The onn surf 11.6 inch tablet pro that has a keyboard. Now this is running android 11, as you can tell from google kids space and entertainment space. One thing that i did not uh that i dont really understand is where you can see back here. The specs is that it has a 1920×1080 resolution now im, not sure why its 1080, because on the 10 inch tablets, it has a 1920×1200 display with a larger screen. More pixels makes more sense, but having less pixels doesnt really granted its still 1080p so well see how everything is. Has a two gigahertz octa core processor im, hoping its not the same one, that the onn uh 10 tablets have or the eight inch tablets; 64 gigs of internal storage with a micro sd card slot for expansion, at least that much is standard four gigs of ram, Which is what should be the standard these days? In my opinion, you know 14 hours of battery life. That tells me this has a massive battery inside and this package is pretty heavy, so theres that, but i think it has to do with the keyboard being inside too yeah like i said this is kind of heavy. So in the box here you got some coupons from walmart the tablet itself: thats the side, a user guide and quick start guide along with the wall outlet and usb type c. Cable thats. Not all in here is a keyboard for the keyboard case.

Thats kind of in two pieces interesting so theres, this hard cover the keyboard actually comes in two pieces. The keyboard itself, and this like case with the stand the stand can be like, has a flap that lets it stand and its just like hard plastic. Well, actually, it feels more rubbery than just plastic and it feels like. Actually it can actually survive a fall, and i i would hope so because this thing is pretty heavy. It feels like it weighs almost two pounds like over a pound and a half really quickly. Just before installing it just a quick look around theres the cam five megapixel rear camera on the back, its protruding, but thats totally fine, because once its put on the case, its not really going to be protruding. So you wont have to worry about that. Then theres, the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, a volume, keys power, button, microphone, a micro sd card slot and the usb c port – and this is a little hard to take out underneath – is the five peg magnets to connect it to the keyboard on the left. Theres. Nothing on the top theres the front or not front facing, but the speaker girls are on the top. I wish they were in the front like they did with the onan surf 10.1. Then another microphone and the 5 megapixel front camera in the middle. The magnets on here are pretty strong. I dont even have to align it too well, and it automatically just connects that way.

You know, i feel, like im more of a fan of keyboards, that dont have a flap like this. That can just keep the screen on its own instead of this two piece one, i guess well see how it goes. Another kind of nice feature or not feature, but like one nice thing that i noticed here is that you have the option to install the walmart apps, these extra apps, so im not gon na install them kind of nice. They have that. I hope in the future. Once and moving forward thats how its gon na be out of the box – theres not much bloatware here, uh yeah, really just the basic android stuff. So it feels like near stock, android and out of the box theres about 53 gigs available, and that should be a good amount, went outside to take a picture or two and the quality is a little better than i expected until you zoom in theres. Nothing sharp. There, but i guess its usable surprisingly, you can read the street light or i mean street sign im not going to show you that, because thats going to kind of expose where i live, but yeah not bad. I guess lets see how the front camera is the front. Camera is really bad. I think its worse than the than the rear camera. I mean look at how slow it is just moving around the frame raise not smooth or anything yeah. Definitely bad probably the worst camera front, camera ive seen on a tablet, but thats.

Not what youre here for one thing i just noticed is that when it when its closed, it stays closed or shut. Pretty well because theres a magnetic piece on the keyboard here and when you open it up the screen opens and then, when you close it, it turns off. Ive been using this for almost a week now, or at least a couple of days. Ive noticed a few things so, first and foremost, this uh back stand is actually kind of nice because you can adjust it to a lot of angles and itll stay in place. The downside is that this flap for the keyboard is not that good. I noticed sometimes when im like moving it around. It just comes off. I mean i know its pretty strong here, but it easily comes off at certain areas. So i dont like that and plus the brightness is not that good. I have to have it at maximum brightness to watch a video or something to enjoy it during the daytime or even around the evening. Time and battery life is also not that good. Another thing is that since i have to keep the brightness at the highest level, i really cant get that much battery life out of this. So right now i have three hours of on screen time and ive got 29 battery left, so that means ill, probably get four, maybe five hours of on screen time. Now, of course, if youre going to be using this during the night time or wherever its not bright, then this will last much longer.

But, as ive mentioned before, i have to keep this on maximum brightness most of the time because it just doesnt get that bright. Not to mention that this is a 1080p screen and i would have thought that you can watch videos in full hd on netflix and stuff, but no. This is a wide van. This has a widevine level of l3, so the only place you can watch videos at 1080 is on youtube, pretty disappointing to see doing your basic stuff youre, not really going to notice any problems by the way this keyboard and mouse. Here i mean a trackpad, and this keyboard is really nice. I mean its pretty simple theres some feedback and its really responsive, no problems whatsoever. There now, as i was saying before your basic tasks – youre – not really going to notice too many issues, especially with four gigs of ram – you can do multitasking here now. One weird thing is that this is running: android 11 go. Why did they put the go edition out of everything i dont understand that i mean this can run. This can probably run a full version of android with the amount of ram, even the cpu, even though its kind of low, which is an arm mt 8183 processor, and then the gpu is a molle, g72 mp3. So with the benchmarks there wasnt anything too special here. The single core score was 274., i guess thats a is that a little higher than other ones i cant remember, and then the multi core score was 1200.

first game here is roblox and there are times when it really stutters and slows down when im looking around. Just like that and thats kind of surprising to see because uh you know for the first few seconds or so it was running really smooth like when youre just going in a straight line. Its pretty smooth overall dont notice really much lag, but looking around things start to change next game. As you know, it is gentian impact and this actually, surprisingly, works a little better, its a little more smooth than i expected. Oddly enough, its a little small. I guess you know theres frame rate drops here and there and its not completely smooth uh. Is it playable? I mean i guess when youre in combat, i was doing a a fight and it was a little more laggy. So yeah, i guess not, but maybe it just passes. Well, i guess that kind of shows otherwise but yeah. I was in a fight earlier thats. Why im kind of mentioning it that it seems like you cant handle this like you, this is kind of playable, but i dont know maybe when it gets more intensive, it might not be because of how like uh slow it can get or freeze up. I mean just like right: there were just running around, not even no combat or anything, but for the most part it seems like its fine, but roblox was even worse honestly at this price point well, on n just keeps on disappointing.

So far i mean it looks like just like with the other tablets. They just slapped their name and left it, as is even the off brand tablets, tend to perform better than this like the tech class. So i dont, i dont know what to tell you. I dont think its justifiable for the price and at this price point i mean arent there better options for two and ones if thats, what youre, looking for or even a chromebook, because there are cheaper, chromebook alternatives to this, and i might check out a chromebook too. You know because maybe its time, because those things are relatively cheap and might even perform better than this – i mean dont, hold me accountable on that and take that with a grain of salt, because i have not used it personally, but maybe someday soon. I will so be sure to subscribe for that, and let me know what you guys think in the comments below.