going to be youre going to have your account login. If you want to manage your stuff via onyx, you do have all of your languages date time power, calibration system bar system display gesture settings. Gesture settings are interesting because this will just basically tell you exactly what to do here, home back center volume on the left and warm light on the right. You can turn these off or on if you dont want those features. For example, if you dont want the home swipe, just toggle it off and swiping from the top will never take you back home. A new feature on this ui is the e ink center. You have dark color enhancement, thatll, be your boldness light color filter. This will be how light something is going to be, and you have your refresh modes down below. You have normal speed, a2 and the infamous x mode going to the settings you can choose when you want to use what mode on scrolling and you have scroll refresh settings up to five seconds.

The bookstore on onyx is fairly lackluster, although you dont have to worry too much because you can sideload in your own content. Most of these things are just going to be royalty, free or project gutenberg titles. The reason why they have google play on here is because their app store is pretty bare bones: theres six pages and only 48 total apps and thats a far stones throw away from google play that has millions of apps. The note taking experience is extensive and we are going to do a standalone note taking video because theres a lot here. You can obviously take notes on the screen right out of the gates. You can customize your pen from a bunch of different things: five different pens. Sixteen different colors, three of which do not show up on the screen, because red, green and blue cant, you have line width and, of course, the entire device has pressure sensitivity as well. You can also set up multiple pens, so you can add a second pen to toggle between. So you can do pencil light super thick and you can toggle between these anytime. You wish this is the first time any device maker has done this without the use of a secondary button. Five total pens can be added up top because none of their pens now have erasers youre gon na have to rely on the erase function on the left. You do have some shapes as well. You can double tap that to bring up all these geometric shapes, they have a bunch of different shapes, different styles, broken dots, dotted morse code style.

You simply click on something and you make a perfect geometric shape every single time. The eraser has mobile eraser, stroke area, erase current layer and erase all layers. So if we erase the current layer, we can actually add more layers. You can add as many layers as you want to a total of five plus template, so thats six layers total. If we go to layer four, for example – and we click on our pencil, then we go over to say layer three and we click on our marker. If we were to lasso a certain area and move it away, its only affecting the top layer and every other bottom layer is unaffected, the lasso tool can also be a very useful addition to being able to move something around stretch. It change the dimensions or even rotate and copy and paste it. You can copy it. You can stamp it on another page. If youve drawn something very technical, skys the limit, you can add text on screen and change it after the fact, as well go ahead and tap out of that and youll have your element on the screen like that. You can even use the microphone to record right onto the device itself and then, when you press, stop youll see it saved on the note taking canvas which can be accessed from the icon here, but not with the pen itself. You cant actually tap it. You have to use your finger, you can even use the microphone to record right onto the device itself and then, when you press, stop youll see it pressing.

The a i button will allow you to do original recognition exactly where it is or reflow recognition and send it to the top left corner like so down here at the three dots you have even more settings manage your recordings. Insert images share via apps on your device itself, export the image to a pdf or an img full refresh, delete, save, etc theres a lot you can do here and again were going to get into this in a full standalone note, taking video so check our youtube Channel for that, the ebook experience is completely normal, theres, not really much going on asides from the fact that it is a gigantic screen and you can write right on the book itself. You can do long, presses, a bunch of stuff shows up and you have some various options down below, like notes etc. So you can take a note – and you can actually use dictation here as well. Im going to take a note on this, and it just shows up right away so thats the beauty of that. Oh, its actually still! Writing as i do it. So i can just cancel out of there. There are a ton of ways for you to change. Fonts styles spacing theres a absolute massive amount of settings here as well. As contrast split view, dark, color enhancement, sharpen image, progress bars its a lot so asides from just being able to read and being crisp in it of itself.

There are a ton of customizable options with this unit, perhaps thats all i know this pleasantry was received with a general laugh, its likely to be a very cheap funeral said the same speak surprisingly. The tts or text to speech is really good for side loaded content. Usually it is a person trying to speak english. That usually has another accent. In this case it was a fairly natural experience on pdfs. You can start writing right away now. Pdfs are going to look the way you make them its only as good as you make them. For example, you can embolden you can lower the sharpness of the image lower the watermark bleaching up the overall dark, color enhancement, its going to look the way you kind of control it to make everything changes very fast. Everything changes, kind of live and the customization actually can get a little bit overwhelming because theres just so much here, but thats a good thing, because it really allows you to craft your own experience, Music, a huge thing, youre going to be doing with this unit. It being 13.3, of course, is split screen. You can do two types of split screens as well. You can do horizontal mode or vertical mode in horizontal mode, youre going to have a split screen left and right horizontally with a vertical line. Now you can do things on one side like the web browser and you can take notes on the other, so you can take notes over here and scroll up and down on here now you do have to activate each side, for example, if im over here and Then i try writing its not going to do anything.

I have to wait until it activates. This is pretty industry standard with a lot of devices like fujitsu, etc, and they both work autonomously. The pinch and zoom over here will not affect the one over here and its not just note taking you can go back and you have your ui. You can go to your apps. You can go to your books, clock dictionary, anything you have installed in landscape mode. You virtually get an entire keyboard, its not very intuitive, because the q and the a are never supposed to be stacked on top of each other. Keyboards are always staggered, but it is quite nice that you do have kind of a keyboardy type experience on any ink panel. Alternatively, you have vertical split screen mode as well, in which it splits horizontally to vertical segments. So you have your web browser up here or anything you want and then your entire ui down below notepads gallery everything and, as you can see, everything still moves live in the background, while im selecting all these things down here, the slideshow on our website is just Kind of flipping, by so its very nice how you have two absolutely autonomous pieces of ui and its split right down the middle. Does it have the biggest 6400 milliamp battery like the dashong 103? No, it has a 4300. Was it the first e paper device to have six gigs of ram and 128 gigs of storage? No, the high sense a7 cc did that, but it cant be overlooked that the lumi 2 does absolutely everything theres, nothing.

It doesnt have theres nothing. It cant do its an all around everyday use case device, whether using it to watch youtube videos and want to save your eyes or youre using it to advance your educational career. This device can most certainly provide for