, so lets see whats in the box and get the first impression of the e reader when starting it up for the first time. So here we have our box, so lets turn it around and have a look at the specs. So we have our seven inch in Cut screen again no mention of ink out to 1200. a resolution of 300 BPI. We have a front LED with warm and cold color temperature adjustment, a quad core CPU, 2 gigs of RAM and 32 gigs of internal storage. We have a capacitive touchscreen Android 11, which is customized by Onyx for the eating screen, Wireless connectivity with Wi, Fi and Bluetooth. Usb c slot a 2000 milliamps battery, a Mac speaker and micro, SD card extension and the size and weight of the e reader. Okay, so lets open it up and put this one aside, and there is the action box again very nice and lets open this one up there we have our e reader lets, get it out and it first Beyond at the e reader, which is still in its Packaging and lets see what else in the box we have our USBC, cable or USB a to USBC, and we have our micro SD card expansion. Opener lets get this one out for later and besides that, we have our warranty card and a quick start guide. So there we have our e reader lets, get it out of the packaging and – and we have it so thats the first time, Im handling it in detail and having a closer look, so the buttons feel nice initially, of course, we are going to have a closer Look in the full review and lets turn it around and see the back side.

As you can see its. It does have the hooks logo pretty large, but still sudden enough for my taste, so its not annoying as far as I am concerned, so lets have a look around the frame and there we have the power button on the top and its actually only at the Top, If you hold the e reader in your left hand, because if you turn it around 180 degrees and hold it in your right, the power button is on the bottom, which is not ideal in my opinion, but many manufacturers do it. This way at the side of the device, we have the speaker, the micro SD card expansion, the microphone and the USBC slot and lets open up the MicroSD card expansion, foreign. So the buttons feel very nice and clicky have even pressure points. So Im actually surprised they feel quite nice Id say not as nice as on a Kindle Oasis, which has still the better pressure points but better actually than on the cobal Libra 2. and on the pocketbook era, so thats pretty nice. What isnt as nice? As on the other e readers is the seamless design. I already mentioned that in another video and having it in person. Here, I think, having the two buttons so close together and pretty small might actually be an issue when using it. But lets wait for the full review to see if thats, actually an issue in daily use, but, like I said, my initial impression is pretty good.

So lets quickly have a look and a quick comparison with the Kindle Oasis. Both have a 7 inch display with green PPI and h10 buttons. The Kindle Asus, of course, has this asymmetrical design on the back as well. But, to be honest, the Onyx books leave two feels pretty nice in the hand as well. So lets put up the onyxbox leaf too to quickly check out the user interface and display it before having a closer look in the full review. So, as you can see, Im just entering the information necessary for the first put up and continue, and I want to use the navigation bar so lets set it up. Here we are on the home screen, oh and there we have four skills of the onyxbox keyboard on our first board, so Im going to mod this one and close it and there we can see its the user interface, which we already know from other onyxbox devices. Lets open up the control center by swiping down and have a quick look at the front light, so that can get pretty bright, which looks very nice so initially Id say this looks pretty even but I can see a slight brightness gradient, which is not that surprising. For this asymmetrical design, Im not sure if you can see it on camera, but in the full review. I am going to have a closer look at it and with other lighting conditions, so lets turn it around and it looks like the auto rotation is off.

So lets turn it on and there we have it so its green thats how to rotate the setting is enabled and again for skills of the onyxbox keyboard. So this looks like a bug in this softer version, which I expect to be fixed pretty quickly, but lets see maybe only a problem with my unit. So lets quickly see the settings for the buttons so theres a long press option or the two buttons which we can set different functions to, as you can see, thats, actually a pretty welcome, surprise so thats very useful in daily use, usually so thats it with my First impression of the user interface and the display and Im quite happy. This looks like a very nice device lets see how it feels in the hand again holding it in the right hand, like I said it actually feels very nice, very light, 47 inches. So 185 grams for the black model, the white model is actually a bit lighter with 170 grams because it does have a recessed screen. So, on the back side, as you can see, it attracts fingerprints like crazy, so thats, something Im not too fond of, but luckily you dont turn it around too often. But of course, you can also always use a case to not have this problem so thats it for my first look at the Onyx books Leaf 2 and the unboxing its up to the channel to not miss the full review.