Computer from a company called one netbook it’s the latest in a line of little computers from the company. But this is the first one that’s really designed first and foremost for gaming. It does not have a clamshell laptop style. Design does not have a built in keyboard, but it does have these physical buttons here that you can use for playing games, whether you’re good at those games or Music Applause, not Applause, Music, Applause, Music, guys time for your magic trick. Judy tada, thank you. So that is just a quick look at what gaming looks like on this device. Let’S talk a little bit more about what it is, what it can do and whether it is worth the asking price, which is not an insubstantial amount of money, it’s uh again called the 1x player. It has an 8.4 inch 2560 by 1600 pixel display it. Let me just exit this: it uh is surrounded by game controller buttons and it is powered by an intel tiger. Lake processor, with iris, xe, graphics, uh, ship, standard, 16 gigs of ram is available with up to two terabytes of storage, and it goes up for pre order through an indiegogo crowdfunding campaign starting may 10th, 2021 for 819 and up the retail price is going to be About 1060 and up and so again, that’s not an insubstantial amount of money um, but fortunately the folks at one netbook sent this to me. So i could test it out and decide if it is really worth that and when you consider the specifications you realize that actually that’s kind of what you would pay around a thousand dollars or so for a laptop with similar specs.

So this particular demo unit is a pre release prototype. It is powered by a core i7 1165 g7 processor, 16 gigs of ram and a 512 gigabyte ssd uh entry level models will have a core i5 processor it’s available all the way up to a core. I7. 1185, g7 processor, um and so there’s a range of price points uh with the entry level being as little as 8 and 19 during crowdfunding and the top of the line as high as 1500. But this is more of a mid range model. That’S going to be a little bit more affordable and performance is, is pretty good, it’s, pretty strong for the most part, and so first let’s take a look at the physical design. You know, as you might have noticed, it is not a small pocket sized gaming device and what that means is you’ve got this high resolution large screen here in the middle. That gives you plenty of space for watching videos playing games doing just about anything else that you would want to do. It is a very high resolution screen. So if i went in and adjusted the display settings, you can see that they’re actually at 20, 250 percent scaling right now and if i wanted to go up a little bit higher for the scaling. If i wanted to adjust that so that it was 100 scaling. Everything would look really really tiny and uncomfortable. So 250 is the default and i think for good reason.

Something like 200 is still pretty usable uh, but anything you know below 150 or so i think it’s pretty hard to read. But it gives you those options if you’re going to use it as a general purpose, computer of adjusting those things and, of course, in games, you can adjust your display settings as well and that’s something you might want to do to improve performance because there’s a lot Of pixels to to drive graphics to and in some games it’s, not a problem. It manages to get over 30 frames per second without any problem. At full resolution. Some games you’re going to want to reduce that so games like assassin’s creed syndicate, even with reduced uh resolution. I find that it doesn’t get super high frame rates, a game like steep um. You might get higher frame rates by reducing the resolution and i’ve got other videos that really delve more into the gaming aspects, so you can go check out those videos. For more of that here, i wanted to give you more of a high level overview. I’Ve also got video that looks at just what all these different buttons do, but i’ll give you a walk through in a moment and a video about whether you can install linux on it, and the answer is yeah. It seems like um. There are some tweaks that you might need to make in order to get everything working properly, but out of the box, ubuntu seems to run reasonably well, so let’s uh let’s walk around well.

Actually, first let’s just do a little size comparison. So, as i mentioned, 8.4 inch display uh compared to something like the amazon fire hd8 tablet, you can sort of fit this entire eight inch tablet into the display area. So that gives you a sense of just how big that screen is uh. If i were looked at an amazon fire, hd 10 tablet, which obviously has a 10 inch screen, you can see that the controllers sort of poke out on the side so it’s a little bit wider than that uh and definitely a lot thicker. So hopefully that gives you a rough idea of sort of how big this thing is again: you’re not going to fit it in a pocket but it’s very comfortable to hold, because you’ve got these sort of full size, console style controllers, uh, left and right. Analog sticks that are clicky d pad x y, a and b a start button, a select or back button. This key is kind of nice. It actually returns you to the home screen from a full screen game, which is handy because there is no physical keyboard. So you’re not going to do an alt tab or escape, or anything like that. You can bring up an on screen keyboard from anywhere within windows. At least it doesn’t seem to work in a boot into at least not out of the box uh. Just by pressing this key over here, we’ve got a turbo key which actually increases the tdp, and so, if i come over here and show you there, we go that this system well it’s got a laptop class uh tiger lake.

U series processor it’s, set to run at 20 watts by default rather than 15 and has a pl2 power limit of 35 pressing. The turbo button cranks that up to 28 and 40., and so that, in addition to lowering the screen resolution, is a good way to give you a little bit of extra performance when you need it. Although it might take a toll on battery life but again pretty high performance device, let’s continue, our tour of what’s included. We’Ve got these linear triggers and clicky buttons. So we got four shoulder buttons. Total ports include a micro sd card, headset, jack and usb type, a port plus these two usb 4 ports they’re not technically certified as thunderbolt, but they should support most of the features that thunderbolt 4 does i’m told that they support 40 gpps throughput. I don’t have an external gpu, so i haven’t been able to test that, but i was able to plug in a usb hub and or usb dock and connect an external display, keyboard and mouse use it basically like a desktop computer and even charge it at the Same time as i was doing all of those things, one dock that i used supported usb pass through power, another one i tried did not so your results may vary in terms of charging. It does come with this 65 watt hour or 65 watt uh charger and it’s fairly small and has a usb connector looks almost like a smartphone charger, but it supports relatively fast charging and the battery is a 60 watt hour capacity battery uh.

What does that mean? In terms of actual performance, well, in a laptop i would say you might expect seven eight nine hours worth of battery life, and that is pretty much what i get when i’m streaming youtube video using this. So again it is a full fledged computer. You can um let’s, just uh bring up a video where i don’t have to worry about copyright, so you can play videos here, one shopping and then tell me what you think. While you browse amazon and in my tests, i found that you can do this mute button on the back here. You can do this for up to seven eight nine hours uh when it comes to actually video playback. That is one of the lower. You know less demanding things that you can do on a device like this um so again, there’s your return to desktop button playing games obviously is going to be a more demanding thing that you can do and so you’re not going to get nine hours of battery Life you’re probably going to get closer to two or three hours of battery life. Depending on the game uh, i found you know less demanding games, you might be able to run for up to three hours more demanding games a little closer to two and in order to really test the the battery strain. I use this heaven benchmark, which is designed to really stress test your system and at default settings.

I found that it uh ran for a little bit less than two hours, so that’s sort of worst case scenario at default settings under turbo. It ran for a little bit less than an hour and a half again worst case scenario, so you can see here. If we look at the stats that it is hammering the gpu using about 100 gpu i’m going to go ahead and hit turbo and it’s still going to use 100 gpu, but it’s going to be able to increase the clock, speeds a little bit and maybe boost That frame rate just a little bit so that’s how i tested battery life under your worst case scenario, better cases you’re going to get a little bit longer than that on the back. We do have these air intake vents and they go out on the top, and you can hear when it’s under stress that it does get a little bit noisy with the fan. Noise um we’ve got volume up and volume down keys and a mute button which i had already pressed. I can press it again to bring the sound back and here we’ve got a fingerprint sensor built into the power key, so you can put your system to sleep and resume uh just by using your fingerprint there. So if i unmute you’ll be able to get a quick sense of the speakers, they’re stereo front facing speakers not incredibly loud, but i think loud enough to uh to hear what you’re you’re trying to do with games and whatnot.

You can also plug in headphones. Obviously, or it supports bluetooth, if you want to use bluetooth, audio let’s go ahead and get out of here, though Music. Now i forget how to do that so here’s something else. I’Ll show you. If you press and hold some of these keys, you get extra special functions so pressing the home button and the turbo button takes a screenshot, saves it in your documents, uh pressing and holding this and the keyboard button. Oh sorry, i pressed it too long, uh pressing and holding it for a long time will give you the xbox menu pressing and holding it once will bring you to the task manager or to this window, where you can get to the task manager, and then we Can just tell if we want to exit that task now. You might have noticed that i am using sort of this mouse mode layout uh. It allows me to press and hold the keyboard button to switch from using these as game controllers to using it as a mouse key, and that allows me to use the a to click or double click. I can press and hold and drag and drop and right click with a b and copy and paste and do just about everything else. So it makes navigating pretty easy, even without touching the screen or connecting a keyboard or anything along those lines. Um. But then again you know when you want to play games, you can find the game.

You want to load, launch your game and then press and hold to switch back to controllers so overall i’m pretty impressed with what’s possible from this machine again in terms of pricing. In terms of performance, i think it’s, it works a lot like a decent laptop, but in a more portable design, and it allows you to play your games anywhere now anywhere is sort of a you know, interesting concept, these days, Applause, because you know i’m, mostly just Staying home so playing around the house during the pandemic, but after the pandemic ends, if you’re commuting riding the bus, you can play your games just about anywhere now. This is not the most demanding game again. I’Ve got another video that shows more complicated games, but i just wanted to give you an idea of what it looks like playing. Different styles of games. Um – and you know you can play them anywhere, but at 1.8 pounds it’s a little bit heavier than some other devices uh, and you know it might sort of take a lot of strain to hold it for an extended period there, which is why it’s nice, that It has this built in kickstand, so if you’re playing it on a flat surface like a table or a desk, you don’t have to hold it up with your hands and if you’re not – and you want to sort of just flip that over then you can hold It between your hands and balance this on your lap and it’s.

It doesn’t feel like it’s 1.8 pounds. So if you were trying to play standing up, it might be a problem uh personally i’m, not a hardcore gamer, as you can probably tell by my skill level in some of these games. But when i do play games i don’t necessarily want to be tethered to a tv, so i prefer playing on a mobile device like a phone or a tablet. So i can sort of move around and play anywhere and having a fairly large screen makes it really easy to see having these large controllers makes it easy to control and overall, i actually really like this form factor a lot more than i thought i would when I first saw just how big it is um if you watch my unboxing video, i was like. Oh, how am i going to hold this thing, but it turns out it’s actually very, very comfortable also feels very sturdy. Even though it’s made of plastic, it doesn’t feel like it’s, going to crumble in any way whatsoever. You might have noticed. We’Ve got these pogo pins down here at the bottom, while it’s not designed to be a laptop. It is designed to work with an optional keyboard accessory, so you’ll be able to sort of attach that and it’s a gaming first device. It’S never going to look like a professional device, because these things do not detach, but you would be able to type on the go or you can always plug in a usb or connect a wireless keyboard and use it that way, because it is a full fledged Computer – and it really does support just about anything that you would want to do so i can always you know, navigate and run different applications.

Uh enter text a little bit more quickly, whatever there are some limitations to this form factor, so, for instance, there is no camera, so you’re not going to be able to use it for video chatting unless you were to plug in an external one, and while it Does have a microphone it’s, not a stellar microphone, so this is what it sounds like when i’m recording my voice, talking and let’s go ahead and play that back. So you know it’s not super loud. It sounds kind of like a bad phone call, but it’s there, it’s uh it’ll, do in a pinch. If you don’t have a headset screen, gets relatively bright or relatively dim, actually very, very dim if you want it to i’ve, mostly used it in a sort of 40 to 60 range or so and uh. The volume you know can go up a little bit higher higher than it was, but i usually leave it around 50 or 60, so i’m, not disturbing people around me again, though, you can always plug in a headset or use bluetooth audio. If you wanted to now, one thing that you might have noticed here is that, throughout this entire video one thing i didn’t show you was the touchscreen and there’s a reason for that um in my unboxing video, you saw me interacting with the touch screen in this Video i didn’t because shortly after i received this, the touch stopped working at first.

I thought it was a driver issue and i tried reinstalling the drivers but that didn’t work uh. It may or may not be a hardware issue, but it’s important to keep in mind that this is a pre release, prototype that was sent to me by one netbook and so that’s. One of the key reasons – i’m, not particularly bothered by the fact that i can’t seem to get the touch to work right now: um it’s, a pre release prototype these things happen and i’m told that no other prototypes that they’ve tested have had this problem. I’Ll be sending this back to one that built a little bit later, so they can test it and figure out what went wrong, but the other reason that doesn’t really bother me that much is the mouse mode. Just works so incredibly. Well that i don’t miss not having a touch screen uh, even without a keyboard, even without a touchpad. I can do just about everything i need to do. I can launch apps, i can you know, conduct searches. I can um, you know, type things if i need to, and it works just fine uh. There are a few things that are going to be a little bit tedious, entering complicated passwords, sending emails. Things like that would be kind of hard to tap out one key at a time using this virtual keyboard and the biggest downside is that if i put it to sleep and then wake it and need to enter my fingerprint to log in sometimes it doesn’t recognize The fingerprint and if it doesn’t recognize it a couple of times in a row, it’ll ask for a password and you can’t use the on screen keyboard.

So then i need to plug one in in order to log in so, ideally, you want the touchscreen working, but again, even without a touchscreen, if this was basically the same price or a little bit cheaper without the touch option, i almost think it would be worth It so again starts at 8 19 during crowdfunding around 1060 after the crowdfunding campaign is over it’s the one x player from one netbook it’s, the latest, in a line of little computers from the company, but the first one really designed, first and foremost for gaming and While it doesn’t have discrete graphics, uh, it does offer you know relatively acceptable. I think battery life really pretty good performance and you can find benchmark numbers and and more details at in a written article. That’Ll go along with this video. The description of the video will have a link um and you can find details about how to uh to you know get one also in the description of this video, so i think it’s for the most part, a winner, although obviously it’s not for everybody, it’s going To be designed, first and foremost for gaming, as opposed to a general purpose, computer that also games it’s, a gaming pc that’s, also a general purpose computer. You can use it like a desktop by plugging in you know the accessories to the usb ports or using wireless accessories, but it’s very much intended for gaming and not everybody is necessarily gon na want a gaming machine that is quite this large or this heavy um.

But i do think that there are some advantages to that um, including this large high resolution screen. That creates a more immersive experience and the support for these full size controllers. But it is, you know a little bit on the heavy side and that high resolution screen sometimes means that you might need to adjust your settings in order to get the best performance in games that do run well on lower resolution settings so check out for More details, this is brad linder with little pewting and a video review, slash overview of the one x player and make sure to check out our other videos for more in depth. Look into things like linux gameplay.