Now this looks a lot like the Amazon Kindle Oasis of old uh, but its got a few different things that they do differently. So without further Ado lets take a look at whats inside the box and see how this thing reads: Ive had a Kindle Oasis for a couple years now and for whatever reason the latest Kindle update does not work with my Oasis, I mean it did the update, But some of my books were not opened up anymore, specifically the books on the Amazon Kindle unlimited app. It wont open up the newer books for some reason, and I dont know if I can fix that or not so. Instead of buying another Amazon Kindle Oasis, I decided to go with a different brand Im, really not familiar with the Onyx books line that Ive had a couple years now I have the Onyx books, Nova air, which is an ebook reader and a note taking device, and I most recently got the IX books, note Air 2 plus, which is a 10.3 inch device. That also reads books, but this is a dedicated e reader without any inking capabilities whatsoever. So lets see what we get in the box and there is a whole lot in here, but there does need to be with an ebook reader. So you get the device itself in the accessories panel. You get um, you get a USB type, a to c for data transport and charging, and you also get a SIM card or SIM PIN removal tool and you you need that to open up the uh, the expanded memory tray the SD card tray.

So this does have expandable memory: okay, um. I think it ships with 32 or 64 gigabytes already, but you can expand it. I believe up to 512 gigabyte card easily with were working this device, so this device doesnt have a whole lot to it. Youve got your two speakers on the bottom for audio books here here and here. Youve got your charging port, which is USBC. Youve got your power button here on the front of the panel. Youve got your page up Im. Sorry, your page up page down Im! Sorry page down buttons page turn buttons here and then backwards here and you got the nice Books logo here. This is a very glossy device, so you will see fingerprints on the black sections, especially not so much on the screen because its white, but on the on the panel, the black panel sides, you will see a lot of fingerprints. Ive had this for a couple weeks. You can see my fingerprints are all over it and Ive even tried to wipe it down, but its you just forget about it. Um youre, gon na need a case for it. You can see here also where you would need that pin ejector tool. You would stick that right in there and then that memory card tray pops out right there right for your sim card Im. Sorry for your SD card lets pop this on and see what it does lets see how it reads: books here, power button is actually here in the top left lets hold that down there.

We go so thats how you know its turning on. There takes a few seconds to boot. Up these e ink devices dont have the fastest processors in them, but thats, okay, because youre only reading books, so its not really a major issue whatsoever. Lets get this put it up here. I just love the screen size. It fits in your back pocket if you want to fits in a gym bag or a backpack easily or even your jacket, breast pocket. Here we go so if youre familiar with the Onyx books, devices youll be right at home with this setup with this screen setup. This is very similar to their other devices on the bottom left. You see your default screen. Opening your default screen, startup page, which is the library your ebook section, lets open up a book here, real quick now with this device. You can also, of course, this is the Neo reader. This is the app that comes with the device by default and its your default reading app. You can download more because you do have access to the uh the Google Play Store. If you go through a few changes, not not difficult, but its kind of a pain in the butt, but not really, but once you enable the Play Store, you can access other e reader apps as well, but the Neo reader. I prefer because its already installed and ready to go its optimized for this device as well and once youre in there you can change the format size.

You can change the font size, you can change. You know the text, you can. You can pretty much change any type of text format you can do you. Can you can change it within this device? You can change the pro the contrast you can change the color. This has two different lights: Amber and uh blue for warm and cool, and you can adjust them either separately or together to get the perfect um shade of screen Hue for you right also, if youre, if youre familiar with the books, apps youll notice that you have The movable ball there that pulls up some contact, sensitive menus as well like a quick power button, I dont see a screen grab, but I do see a sync button and you can actually sync this uh your reading place with other books devices as well. Um Onyx gives you five gigabytes of storage space. If you sign up and register your device through them, you get five gigabytes of storage, space and thats a lot of space for bookmarks. If you take notes, as well as read books that might come in handy, but if youre only reading books youre not going to need five gigabytes of bookmarks Im, just saying its a lot of reading um the way I think about this device overall, I love it. Im a big fan of the books line for modix anyway right, I love their devices already, but its a wonderful Kindle replacement.

You can see its kind of shaped like a Kindle its got the longer Edge on the left to hold it and its also oriented based on how you hold it as well. You can turn that on and off so if youre right handed and you flip it to the other side, you can use these page turn buttons, as you would on the left side right and you can do that by going into the menu here swipe down, and You can go into screen orientation rotate there we go and you get your auto rotate on right turn that off and now when I flip this over for right handed view, it changes and then my pages work just like that boom love this device really light lighter Than my Amazon Kindle by the way now, I had a second generation Kindle Im – sorry Kindle Oasis rather wider than my Kindle Oasis um. I do need to get a case for this, though I should also point out that this device comes in two different colors, the Black version that I have here and then the White Version and the only difference he had the same price and everything was 199. But the only difference is that the white version doesnt have the glossy screen protector on the screen protector on top um, its got a its got, Its a device that has this the screen without the protector. So you might get a Sharper Image you can see.

You can see the shadow here slightly where the bezel is, you might get a Sharper Image, but your e ink screen is exposed to scratches and the other damage. So for that reason I chose the Black version with the screen cover on it um but again theyre. The same price, so its a matter of personal preference. So do I recommend this to anyone looking for a new eBook reader, if you already have an Amazon Kindle or an oasis, I dont see a big reason to get this one other than the expandable storage. Maybe, but if youre in the market for a new one you dont have either of those devices, please consider giving Onyx books some attention. Their devices have come a long way over the past few years and I cant speak hotly enough not just about this device but about their entire product line of uh eating devices in general thats going to do it for this video review, guys hope you enjoyed it.